You're a conspiracy nut

HIS MONEY FROM HIS ACCOUNT should be all they NEED to know to give him HIS MONEY right ?

An Australian man was told he couldn't withdraw 15k from his bank account in fear of his account "being scammed", despite the fact that he provided multiple forms of ID to prove the account belonged to him and they agreed, they wouldn't give him the money unless he told them EXACTLY how the money was to be spent with receipts and/or invoices to prove the money was spent that way

This guy is yet another example of how "they" are trying to restrict and/or control Our money :-(

Officials are warning people to start watching out for Great White Sharks when they visit the beaches this summer if they go in the water because sharks live in the water and are heading north for warmer waters around Cape Cod, this is a normal yearly migration returning South in the Fall, they follow the food which is seals mostly, please be careful the sharks don't eat your body, they could choke to death on your bones ;-)

Spending time outside checking out the flower garden and cleaning up the yard after a quick conversation with my cat

She said "you're a conspiracy nut" at the end of the video ;-)

The weeds and brush have taken over, vines have even started climbing up the pine trees on the hill so that they can get the light instead, I can't allow that, leave those poor little pine trees alone, some day birds and other critters might live in them when they grow big and tall ? ;-)

No, Biden did not say what the title reads, nor does the video reflect each and every word he says in the video as pertaining to this exact subject but, up to 50 illegal aliens did DIE from the heat being caught in the back of a tractor trailer in Texas thanks to Biden and he is all for KILLING BABIES so which is worse or is it the same but different ?

You decide, Which weighs more a pound of gold or a pound of feathers ?

Michael Stenger, the former Senate sergeant-at-arms who oversaw security on January 6, 2021, has died mysteriously

Bill Gates is somehow allowed to own and control over 270,000 acres of farmland to conduct his science experiments while trying to get the World to eat his FAKE FOOD meanwhile REAL FOOD is being destroyed at a record pace and no one seems to bat an eye

Welcome to the age of the robotic pet, these pets are used to help people who suffer from Alzheimer's and Dementia by having a "calming effect"

They are created with the help of the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and are able to link to a smartphone for customizations for patient's needs, as in you can turn off the barking if need be

They are rechargeable, and should last all day according to the website, the selling price is around 500 dollars

I'm broke so I can't buy one to see how they are but, I do think that's money well spent for those that can afford one if it helps their loved ones find peace

Those are scary things to deal with and if these robot critters help then I'm all for it :-)

The Supreme Court fixed a 50 year old mistake that gave the Government power over the States as far as abortion is concerned, now the States can choose for themselves if the want to KILL BABIES and the Government is pissed about it to say the least, politicians, to actors, to public "attention seekers" have been inciting violence and people have already been hurt, will the doj step in and use one or more of the alphabet agencies to arrest these people before "it" gets out of control ?

The Constitution does NOT say anyone has the RIGHT to abort someone or cause violence when others disagree with "their" choice to KILL BABIES but, The Declaration of Independence does say that WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIFE, THAT INCLUDES THE BABIES THAT CAN'T DEFEND THEMSLEVES

Mehmet Oz is losing to Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman by 6 Points for a Senate seat in a recent poll but, my opinion is that Kathy Barnette should have been picked over both Oz and David McCormick for the Republican nomination to begin with and I suspect foul play yet again, like votes meant for her were split between oz and McCormick ? That could never happen right ?

In public Matt McIlravy was the recently elected Mayor of a city of less than 4,000 north of Dallas called Pilot Point Texas, as well as a teacher, a father of two boys, he worked as a design engineer and even served as a men’s prayer meeting leader but it was what he did in private that got him arrested

He was charged with soliciting children online, he was jailed after a five month investigation by the Dallas Police Department’s ICAC Unit, the lead agency in the North Texas ICAC Task Force, officials said said their ongoing investigation revealed other communications with minors who have not been identified at this time

A jetliner, Red Air Flight 203 from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic carrying 126 passengers came to a sudden stop and caught fire when the front wheels collapsed after it landed in Miami, everyone survived, three were taken to the hospital for minor injuries

An elderly man in Florida defended himself against an alligator with only a frying pan and yes, it worked ;-)

This video shows the moment Nilton Cesar Silva Aguiar lost his life FOR REAL at a bank in the municipality of San Mateo, in Maranhao, Brazil when he bled to death trying to exit through a revolving door after being shot in the neck by the guard he tried to shoot and then chased around while bleeding out still trying to shoot him instead of taking care of his wound

"False flags" even in the Dominican Republic require everyone to do their part exactly according to the script, like a "well oiled machine", that includes the "dead guy" that just won't die no matter how many times he's shot at point blank range, he couldn't suffer any damage or bleed because "blood" and "wounds" costs extra for a "quickie false flag", all he had to do was just hand the gun off and "play dead", nope, he couldn't do it, ruined the whole thing, you can see how pissed the others are at him, he's fired ;-)

I picked a couple of clips from January 6 to look at

The first one is of a magnetic door being opened from the inside when the "story" is the person who broke the window on it opened it from the outside reaching in like the lock would be right near the window ? I point out where you can see the door being shoved open into him

The second is a clip of someone trying to break out a window which I think is "smoke and mirrors" for the camera because just feet away from him the doors are wide open, I point out what I think might be feds with recording glasses as well as the camera going for the "money shot"

FDA, CDC,NIH, and the rest of the "gang" should be shut down, nothing they do is any good for anyone, they have KILLED people from the elderly down and now they're going after babies too

Did you know there are SECRET GOVERNMENT WAREHOUSES FULL OF STUFF, what stuff ? Everything from food to medical supplies and no one knows exactly how many warehouses there are or how much is in them because no one is talking about them so PEOPLE DON'T INSIST "THEY" BE STOPPED STOCKPILING AND DISTRIBUTE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW

Without a doubt a lot of problems could be solved if someone would DISTRIBUTE EVERYTHING FROM EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE SECRET STOCKPILE WAREHOUSES, think about it, TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF STUFF being HIDDEN AWAY FOR SOMEONE, not Us obviously or We'd be getting it now

Steven Paul Owens died in September of 2021 at age 59 was placed at Warren-Powers Cemetery in rural Polk County where he is NOT RESTING IN PEACE because some people always think everyone else should live, die, and be laid to rest according to "their" plans and not have that FREEDOM to choose for themselves

The Camp Township Board of Trustees said officials rejected the headstone with the HIDDEN message but the family did what they wanted with their property and now some people are harassing the family and want the gravestone changed or removed because "they" don't like what is written that isn't even bad at all

In short people DO NOT HAVE TO READ IT, no one is forcing anyone to, they can simply FUCK OFF ;-)

How many coal trains have to "fall off the tracks" before We start to question what is going on ?

Just doing a simple search for a only a few minutes the list keeps growing and growing, problems here in America, problems in Africa, problems in Australia, all dealing with coal train derailments, all within a few years, coincidences ?

9 high ranking staff members of the stephen colbert show were escorted out of the Capital building when media reported they were there at the January 6 committee "making a skit" for the show but returned later and were let back at the building around 8:30 pm ET by Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) or their staff members, none of which have that authority to allow people to roam freely without escorts to make sure they don't do anything "fishy" like Watergate crap perhaps seeing it's the 50 year anniversary of it ?

Do they even have security at these places ? How were they not stopped and turned away at the doors ?

Charged with the same offense as January 6 people, illegal entry, yet they were only detained and then let go ?

Let ALL the January 6 people out of that DC hellhole if these people can be let go right away, this whole thing is insane, shut down and investigate colbert and all his people for breaking the law and being shady as hell, they could have built a set instead of going there and banging on the actual doors, something's going on but what ?

Since when do thousands of cattle drop dead from the heat all at the same time ?

How many stories of mass deaths of cattle at the same time can you find from around the World due to heat ?

Does this fall right in line with the many food production factories that have been destroyed or the almost 100 incidents that are ruled coincidence or unknown ?

I find it hard to believe the heat did it because there are much hotter places for much longer periods of time and their cattle are fine, something's not right here and I hope We learn the TRUTH

Some people think the word monkeypox is racist now and want the World to call it something else, along with the name change, in the future the World is NOT to ask where a virus originates from and state FACTS about it, everyone is expected to wait for the "story" to be created by "them" and believe every word from them even though they are ALL LIARS only looking to get RICHER while PEOPLE DIE WORLDWIDE FROM THEIR FAKE VACCINES, SHUT DOWN THE ALPHABET AGENCIES AND SAVE THE PLANET

I spent some time outside today walking around with a couple of tired old push mowers, they can't do much anymore, in fact I'm surprised every time they start but, they do "get the job done" where rocks might be present around the house and road, it just takes a lot longer

I have a rider as well but it was made in 2003 so it's tired too and I don't have money for repairs so I save it for the hill and hope for the best, that's like a two acre field with a bunch of trees in my way that the mower won't fit through, yes, I spend a lot of time bumping into them trying to wiggle my way around them ;-)

After I was almost assaulted by a bee in my own yard I also took a look at the flower bed again which is growing like the weeds around it which I'll clean up again eventually, the "list" never ends ;-)

The Mayor in Washington D.C. Muriel Bowser should be thrown in jail and fined for STEALING MONEY FROM TAXPAYERS for defacing The United States Flag by adding another star to it and flying multiple ILLEGAL FLAGS along PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE just to "make a point" that "they" want D.C. to be a State, SOMEONE DESTROY THOSE FLAGS AND ARREST HER, SHE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW NOR DOES SHE CREATE THEM

Boston will be trying out sensors in elevators to detect urine because they seem to have a problem with people pissing in them which is gross and unhealthy so a cleaning crew has to be used every time it's done and these sensors will do just that, contact the cleaning crew, not stop people from pissing on the floor

It might be cheaper and healthier to either put a port a potty outside elevators or a built in toilet on the inside for those that just can't hold it and left their towel at home ;-)

A Texas Archbishop has become a gun control advocate saying "We're supposed to promote life"

If churches want to preach politics and influence followers to agree with their opinions instead of just praying to God shouldn't they be paying taxes ?

What Would Jesus Do ? Throw them out on their political asses ;-)

2 Preschool Teachers In Georgia were fired and arrested for abusing the children when they were caught on livestream by parents

One of the teachers was released on bond and the other remains in jail because of her "immigration and asylum status" whatever that means ?

I don't know any of these people but, it might be time for ALL PARENTS to find out who the teachers are that work in their children's schools in case this is happening a lot across the Nation

I feel like everyone already knows what really happened January 6 and how it all happened according to "someone's" plan, not to mention the so called "riot" where the damage that was done was by "actors/agents" not law abiding citizens that were fooled into even being near the building

There's plenty of TRUTH OUT THERE about that day and things leading up to it that "they" don't want ANYONE to see because then "their" whole story falls apart but, believe whatever you want

Arizona’s emergency services brace for temperatures above 110F, remember the heat can kill those that can't manage to stay cool so keep an eye out for loved ones in need including your critters that might "seem" fine but are not

With continuous heat like that officials are watching for lightning, wildfires, etc. as well

Good luck to everyone there


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