The suspicious death of a member of Jardine's church youth club leads Taggart into a case of extortion, forgery and murder.

When a woman shoots her husband after discovering that he was having an affair, it appears to be a clear-cut case, until the police realise the man was already dead when he was shot

Taggart and Jardine are called in when a charred corpse is discovered. The case becomes more sinister when there appears to be signs of black magic

Taggart investigates an attempted rape by a masked attacker, and the victim later commits suicide. Then the criminal strikes again, adding murder to his crimes

The wife of a wealthy landowner is found strangled in a reservoir on the eve of a trip to Switzerland. Her husband appears to have skipped the country, prompting Taggart to investigate

The discovery of a severed female leg sparks off a murder investigation for Taggart and Livingstone. When a forensic expert declares that the limb has been skillfully amputated, a city-wide check on missing women is initiated

Taggart investigates the murder of a secretary who had been involved with the estranged husband of a world famous opera singer; he learns that the singer had recently returned to Scotland to attempt a reconciliation with her husband

Detective Chief Inspector Jim Taggart is reunited with Sergeant Peter Livingstone to investigate the murder of a woman. Her skeletal remains are discovered years after her husband was convicted of her murder, despite the fact that her body was not produced at the time of his trial. Was he wrongly convicted?

One of the U.K.'s longest-running series, "Taggart" is a gritty detective show based in Glasgow, Scotland. The show follows detectives in the Maryhill CID of Strathclyde Police as they investigate crimes, often murders. The personal relationships of the officers and their families is also explored in the series

Three teenage brothers, gang-member Bobby, troubled mama's boy Alan and self-assured prankster Lex, reside in a downtrodden section of Glasgow, Scotland, circa 1968. But while Bobby and Alan are beginning to experience the power of raging hormones, the story focuses on Lex, who begins a downward spiral after he accidentally shoots the leader of a rival gang. Lex's cockiness and immaturity unfortunately prevent him from understanding the effect his subsequent crimes will have on both himself, and on those around him.

Three room-mates find their newly accepted fourth room-mate dead in bed with a huge amount of cash beside him. Greed gets the worse out of them and the room-mates find themselves on a downward spiral.

This anthology adapts three stores by Scottish cult author Irvine Welsh. Boab (Stephen McCole) is kicked off his football team and out of his parents' home, loses both his job and his girlfriend and finally meets God (Maurice Roëves) in a squalid pub. Nice guy Johnny (Kevin McKidd) marries pregnant near-stranger Catriona (Michelle Gomez), who starts a tawdry affair with their upstairs neighbor (Gary McCormack). On an acid trip, teen hooligan Coco (Ewen Bremner) trades bodies with a fetus.

Quirky comedy in which a Scottish DJ grappling with personal problems is landed with a whole lot more when he becomes involved in a bitter, territorial feud between two rival families of ice cream sellers.

Two Edinburgh teens (Vincent Friell, Joe Mullaney) rob tour buses by motorbike, armed with sneezing powder and wearing funny masks.

Barber Barney Thomson's mediocre life takes a turn when he enters the world of a serial killer after accidentally killing his boss.

A bitter former idealist, Ray (Robert Carlyle) plans a daring heist with his buddy Dave (Ray Winstone), who is a seasoned criminal. Joining the pair are the restless Julian (Philip Davis), ex-con Stevie (Steven Waddington) and aspiring mobster Jason (Damon Albarn). While the crew pulls off the robbery, the amount that they make out with is much less than expected. This situation causes conflict within the group, resulting in violence, betrayal and even murder

An ex-convict (Robert Carlyle) from Glasgow becomes a construction worker in London and falls for a drifter (Emer McCourt) from Belfast but...

Following the murder of DCI Bilborough, the hunt is on for Albie. DCI Wise takes over the investigation and criminal psychologist Fitz is brought in to defuse a potentially fatal and explosive situation

Albie is intent on killing the same number of victims as died in the Hillsborough football tragedy, and targets a freelance female reporter. DS Beck stumbles upon him, but makes a tragic misjudgement, leaving Albie free to stab DCI Bilborough to death. It looks like criminal psychologist Fitz will be needed to resolve the situation before any more deaths occur

The death of Albie Kinsella's father has a disturbing effect on him and soon after, he kills an Asian newsagent. With all the hallmarks of a racist attack, the police fail to make any headway. Meanwhile, criminal psychologist Fitz is trying to put some order into his personal life and, after sorting out his differences with DCI Bilborough, becomes embroiled in the case

Robert Carlyle's first acting role

In 1640s England, King Charles I (Alec Guinness) is engaged in a power struggle with Parliament, and civil war seems imminent to House of Commons member Oliver Cromwell (Richard Harris), who's preparing to depart for the American colonies. When he's asked to stay to fight for the Parliamentary cause, however, Cromwell agrees and proves himself a brilliant leader of the Roundhead army. Soon, it's up to him to lead his army to victory over the king's Cavaliers and take back England for the people

Ocean-going tale with ecological overtones in which a ruthless profiteering fisherman accidentally kills the pregnant mate of a canny killer whale. It's `Jaws' meets `Moby Dick' as the bounty hunter becomes the target of the enraged, grief-stricken creature's craving for vengeance.

A British female spy is ordered to monitor suspected German saboteurs on board the Titanic's sister ship, the Britannic, during World War I. During the voyage, she becomes infatuated with the ship's chaplain, but is shocked to discover that he is one of the German agents she is supposed to be tracking

The crew spot the iceberg looming and take evasive action, but they are too late to prevent a collision. Before long, panic takes hold throughout the ship. Georgiana and Harry have a few precious moments together, Barnes rescues Watson and gives her a parting gift that will change her life, Louisa makes a promise to Hugh that shocks him, Paolo tries desperately to save his brother, while Jim finds his daughter deep below decks


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