Harrison Explains the hoax of the "Mass Residential School Graves" that were conveniently all discovered last year in Canada just as they're ramping up the Race Wars Worldwide

Circa January.19.2022

Kari Mulis was the inventor of The PCR Test, who mysteriously died The Summer before the "Pandemic" was released

Klaus Schwab admitting that WEF has penetrated and controls and over majority of the Canadian Ruling Cabinet. Young Global Leaders, trained in the application and transformation of nations into Globalism and Transhumanism, have been unleashed upon a mostly ignorant, foolish, entitled, lazy and unsuspecting majority of The Canadian Public.

Show this to the Average Canadian Normie or Liberal and it means absolutely nothing.....

Circa 1985 Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov explain the four steps used by Marxists to subvert and enemy nation and prepare it for a Communist Takeover.

Dr. Luc Montagnier Nobel Prize Winning French Virologist Admits He Will Not Take The Covid Jab.

Circa June.4.2022

A (Now Deceased) Nobel Prize Winning French Virologist and The Discoverer of "HIV...", Luc Montagnier, Explains how the Vaccines are causing the Variants and that all Jabbed people will die within 2 years.

Circa May.22.2021

Guest Jeff Nyquist joins guest host Mike Adams of on The Alex Jones Show to break down the reports of leaked audio revealing China's plans for war.

Dr. Rashid Buttar Layed out the whole plan 2 years ago for everyone, get ready, they're mobilising again.

Beware Of Volume>...

This Opcast is circa 2 months ago from the posting date (March.2022). Due to recreational purposes it took me much too long to edit and release this Opcast, however I felt there was some important points in the film and some key issues that are facing Canadians and more succinctly Albertans that simply couldn't be left to oblivion. So Here is the March.2022 From Alberta With Love Opcast From JediSleeveEye.

On a happier note.....I have decided on a name for my Podcast finally, which I am choosing to call an "Opcast" (Short for Opinion Podcast).

The next clandestine move from the architects of the Great Reset following the Plandemic Vaccine rollout that is slowly happening in killing millions as I speak is cyberwarfare.

And just as the Plandemic was publicly forecasted amongst its conspirators months before its rollout, so too it goes with the coming Cyber Warfare predictive programming of the flip of the Power Grid Kill Switch.

October 26, 2021, Global Research published an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, in which he reviews and explains the findings of a September 2021 study published in the journal Toxicology Reports.

I will go one step further and detract from what Dr. McCullough says toward the end about taking Flu Vaccines, Never take any Vaccines ever! If you believe you need a vaccine then you have absolutely zero understanding of Health and Viruses.

This is the Globalists Final Card they'll play if we get that far. Stage a fake alien invasion using Holographic Technology to try to force in a One World Government. Here is Dr. Carol Rosin, Von Braun's assistant warning the public

Dutch Subtitles.

Liberals, NDP, and more than half of the CPC, Are the ones to blame for these problems. And of course the idiots voting for and believing their lies. Which I guess is more then half the country....

These discuss the next (wave) of Vaccine Adverse Reactions to be hitting the jabbed. And which sounds like much worse and nasty diseases manifesting themselves in the bodies of those that took the shots....

Ivory Hecker explains the massive influx of mental health problems caused by The Media's Covids Lies, Government Lies, Celebrity Lies, Unlawful Mandates, Restrictions and Reprimands on the unsuspecting sheepish public. As ABC News tries to blame it on Covid (A Fake Virus), she points out the statistics and harm all of these institutions and groups of people have done to the general populace, who were totally unaware of what was going on.

Circa: December 2020

Jason Kenney explains the great reset and how Klaus Schwab sent every politician a copy of his this book, then he tries to play it down like he was not going to go along with it. Well Albertans know now 2 years later that Kenney is a bold faced Liar. And Implemented everything he said he would not, probably got ideas from the book.

And Now he wants Mail-In ballots so he doesn't lose his leadership of the UCP.

Our Country has become very Evil Canada......And it is littered with Devil Worshipping Child Molesting Leftwing Demons running around everywhere you go in the Country. This Doctor here basically describes how the University of British Columbia is researching BioTech on how to help kill people with vaccines whether they know it or not. Just Another Reason to stop all taxpayer funding to these Fucking Universities and they're overpaid asshole Professors and Mad Scientists. They're all like a Blind Mass Running A Muck!

Defund All Universities.

This Video is a good one to show partially awake people, it may help them see the bigger picture. Basically describes what the MSM does everyday. But it can also be applied to School, College & University, even the Alternative Media and this list could go on.

I'm not against eating meat, but I do agree that most of the conditions in which our livestock is kept is horrendous, even here in Southern Alberta. Animals should be grass-fed never grain-fed (Which causes inflammation) Animals should be out in the sunlight in good conditions and not crowded and they should be slaughtered in a humane way, never kosher, never halal, which are not humane at all. All Plants are living beings as well just like animals, the combines come around every fall and slaughter them. No different. Give that back to any crazed Vegans out there.

David Menzies of the Rebel Media blows the lid off of Ontario Premier Doug Ford's Covid Sticker selling business.

Basically this could be considered some form of Racketeering, since it's questionable at best whether Covid-19 even exists....

The one mistake this guy makes is telling you to hate the person that put that shot into your body - unless you are a child, then you have been seriously abused by whomever did or coerced you into it - but to all adults above 18, only you are to blame and only you will have to deal with that choice for the rest of your very short life.

Nice little update for everyone who believes that injecting something into yourself is how you attain good health.....

Vaids = Vaccine Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome

So this is something most of us already knew but if you know some normies maybe try and knock some sense into them with your fist, then show them this video.....

This Video is back from around Feb.11.2022. It's a great vid please share

Dr. Brad Deacon of Burlington, Ontario claiming that a Federal Vaccine Passport is on its way. Of course those even slightly awake knew this was in the works, that's why they haven't removed the restrictions for any of us to leave the country and why all of sudden all the Provinces dropped their covid measures. Clamp-Off, Clamp-On Harder, Clamp-Off, Clamp-On Even Harder. Trudeau is right up Klaus Schwab's Arschloch, so is to be expected. Just don't let those fools think The Trucker Convoy is what stopped the Mandates because we're all still locked inside this God Forsaken Joke of a Country......

Great Speech by this Canadian Member Of Parliament directed at the lies and BS coming from The Tyrannical Traitors to the Country "The Liberal Party Of Canada"

Circa Feb.12.2022

Circa February.24.2017

Millie Weaver attempts to report on a Homo Dance Party in the streets of Austin, Texas and later goes in undercover in her Trans disguise "Rainbow Snatch" and still gets accosted.


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