American_Dogg's Guinea Pigs

Piggies mistaken my hand for food!

Nobby is wondering where's his house.
(You chewed it down...)

I spotted a groundhog at work.

Bello goes nom nom for blue berries

Bello and Pokie hanging outside

Nobby and Wurzel hanging outside!

I wanted to record Wurzel inside his house but he was expecting food as always!

Bello moved his bowl closes to his house so doesn't have to leave!

I think Bello wants something yummy! 😋

Nobby had an alternative way to go to his castle. Haha

Old video of Nobby eating watermelon for the very first time. My deceased Gizmo is on the top right of the video. :(
FYI: that's my mom's voice

It's rare that the piggies share the house together.

Guinea Pigs hearing the wrestling commentators in the background.

Nobby ran off as I was about to give him a second blue berry. 🤷‍♂️

Bello outside his cage

The guinea pigs always want food!

Nobby and Wurzel explore the cage after I cleaned it.

I let Pokie outside his cage for a bit.

Nobby wanted Parsley instead of pellets. 😆

Guinea Pigs did not want to eat the strawberries.

Bello sitting on my chair. 😆

Check out reaction to each Guinea pig!
Note: cages got cleaned 2 hours after being filmed.

This is probably the third time my piggies ate their house 😆
Note: the houses are safe to eat.

Note: I had to create a wall between Bello Pokie because they don't get along.

Bello likes to petted


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