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A brief look at the mesmerizing and spectacular works of the German Sculptor: Arno Breker and his contributions to National Socialist Aesthetics and Art

This is a re-upload of the artificially colorized edition of the historic Third Reich Film produced in 1933 titled "Der Sieg des Glaubens" or as it's known in English: The Victory of Faith. This Colorized edition is also subtitled with English subtitles throughout the film. Enjoy

You have heard it said that Italian Fascism and National Socialism are Incompatible by multiple modern neo-Fascists. Is this true? According to Mussolini himself, it is NOT!

An Andkon's Reich Production

The Two Bethlehems
The National Socialists On Jesus's Race
The Aryan Ancestry of Jesus
Moving Forward

Atlantis, Edda and Bible - Herman Wirth

Baldur und Bibel - Friedrich Doellinger

The Aryan Ancestry of Jesus - Open Court/Paul Haupt

This is my biblical lecture series. In periods of time I will upload semi periodical videos describing and analyzing important verses in the Bible relating to Spirituality, The Jewish Question, Sexuality and Health

Today's lecture is about God's shift in favor between the Tribes of Israel and his exposure of humanity's foremost problem: The Jew.

An Andkon's Reich Production

An Andkon's Reich Production.
(all audio distortions, glitches, voice changes and scenes were exclusively produced by Andkon's Reich. The Soundtrack will be available in a separate video.)

I know I know....this is so unusual from what I normally upload...that's the point.

I'm having so much fun swimming in liberal tears 🙂


Andkon's Reich - Flamenco Suing Ralph + Metokur Destroyed Fuentes + Johny Depp Trial Review and MORE

Before anyone gets upset, please watch the entire stream. No one on the stream identifies as Duginsm. We were just discussing the Geo-Political framework of Duginism/Eurasianism and it's strategy and foundation. Nonetheless I expect this to get a lot of downvotes

The American Revolution was created to fight the tyranny and oppression of an imperialistic power who's exploitation and suffering met no end, this time we fight the same but from within, not without. This film is dedicated to the brave men of today and yesterday who sacrificed their lives and gave their all for the creation and preservation of our White American existence. This revolution is no longer regarded as one of the Masons, Jews or Elites but will now only be known as a revolution of Loyal Men who will and have spilled their blood for the people alone. We, America are a nation of Pioneers and Settlers, Explorers and MinuteMen who scoured and uproared the continent against a British-Jewish and Masonic Tyranny. The time to form or resistance has come again. The tree of liberty must be watered, we must cut down the old and sproat a new for this revolution will be for one and the same goal: Existence and Folk Peace.

An Andkon's Reich Production


An Andkon's Reich Production
- True Feminism
- De-Eroticizing Nudity
- Egalitarianism Failed Women

Examples of Third Reich Nudist Propaganda and De-Eroticizing Nudity

Please upload this important speech to your channels and subtitle the video to Non - English speaking Nations (Spanish, Arabic, Slavic, etc)

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An Andkon's Reich Production.
I haven't made a hitler video in a while. Here you go. Also here's the thumbnail if you want to re-upload:

The Armchair Historian is a liberal moron but he makes damn good animations.

An Andkon's Reich, Zoltanous and Judas Production

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