JUNE 2022 MSM admits facial recognition works best on "white males" and it's not good on people of colour with 4 out of 5 false matches. Trouble is a lot of the crime going on in Melbourne etc is from the colored 'new arrivals' immigrants from Sudan etc.

International airspace: Chinese jet fighter sprays chaff at unarmed Australian aircraft's engines. What if the aggressor was Russia?

While we were distracted with the Aussie election rubbish and DAVOS Klaus crap, the W.H.O had a meeting with the head Reps from most Nations wanting a 'Global Pandemic Treaty' by 2024. Should we be worried about that in Australia? Yes and no.

ABOVE THE LINE EXAMPLE: Victorian RDA Party Monica Smit and partner Morgan Jonas never pulled out of the election. Both their names were correctly listed under the line, but above the line was left blank.They weren't the only ones and have proof of that on their site.

Australian 'The Kyle and Jackie O Show' has AUP Party Leader Craig Kelly on to cover ending "vaccine" mandates and getting peoples jobs back - rejecting the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty - the Australian May 20, 2022 election - home ownership - University fees - Superannuation ... and more in a fast paced 22 minutes interview.
Sydney NSW based talk show has 1.2 million listeners.

The dry morning of 28/03/22 the Australian RAAF were out and about doing loops. Later the same day the Queensland / New South Wales coastlines were hit with another "rain bomb". Video source:

4 minute excerpt from 'Revealing Ukraine' 2019 that sticks out like swollen dogs balls.

In the full 90 minute Oliver Stone documentary, it's pointed out that the common love between the Ukrainian and Russian ***PEOPLES*** is the Orthodox Church. Sure Putin ass kisses the Jews, but he's Orthodox Christian first and foremost. You don't spend $110 million on an Orthodox Church in France like he did, if you're Israel or Islam first.

Are we going to see Soros, (Brzezinski's dead) and Kissinger on CNN soon all excited running commentary on a world war they helped start against two groups of mostly Orthodox Christian peoples? Probably not.

13/03/22 "Amsterdam's Orthodox Clergy Split From Moscow Patriarch"

Russia bans George Soros foundation as state security 'threat'

2016 Russia opens new $110 cathedral complex in Paris

Deplorable NWO Channel 7 shills, grant AUP leader Craig Kelly and other Canberra Freedom Rally heads, an interview from inside Australia's Parliament House. 08/02/22

07/02/22 CANBERRA Freedom Rally protest speaker calls for the 90 year suppressed list of 28 'elite pedophile' to be released.

Forcing people to use something that's not legal. Is that illegal or legal?

Unjabbed coffee drinkers at nearby indoor 'food court' shopping centers, that's OK!
Unjabbed coffee drinkers at nearby outdoor Cafe's, that's BANNED!

Apologist (actor?) used to 'dumb down' Australian viewers into 'giving up' when the govt-pharma system permanently damages our bodies. Same MSM would never run the same story with a real man, with real thoughts, on how was treated like a lab rat, then thrown to the curb when needing help from those that harmed him. BS meter is at 10.

I asked Santa to get BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin and mRNA inventor Robert Malone together for a Omicrom debate.
Turn's out there's no Santa, and there will probably never be public debate between the mRNA inventor, and the imposter.

I wasn't sure until now about those microscope videos coming out with moving stuff in the gmo-jabs. has lots of them.

Australian hero Prime Minster Scott Morrison must feel pretty damn lucky knowing he has foreign countries further down the 'gain of function' jib-jab track to watch. One can learn a lot from others mistakes and successes - but will our Scott grasp those advantages with both hands? Disclaimer: Scotty never verbalized "I don't give a fuck". It's implied based on his lack of action. If he gave a fuck, he'd cancel the jib-jab death culture in Australia and give the Australian people back their safe Ivermectin and HCQ options.

How many times has LIAR PM Scott Morrison sold us Pfizer and Moderna jabs as "vaccines"? LIES nullify informed consent. mRNA "jabs" are NOT "vaccines". Hear it from the mouth of a BAYER prick that jokes about how they used the word "vaccines" to fool us. Go to the official "Australian Immunization Handbook" and find one single mRNA "Covid-19 vaccine" listed on it. Good luck. Bonus clip at the end shows BAYER knowingly sold HIV tainted drug that killed people.

No reason given for the raid. Sky news featured Dr. Hobart last year, as he was giving patients the choice of Ivermectin before the September 10, 2021 ban. Video credit: Morgan C Jonas.

Australia's TGA (like the FDA) head demon John Skerritt caught lying again. Question put to Skerritt was about Ivermectin being prescribed for use ... "on day one, day four and day seven was safe, and also dosages up from 120 milligrams" ... inline with the protocol. Instead un-elected Skerritt twisted the elected Senators words to jack up his TGA bulldust about MYTHICAL people maybe overdosing.

Only one Australian has been sick - with no other choice, he was using the vet grade stuff ... "and OTHER drugs" ... as well.

Senator Gerard Rennick points out the WHO only has 20 deaths on it's books from Ivermectin...for all time...then he adds in the 15,000+ deaths in the USA from the GMO-jabs. Skerritt wouldn't go near the GMO-jab deaths issue.

At the end of the day, Skerritt thinks Australia's top Immunologist Professor Robert Clancy, and GP's onboard with Ivermectin and HCQ are ... f-wits! It;'s clear who the f-wit really is.

The Senator Rennick knows about the Rothschild scum bags too..

15/10/21 NEBRASKA USA approved Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 use again. if both are crap, then why?

Dr. Dan Stack explains Vitamin D from tablets and the sun, is first processed by the liver turning it into "25-hydroxy vitamin D".
'25-hydroxy vitamin D' acts like a firefighter putting out fires (inflammation, cytokine storm). Many people with Covid-19 have trouble converting this. If your internal firefighter is weak, folks tend to die, not from Covid-19, but the inflammation (fire) response.

Dr. Stack cites a study in Spain where all 50 acutely sick with Covid-19, LIVED after '25-hydroxy vitamin D'.
Of the 25 that didn't take it, 2 died.
90% reduction of people going into ICU.

Trouble is, those like the American FDA, CDC have banned '25-hydroxy vitamin D'. We can buy D2 and D3 at the supermarket, but not get in pill form as 25-hydroxy vitamin D from a pharmacy? What a clown world.

Dr. Stock also speaks about and backs Ivermectin, Zinc, magnesium, HCQ, Quercetin etc.

It's possible Louis Gossett Jr. September 2021 had no idea about who discovered Ivermectin's new use as a Covid-19 'eliminator'.
The first Angel's were Dr. Kylie Wagstaff and her team at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia...April 2020
I'm glad he's now doing well, and hope maybe one day he'll find out who ALL the Angels are that also saved his life, and make a big deal about it at a Red Carpet Event sometime drawing much needed attention to those SAVED by Ivermectin.

Alt-news story about Louis Gossett Jr:

MSM story about Dr Kylie Wagstaff:

Dr Wagstaff's April 2020 release:,-Ivermectin,-eliminates-SARS-CoV-2-in-cells-in-48-hours

Dr Wagstaff's August 2021 update:

So un-jabbed Government are naturally immune to Fauci-flu? So Government are not "essential"? If they were, they'd be on the "essential" (round-up) list they drew up for us. If we're their Employers, then don't we have a right to demand they get GMO-jabbed too; or not come into work anymore? All in, or all out. (I prefer all out)

Time will tell if this new guy is just another WEF shit on our shoes.

Klaus Schwab admits he wants to brain-chip humanity. The Australian Government even admits this insane BS (on the AU-GOVT site) is right out of Germany.
Greg Hunt worked for demon Schwab for two years. "Director of Strategy at the World Economic Forum, Geneva from 2000 to 2001.";query=Id:%22handbook/allmps/00AMV%22


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