A criminal at an anti war rally outside the federal building in downtown reno many years ago I sat down on the curb to write down my anti war web page to two college girls; behind me I heard: Some guys just come to these things to pick up girls. (fuck you shill!)

Thank You to my amazing support network outside the movie theater that day and ever since.


John McCain: Oil is Only Reason for U.S. Wars in Middle East

Long before I knew that sasquatch had been spotted in dog breath valley, I traipsed on down, grabbed a shovel and went behind a tree, overhead a chinook with a water bucket over me.

Reminds me of the time the local newsaper, wtf, sued the sheriff's department, and won wtf? the sheriffs department was forced to publish the names and addresses of all concealed weapon permit holders in the news paper! I could have been killed that night the two mexicans encountered my locked screen door, I had two guns but do not like blood and paperwork; so waited a few minutes and walked out with a solid steel tire iron to fend off bullets, they drove off in their dark gray gang banger car, megaphone exhausting.

Yesterday was just a dream in between the clouds of the mind.
Considered a $14 shower at the oily truck stop but was hungry, so asked a core mark driver wtf? He was delivering to fud muckers, not open until 09:30 because all truckers want a cheesburger for brake fast lunch brunch and dinner. He suggested black bear diner across the street but was hesitant, gang stalkers got me good over there, good food, they need help, my waitress did not know how she paid the bills, so was living at the windsor inn years ago and was set up I guess, one of the tenants girlfiends was manager of the black bear and some honest customer found $3000 in a money clip, she handed me a fat envelope, cause I always carry around $3000 in a money clip, she kept the $2900 for herself, the boy friend said he was paid $10 an hour to follow someone around and take their picture; can you say stasi?
Working for eighteen an hour on government road job hauling fat fat belly dumpers, gosh, supposed to pay davis bacon wages, $32 an hour, the employers love their family, Hate the working man's family, did road grinding grave yard in front of the truckers don't stop, so much ass phalt laid!

$6 a gallon to wait for a burger and latte from starmucks, insanity!
Then there is food muck friday, roach coachs for the rich, last year a woman pulled an old trailer with her porch suv, $11.999 for a ham and cheese! Where are the normies getting all that money?

Running easterly with a younger man who got screwed by swift, he knew the highways and byways much better than me, told him I do not want a fucking pepsi and two slices of pizza for brunch so we motored across the fleaway to a mexican rest rant, real food for five dollars!

No cause eviction orders for the elite partment owners, I know a woman who had to pay her tenants rent for fourteen months, government man dating men!

Trailer trucking cyanide for free; where's your hard hat????????
Your wife is wearing it!
Where are your steel toes?
Up your ass!

Regina Dugan just Looks like a gang stalker.

Video banned by youtube in "America".


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