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I made 3 modifications to my 2010 Dodge Charger and took it to the track. Surprisingly I shaved about 1 second off my qtr mile time!!! Here’s how I did it to my Mopar.

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Watch as these warriors of the Dragway, dial in their cars for the chance to earn some serious cash. Best of November 2019. From Mopar, Ford & Chevy. To Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan & more. JDM is really well represented too! Full on Nitrous, Turbo Charger & Supercharger madness. Drag Racing at its finest! Like & Subscribe for more!


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A DIY’ers look at the Mechanical world around him. Fixin’ & building my own car is where it starts, but doesn’t end there! A look at race track life, tools of the trade, computers and more... BigLockDaddys Garage is where it all comes together.