:( Theme song from the anime Bubble.

Watch it here for free:

I gotta make an amv to this when i get time

This sort of stuff led me to Schopenhauer, the adventures of Casanova even Don Quixote gentleman of lemancha and thus spoke zarathustra . But apparently anime bad .

:( hip hop is still alive.

Indoctrination is not a bad thing.All social constructs indoctrinate the next generation. In an efficient society it passes on the knowledge and wisdom of the previous generation and upon application of said knowledge wisdom is attained and the next generation can be more efficient. Throughout history only something that is currently known as Marxism ; corrupts that system and hijack it thus causing the fall of that social construct.

Stop snitching:

Perspective on the plandemic:

Remember how Bitchute used to be awesome :

most of the house negros get their stuff laced with a certain chemical and then blasted with a microwave device until they start making testimonies about covid. So music like this being allowed at all is awesome.

Royce da 5' 9 field negro :

Perspectives on the pandemic :

The house negro and the field negro :

Don't we all have a vegeta moment . At least some geen dude doesn't father or kid for us though.

unless I'm looking for an Easter egg or something ,a play through is not entertaining. WTF kinda retards.... Anyway a movie from the cut scenes is entertaining

check out blinky productions they're not bad at all.

Hope this cheers someone up :

:( pat da bunny 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

HMV - Gimme :



I think that the wicked witch is cool.

There are rules and ways around rules. The word phuck still passes through because it's not a curse word. This still is allowed on YouTube. Why doesn't Bitchute allow it?

Modern poetry


It's an AMV