Legalities on trying to mandate this inoculation

Bill Gates admits that the vaccine is useless and doesn't stop infection nor transmission. What it does cause, is break-though infections and variant production. It will never lead to immunity, nor herd immunity. The vaccine has basically effed up mankind. Don't back these people who tricked you into getting the vaccine!

People have been conditioned to turning off conspiracy theory that they won't recognize it when the fact is in their face. They look away. They have been tricked and they don't even realize it. Things will never be the same if we don't stop this train.

The media remains silent. Our politicians are showing their willful ignorance. HORRIFIC!!!

Who are the ones spreading disinformation? Not allowing debate and implementing mass censorship is always the beginning of tyranny and it’s happening before our eyes. If you were a distributor of misinformation and disinformation and had the power to censor any counter narrative, how would you do it? If you had the power and money to litigate and pull medical licenses from anyone who voices their opinions against their story line, how would you do it? If you have been giving money to the universities who have hired the top scientists and indirectly threatened them to keep their mouth shut, how would you do it? There is a bigger story here that meets the eye but it’s unrecognizable due to the mass psychosis that is happening around us. Many people don’t want to know because what is done, has been done. Ego has stepped in and for them to admit that they made one of the biggest mistakes in her life, just won’t happen. This is especially true with medical doctors. Hope you enjoyed the video, it contains a small portion of video clips of the lies they have told us that they have made out to be true.

Full on scary. The spike protein has been proven to enter the nucleus of the cell within six hours of injection. It has been proven that the spike protein, once inside the nucleus, damages the repair mechanism of the DNA within the nucleus. It has been proven that the repair mechanism BRCA provides, is damaged by the spike proteins. Since BRCA can’t repair damaged DNA (which happens all the time), cells will either die or if the cells live, they mutate leading to cancer.

This is a scary thought. What if pilots start doing what we are watching on leaked videos? The censorship can no longer contain the reality of passout events, heart attacks and stroke events post mandate. What if we find out that there are no regulations on these occurrences? What if only precautions were taken? We are beginning to see the delayed results (Chronic) of the vaccine mandates. The acute results happened quickly, within 90 days, heart attacks and strokes. The subacute takes a little longer, sometimes up to a year. The chronic adverse effects occur (observed), after that. The acute adverse reactions have been ignored and covered up by the mainstream media but has given rise to a 40% increase in ‘all-cause’ mortality rates as seen from the life insurance companies. Indirect Covid has changed everything. A lot of money was spent to trick people into taking this poisoned antidote. They were successful. All of the consequences the censored experts were talking about for over a year now, or beginning to be revealed due to the high amount of incidences occurring. The censorship can no longer contain the amount of post-vaccination adverse reactions but don’t think they are not trying.

Celebrities make up .0265% of the population and yet the vaccinated ones are dropping like flies before our eyes. (Wired - the fraction of famous people in the world). Rafael Nadal is just one of them. When will people start opening up their eyes and start to fix what they were tricked into taking?

We were sold different. Anthony Fauci and all the other experts made it sound like they put in many years of research data into the M RNA vaccines but they didn’t as admitted by Albert Bourla. They never used this technology as a vaccine and our health departments thought it would be safe to inject the billions with this unknown technology. Now the vaccinated are at risk.

Spending 1 billion tax payer dollars on a propaganda campaign for an experimental treatment is criminal. People were forced to make uninformed decisions based on this deceptive advertising campaign. Pfizer’s latest data dump in March 2022 told us that deaths happened immediately between December 1, 2020 two Fairbury 28th 2021. Propaganda ran amok during this time as people were tricked into making the decision to take the poisoned antidote. This happened just before they started to mandate the vaccination.

It looks like this may trigger a bio-terrorist attack. This is absolutely a threat by the WHO. Russia better listen. (They will be punished anyway...)

This explains the Gibraltar massacre and the surge in Covid-19 cases everywhere in the world with high vaccination rates. The vaccine is a bio weapon and was continued with the inoculation. Do you see how they are distracting the public from looking into this by focusing the news on Ukraine?

Who would stand up to their research? Who is doing damage to society? Who should be believed.

The newly release Pfizer documents is like the tip of the iceberg for a Watergate. This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle of vaccine corruption. This video will make some people sick. Look what has to be done in order to draw peoples attention away from the crime of the century. Crimes against humanity. We are only at the beginning of the bell curve. Those must be prosecuted before too many are gone.

The propaganda push is over the top on Russia/Ukraine. American propaganda is targeting the American public with their version of the atrocities that Russia is purported to be doing. Now that our social media and other media outlets cannot be accessed by the Russians, they can no longer tell their side of the story. Updates can only happen on our side of the coin. Everything is being amplified now because Russia is now telling the world that we have multiple bio weapon labs in the Ukraine that are being used in crimes against humanity.

The tidal wave is coming. The 40% rise in life insurance claims prove they know what they are doing. Just as there must be an all cause morbidity before and all cause mortality, there must be a great experiment before a great reset. The groundwork and the setup must be staged before the Emperor willingly drinks the poison. The poison in this case are the batches. 5% of the batches contain a fast acting poison which could be easily hidden and dismissed by the mainstream media is rare. 5% of the batches were the control group and 90% of the batches contain a slow acting, DNA changing components that will eat away at what keeps you alive. I give a real world example in this presentation.

Do you think he knows something, you don’t? He has said before that this is a hill he is willing to die on. Save the children. This “vaccine” has been proven to be toxic for humans and yet, the authorities in the position of power have not only ignored the latest science but has given the green light to jab as many as possible by whatever tyrannical means possible. If they don’t, surely, they will face the death penalty. So this is a matter of life and death for them. They must succeed.

Joy is a huge supporter of the vaccine. Will something like this cause vaccine hesitancy? Will people not take the vaccine because of the celebrities falling before their eyes? Stop the Vax! Stop the boosters! How many people have to pass out on television before they figure out the vaccine is doing this. Stop giving this to the children.
Check your batch here:

Bancel gets ambushed by Maria Bartiromo in an interview where he was forced to admit the patented sequences were basically hijacked and…somehow that’s a good thing because he’s now made billion$. Oh, stop it. Follow the money. This one should be obvious. The virus wasn’t made from Bat soup. It was made in a lab. It was made for the antidote, the poisoned antidote.

Oh boy:( A Swedish study has proven the Pfizer vaccine alters DNA within six hours. It turns out that the vaccine myth debunkers were the ones spreading misinformation and disinformation to the masses. Apparently, 5% of the batches caused acute conditions like heart attacks and stroke but the 95% batches are causing the more chronic diseases like auto-immune disease and cancer. Anti-vaxer certainly dodged a bullet.

And how did we get here? We went from highly effective to completely non-effective. How was society tricked into believing that this was an effective antidote? The vaccine did not teach our bodies to defend itself but rather our bodies lost its ability to protect itself against viruses and bacteria. What did the exterminators need to do in order to promote their agenda? It wasn’t just propaganda. They paid the hospitals huge amounts of money, had their doctors listen and believe the controlled experts (who had a lot to lose), and silenced/demonized any and all voices that went against their narrative and made sure that there was no debate on this subject. And here we are, the world has been vaccinated with a poisoned antidote for a virus that had a 99.5% survival rate.

When they say it prevents serious illness, hospitalizations and death, they are admitting that this is not a vaccine that provides immunity which is what a vaccine is supposed to do. THEY CAN'T FORCE PEOPLE TO TAKE AN EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENT. THIS IS A FELONY!

They didn’t have the data and we didn’t realize this, so we believed them. We should of known that long-term studies on the vaccines were never done on a long-term basis. Now, we are seeing the results of misinformation fed to a gullible society. The myth debunkers did nothing but parrot talking points put out by the “experts” which is now affecting our future generations. Shame on those perpetrators of lies that helped exterminate God’s children.

Our CDC states that in order to call a person fully vaccinated, it’s 14 days after their 2nd shot. Most vaccine deaths occur before this time and consequently skews the numbers considerably. This goes for those who have serious illness, hospitalizations and death.

Sterilizing immunity - The "vaccine" does not provide (never did)
1) Stops infection
2) Stops replication of the virus
3) Stops transmission
this “vaccine” doesn’t do this. People are being inoculated with something that is supposed to prevent serious illness and death. This is called a treatment. This is something that is not even close to a vaccine. They are completely different. Now if your employer tried to force an experimental treatment on you or be fired…that’s a lawsuit. In fact, that’s a felony. Our government is breaking the law.

The debunkers are trying to put forward that the spike proteins in the vaccine are different from the original Alpha (Wuhan) virus which, by the way, has never been isolated. They are trying to make it seem like the spike protein within the vaccine and the altercations that they made to the spike proteins are a good thing. Instead, what they’ve done is turn this spike protein into something that is very lethal to human beings.


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Stew Peters interviews attorney on the legalities and mandating an injectable Nyquil.