This video alludes to a book that I have written. The book is entitled: 'Observations Concerning My Encounter with COVID-19 (?)', and the question mark at the end of the foregoing title might be the most important part of that title.

The book is being offered for free. However, in order to help allay possible suspicions that some people might have concerning such an offer, there are a number of things that should be made clear in regard to the current overture, and this eight minute-plus video addresses the foregoing issues.

Finally, there is a brief overview of the contents of the aforementioned book contained in the video as well as directions, for those who are interested, about where to go in order to access the book.

Although I have covered and explored in some detail the extended arguments surrounding the issue of a constitutional standing for people that is entirely independent of both federal and state institutions of governance through other video documentaries that appear on this channel page of DrAnab, I realize that many people might only view or listen to small segments of those longer documentaries and, therefore, actually fail to grasp what is at the heart of those longer videos and, as a result, move on prematurely before engaging the revolutionary points that are being established through those videos.

So, I have decided to try to significantly reduce the temporal framework through which those overarching issues can be clearly and succinctly stated. More specifically, for more than 320 years, there has been an unresolved, dynamic problem present in the Constitution that has never – and I do mean never – been heard, addressed, or properly engaged.

The following video seeks to offer a critically reflective tour through not only some of the Constitutional dimensions of the COVID-19 crisis(at least as those dimensions pertain to constitutional possibilities in America), but, as well, the video undertakes forays into a number of issues involving public health, virology, PCR testing, immunity, and medicine. The latter part of the video also touches on some of the work of Stanley Milgram and Philip Zimbardo by offering a brief overview concerning how two of their experiments in particular have considerable relevance for many of the controversies that surround, and are entailed by, the events to which COVID-19 has given rise.

Quite frequently, the biggest obstacle to being able to properly understand various issues is not necessarily a function of ignorance but, instead, often tends to arise when we become entangled in the illusion that we believe we know something to be true when such a belief might not be tenable when critically examined. Hopefully, the Gaslighting video will provide potential viewers with an opportunity to meditate on a variety of issues of importance to everyday life.

For those who complete the foregoing journey, you will discover that near the end of the video there are directions for how to go about downloading a number of free e-books covering topics such as sovereignty, constitutionality, and education. And, no, you will not have to give your e-mail in exchange for those free books, nor will you required to join anything in order to acquire the foregoing material.
What’s the trick? There is none.

If you like the books, then, we both will be happy. If you don’t like the books, then, we both will be happy as well, because you didn’t lose any money to acquire them, and I didn’t receive any money for something you didn’t like.

Of course, if you are so inclined, you could skip to the last portion of the Gaslighting video and just take note of the information about the free books. However, I am hoping that you will be intrepid and explore the whole video … I feel doing so would be worth your while.

Some two-and-a-half years ago I was de-platformed from Facebook. At the time, I made a video about the issue which was originally entitled "The Great Facebook Bullying Mystery". Although the video starts out very slowly -- detailing the events that led up to, and followed from, the de-platforming event (and some people might liken that portion of the presentation to be as interesting as watching paint dry) -- nonetheless, a basis is laid for what comes later in the documentary. More specifically, the majority of the video gives expression to a critical analysis of the problems inherent in the way that corporations (and governments) such as 'facebook' engage the world. Like one of Kafka's characters, I had done nothing wrong -- and the first part of the video (the 'boring' part about how a little sovereignty was removed from my life) demonstrates as much -- but, nonetheless, I was considered to be guilty because someone in power at 'facebook' had arbitrarily -- apparently -- made a judgment about my existential status. Questions concerning whether those sorts of judgments are: right or wrong, true or false, and so on, are irrelevant to the dynamics of power. At a certain point in the documentary, I talk about some books I have written and whether, or not, those books might be the reason for my de-platforming, but since all the books to which I allude are free to anyone who has an interest in downloading them (https://www.billwhitehouse.com/press.htm ), the purpose of this video is not to induce people to buy such books. Moreover, at another juncture in the video, I mention a Patreon project that was directed toward raising money to gift books to various libraries, but since that project has been discontinued, the reason for making this documentary is not to invite people to donate to my Patreon account. I'm not interested in getting anyone's e-mail address in exchange for this or that consideration, nor am I asking viewers to join something. The reason for wanting to share this video with other people is because upon recently reviewing that material, I was actually surprised, in a variety of ways, how my perspective two-and-a-half years ago had a sort of prescient resonance concerning the world in which we live today as well as in relation to the world which seems to be increasingly likely to become the new normal in the near future. What happened to me is, I feel, going to be happening to a lot of people in a variety of different circumstances for absolutely no reason except as so many different exercises in the application of power, and, in this sense, my experience with 'facebook' was like being a canary in technocratic data mine -- a warning of imminent danger -- and as such, I was among those who were experiencing the growing decline in the quality of breathable, sovereign air that is being degraded in societies around the world as corporations and governments partner together to deploy their final solution for humanity. The menacing presence of technocratic power is upon us, and it intends to seek to increasingly control all of us in entirely arbitrary ways unless ...

This is a video presentation of the final episode of a five-part podcast series entitled: "The Essence of the Problem That Lies Before Us". The four previous episodes are available for free in an audio format from -- https://www.billwhitehouse.com/Queries/index.html ... just scroll down through the right side of the web page until you get to the audio links which are clearly designated.
the web page

There is a great deal of discussion these days among various Muslims about the topic of "revivalism" -- that is, the process of reviving, or bringing back, what someone believes to be the original nature of Islam. In conjunction with such notions, one also hears about the idea of shari'ah which often is referred to as "Divine Law". I believe that many aspects of the foregoing kinds of discussion are problematic and stand in need of a course correction ... a correction which I believe the mystical path has the potential to offer. The present talk provides an overview of both the nature of the problem and the character of the solution.

This is a talk given at Fordham University during an interfaith symposium. It gives expression to a Sufi's reflections on the Old Testament account of the Babel story.


The following attachment is an instance of vloetry (a combination of video, poetry, and music) gives expression to a few ideas concerning the topic of sovereignty. If you would like a few free books from the Sovereignty Library, then, please go to:


any of the other 33 books that are available for free through --


I am not seeking an e-mail address in exchange for the books, nor am I expecting anything else in return for whatever you might like to download … you can take whatever books you like and move on to wherever else your Internet travels might take you.

A compilation of images, music, and poetry is used to provide an overview of some the mystical teachings of Hafiz.

A sequence of thoughts involving instances of remembering That which makes existence possible. A compilation of images, music, and poetry that collectively constitute an example of vloetry.

A few ideas concerning the nature of human potential as given expression through a vloetry presentation (combination of video, music, and poetry).


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