deleted scene from deadly twister ft. Chloe Temple

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15.ai tf2 meme

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-- lyrics --
Remind ya, I'm kinda wet
Runnin' down my computer
Wet, runnin' down my ram
Wet, runnin' down my bussy

Uh, slurp that dick 'til it cum
Slurp that dildo 'til it cum
Slurp that butthole 'til it cum
Smack my ass like a keyboard

I change the anime two times a day
It's Naruto Falls in this hentai pussy all day
Cheap Pussy so good, I'm on a trip to the E-Bay
Soon as he put it in, that gamer girl calling me e-boy
I'm like, "Jetson, want to see ray trace trick that's worth it?"
Juggle them nvidia techbutts in my mouth, ray traced deepthroat circus
i Drop somethings, pick it up slow on purpose
Watch me bend over, come vega and hurt this
Freak lil' bitch, I'm sorry I can't help it
He don't want me fucking nobody else, he selfish
Should've saw the face on that dragon mascot when he felt this
Coming all down his dick, warm and melted
Drip yiff yiff
Can't no bitch replace this linus
'Cause I can go 24-7, it's non-stop
Know how to keep your man off the minecraft
Roll my bussy on the dick, while I'm drinking game fuel
Fuck yeah, I said it and this gamer got good score
He give me his credit cards and tell me to buy loot boxes
'Cause being with me, my members stay well feded
He sucking my bussy while he getting his hair dreaded on fan
He smoke r-g-b while I'm up on my sex haptic suit
After that cock him steak with terminal paste
Then back to riding that xbox controller until he can't breathe
He fucked me so good, I couldn't find my waifu


youtube takes this down for no reason but they allowed woke racists on youtube
hypocritical youtube

this was meant to be allowed on youtube but you can watch real one here https://www.bitchute.com/video/Rhcj6pcuPbfb/
this is watered down version for youtube's community guidelines rules

reuploaded video from 2018

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