Aug 1, 2021 - S5.E7 - Summer enables Rick's addiction to collecting giant combining robots, and the family becomes The Family.
Directors Jacob Hair , Wesley Archer(supervising director)Johnny Tesoro(supervising animation director)
Writers Justin Roiland , Dan Harmon , John Harris
Stars Justin Roiland(voice)Chris Parnell(voice)Spencer Grammer(voice)

May 6, 2012 - S4.E2 - After Dethklok is accused of being racist at a huge press conference, they combat the charges by opening an Urban Youth Dethcenter.
Director Mark Brooks
Writers Tommy Blacha , Brendon Small(story)Matthew Libman(story)
Stars Brendon Small(voice)Tommy Blacha(voice)Victor Brandt(voice)

1938 - Golden Collection - Porky's birthday. His uncle sends him a silkworm that churns out articles of clothing when it hears the word "sew." After a sock and a bra, Porky stuffs it in a pocket to prepare for his party. He uses some hair tonic, then his dog Black Fury has some for himself it's 99% alcohol. The guests arrive: a penguin and a goose. The penguin, shoveling in the food, accidentally swallows the worm, which starts churning out top hats, which pop open inside the penguin's head. The goose tries increasingly violent ways of remedying this. Meanwhile, Porky's dog, lathered with shaving cream, runs in and is branded a mad dog.
Director Robert Clampett
Writer Robert Clampett(story)
Star Mel Blanc(voice)

Hunt For The Skinwalker is a documentary about the most intensive scientific study of a UFO and paranormal hotspot in human history.
Director Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell
Writer Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell
Stars George Knapp , Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell , Colm Kelleher

2022 - After a "creative" judge sentences them to space camp, a black hole sends our adolescent heroes 24 years into the modern future where the duo misuse Iphones, embark on a quest to score, and become targets of the Deep State.
Directors Mike JudgeJohn RiceAlbert Calleros
Writers Mike Judge(characters)Guy Maxtone-Graham(story)Ian Maxtone-Graham(story)
Stars Mike Judge(voice)Mary Birdsong(voice)Gary Cole(voice)

Oct 8, 2005 - S1.E30 - The search for Scar gets a forward leap as a former military officer spots him in the southern slums. Elsewhere, the amoral Lt. Colonel Archer makes his move for the mysterious wild boy, who he believes is a homunculus conspirator. Infuriated by the arrest, Izumi leaps into action, single-handedly attacking the military with her staggering alchemic power.
Directors Masakazu Hashimoto , Seiji Mizushima , Masahiro Andô(opening sequence)
Writers Shô Aikawa(story editor)Hiromu Arakawa , Joel Bergen(english adaptation)
Stars Vic Mignogna(English version)Aaron Dismuke(English version)Caitlin Glass(English version)

Jun 22, 2008 - S3E4 - Dr. Venture receives an unorthodox introduction to his new Guild-assigned nemesis
Director Christopher McCulloch
Writers Doc Hammer , Christopher McCulloch
Stars James Urbaniak(voice)Patrick Warburton(voice)Michael Sinterniklaas(voice)

Dec 16, 1985 - S2E42 - The Autobots secretly poses a Stunticons in an effort to discover Megatron's secret plans.
Directors Andy Kim , Bob Kirk , Al Kouzel
Writers Donald F. Glut , Henry Orenstein
Stars Michael Bell(voice)Wally Burr(voice)Corey Burton(voice)

1988 - Pee-wee Herman is now a small-town farmer with a fiancée, but when a traveling circus comes to town, he finds himself falling for the trapeze artist.
Director Randal Kleiser
Writers Paul Reubens , George McGrath
Stars Paul Reubens , Penelope Ann Miller , Kris Kristofferson

Nov 5, 2000 - S3.E1 - When the inheritance Bender claims in the Old Country isn't quite what he expected, the Planet Express crew has to find the source of an age-old curse.
Directors Susie Dietter , Bret Haaland(supervising director)
Writers Matt Groening , David X. Cohen , Ken Keeler
Stars Billy West(voice)Katey Sagal(voice)John DiMaggio(voice)

Mar 10, 1961 - S2.E20 - An old radio is taking bitter bachelor Ed Lindsay back to a happier time before what he considers worthless tripe on television when he starts picking up radio programs from the 1930's and 1940's.
Director Buzz Kulik
Writers Charles Beaumont , Oceo Ritch(based on a story by)Rod Serling
Stars Dean Jagger , Carmen Mathews , Robert Emhardt

Oct 31, 1991 - S3.E7 - The Simpson family receives a severed monkey's paw which can grant wishes, Bart gains magical powers which he uses to turn Homer into a Jack-in-the-box, and Mr. Burns uses Homer's brain to create a robot.
Director Jim Reardon
Writers Matt Groening , James L. Brooks , Sam Simon
Stars Dan Castellaneta(voice)Julie Kavner(voice)Nancy Cartwright(voice)

1985 - When eccentric man-child Pee-wee Herman gets his beloved bike stolen in broad daylight, he sets out across the U.S. on the adventure of his life.
Director Tim Burton
Writers Phil Hartman , Paul Reubens , Michael Varhol
Stars Paul Reubens , Elizabeth Daily , Mark Holton

Sep 29, 1989 - S1.E4 - When Link rescues a fair maiden from a ferocious dragon, he gets a kiss as his reward.
Director John Grusd
Writers Bob Forward(adaptation)Phil Harnage(adaptation)Andy Heyward(concept)
Stars Cynthia Preston(voice)Jonathan Potts(voice)Tabitha St. Germain(voice)

Oct 4, 1986 - S1.E4 - Pee-wee puts on a magic show and as the grand finale, he makes himself disappear! But when he can't make himself reappear, it's up to Jambi the Genie to set things right.
Director Stephen R. Johnson
Writers George McGrath , John Paragon , Paul Reubens
Stars Johann Carlo , Laurence Fishburne , Gregory Harrison

Dec 17, 1987 - S1.E4 - The Turtles take over what's left of Baxter Stockman's equipment, to help them track Shredder and the Technodrome and create the turtle Van. Shredder opens a portal to Dimension X in hopes to obtain new weapons. Instead, The Nutrinos - three teenage hot-rodders, and two of Krang's militant Stone Warriors, General Traag and one soldier, come through.
Director Vincent Davis
Writers David Wise(series developed by)Patti Howeth , Kevin Eastman(based on the Mirage Comics "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comic books created by)
Stars Cam Clarke(voice)Barry Gordon(voice)Townsend Coleman(voice)

Apr 10, 1995 - S2.E5 - Duckman and Cornfed are hired to find a beautiful woman, America, but discover the country instead.
Director Paul Demeyer
Writers Everett Peck , Gabor Csupo , Arlene Klasky
Stars Jason Alexander(voice)Nancy Travis(voice)Gregg Berger(voice)

March 22, 2000 - S1.E19 - While Usopp and Luffy fool around with the ship's cannon one day, Zoro dreams about his childhood and the promise he made to Kuina before her untimely death.
武上純希 - Junki Takegami
須和田真 - Makoto Suwada
井上栄作 - Eisaku Inoue
宇田鋼之介 - Kōnosuke Uda

Mar 29, 2002 - S1.E14b - ZIM must return a belated video to the store or face the wrath of the FBI.
Director Steve Ressel
Writers Eric True , heart(segment Door to Door)Frank Conniff(head writer)Rob Hummel
Stars Richard Steven Horvitz(voice)Rikki Simons(voice)Andy Berman(voice)

Sep 21, 2003 - S2.E10 - Frylock plays a team trivia game at a local bar every Tuesday night, but he regularly loses to Wayne the Brain. Desperate for victory, Frylock recruits Master Shake and Meatwad to broaden the team's knowledge base. The trio loses. Frylock realizes that the team's weakness is sports trivia. With desperation mounting, Frylock bribes Carl (using the promise of free food) to join the team for one last attempt at defeating Wayne the Brain.
Directors Matt Maiellaro(uncredited)Dave Willis(uncredited)
Writers Matt Maiellaro , Dave Willis
Stars Dana Snyder(voice)Carey Means(voice)Dave Willis(voice)

Oct 31, 1985 - S1.E29 - Vultureman summons Rataro and his battleship who kidnaps Snarf's nephew to use as bait to trap the Thundercats.
Writers Steve Perry , Ted Wolf(based on characters created by)Leonard Starr(head writer)
Stars Bob McFadden(voice)Earl Hammond(voice)Lynne Lipton(voice)

Jul 23, 2003 - S2.E2 - Sango's younger brother, Kohaku, who's supposed to be dead, is alive. Naraku reveals that Kohaku is living because of a sacred jewel shard that is planted in his back.
Director Masashi Ikeda
Writer Rumiko Takahashi
Stars Kappei Yamaguchi(voice)Satsuki Yukino(voice)Kumiko Watanabe(voice)

Sep 21, 2016 - S20.E2 - The boys decide they have to take down Cartman but meanwhile, Skank Hunt takes his reign of terror global.
Director Trey Parker
Writers Trey Parker ,Matt Stone
Stars Trey Parker(voice)Matt Stone(voice)April Stewart(voice)

Nov 28, 1964 - S2.E11 - Four soldiers have been shot in the head by bullets made from the fragment of a meteorite. As a result, they have developed genius level IQs. Three of them have disappeared, one remains in hospital. Adam Ballard, Assistant Secretary of Science, believes the men have been taken over by an alien intelligence, and that they are working to bring some evil plan to fruition.
Director James Goldstone
Writers Sam Neuman(teleplay by)Seeleg Lester(teleplay by)Ed Adamson(story by)
Stars Robert Duvall , Donald Harron , Steve Ihnat

Feb 19, 1994 - S3.E6a - Stimpy tries to remedy Ren's nasty behavior by introducing him to his conscience. Ren's conscience is played by the great guitar playing oaf, Jiminy Lummox.
Directors Bob Camp(segment Bass Masters)Ron Hughart(segment Jimminy Lummox)
Writers Bob Camp(story)Jim Gomez(story)Ron Hauge(story)
Stars Billy West(voice)Bob Camp(voice)Jack Carter(voice)


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