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Greg Reese:
While America is falling, BRICS and the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum announce plans to lead the world into Globalism

Greg Reese:
As we celebrate our independence this year we must remember that the 1973 film Soylent Green took place in 2022

Greg Reese:
The US Constitution is the most valuable precept for liberty ever drafted by mankind and it must be secured

David Icke laid out the NWO / Illuminati bloodlines agenda back in the 90's. As we hit the halfway point in 2022, we can see that everything he warned us about has come to pass.

Greg Reese:
Americans are being deliberately deprived of food and energy as part of the Globalist Great Reset

Sam Dodson, an intellectual engineer, called out the FDA for doing “nothing” with the “massive safety signals,” colluding with pharmaceutical companies to suppress trial data for 75 years, ignoring fraudulent data, ignoring adverse events like myocarditis and prion diseases and ignoring issues with infertility.

A South Australian senator lifted the curtain on the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda during a recent parliament meeting, exposing it as a subversive communist ploy.

On Tuesday, Senator Alex Antic, a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, broke down how the WEF steers global politics by installing Young Global Leaders in positions of power across the world.

Mike Adams and Harrison Smith examine strange rubberband-like tissue removed from suddenly deceased cadavers that appear to be engineered to grow inside the body

Greg Reese:
Satanism explained plain and simple

Greg Reese:
How the Feds plan on killing the 2nd Amendment and destroying Individual Freedom

Uvalde Parents Barred By Police From Entering School To Save Their Own Children

Greg Reese:
The One World Government finalizes their plans in Switzerland as Monkeypox appears on cue

Dinesh D'Souza of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the evidence presented in his film proving Joe Biden's election was illegitimate.

Alex Jones predicted the white supremacist false flag mass shooting at a grocery store before the election to stoke hatred and chaos in America.

Alex Jones breaks down how to call for Joe Biden's impeachment.

Alex Jones delivers this powerful rant on the importance of Infowars in America's future and calls on patriots worldwide to support the cause of defeating the New World Order.
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WATCH: Club Of Rome Announces Intention To Decrease World Population To One Billion
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Dews News:
Check this jam packed double sized edition of Biden, uh I mean Biddin Season 2 Episode 3. POTUS has changed his name, controlled the weather, and created a new DisInfo Board to be headed by Julie Andrews on crack. All that and more in this edition of Biden -- ugh I mean Biddin Season 2

Pete Santilli joins Alex live via Skype to discuss the World Health Organization's latest power grab, assisted by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

Globalist vaccine-pusher Bill Gates has unveiled his GERM team, a supreme medical agency he claims will work with the UN-run World Health Organization to detect outbreaks and prevent pandemics.

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Darrin McBreen:
As more and more people suffer from severe and often deadly side effects, skeptics begin to learn the truth the hard way. Thousands of Americans have found out the "conspiracy theorists" were right all along.

Greg Reese:
Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum are planning to replace your food with gene edited produce and lab grown meat


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