Really enjoyed flying to drone around a quarry from the 1800's probably will do a much longer video in the future as the area is massive and only had 1 battery on me at the time.

I used the - DJI Mavic Mini Drone to capture the video footage

Brief history of this location -
The quarry was out of use by 1855 and the lime kilns were out of use by 1895.

Cleadon Park has been a public park since 1918 after the Council bought the land from the Ministry of Health. The former Cleadon quarry was filled in and levelled to provide ground for the football pitches.

The quality might not be 1440p as I have taken this from my youtube, So probably been down ressed in future I will upload on my youtube 1440p and on bitchute 1080p hope you enjoy.

Captured with the - DJI Mavic Mini Drone

Brief History of this location:

The windmill on the hills was constructed in the 1820s. The mill is
built on the highest part of Cleadon Hills on a slight artificial
mound. The building incorporates a stone reffing stage peculiar to the
mills in the area.

The mill was severely damaged in a storm at some time during the
1870s, and then suffered the indignity of being a target for gunnery
practice during the First World War.

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