As we are currently being deluged by most mainstream media with footage and articles about the hearings of the January 6th Committee, totally skewing any facts, whether real or imaginary, with their one-sided, partisan fake narrative trying yet again to destroy Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, the gloves are truly coming off now. Tragically we have in reality been and are still watching a slow coup in the USA by various leftist Democrats and also RINOs, in other words the swamp, against equal treatment according to the law, free and fair elections, freedom of speech, and also against the true will of the majority of real and legal American voters in 2020. This whole political charade is now coming to something of a climax with more and more blatant politicization of the DOJ and law enforcement agencies around Washington DC, the outrageous treatment of political prisoners who are still being denied bail and put in solitary confinement nearly 18 months on to try to break them, without having reached trial yet or even some prisoners apparently not even having been formally charged. This is totally unconstitutional, especially considering most charges are misdemeanours such as trespass. Aided and abetted by fakestream media the false narrative of the January 6th unselect committee is being pushed hard. Underneath of course the real coup organizers are terrified. Many many millions of Americans and other concerned people watching from around the world already know the truth – that the result of November 2020 was fraudulent and should never have been legally certified - and are understandably outraged by it.Personally I'm doing my best, as a non-American living in Israel, to support truth and integrity and the legitimate fight against the real coup, but if you are American who genuinely cares about freedom and human rights you can do so much more. The fight is truly on now. Frankly this is tyranny you are up against. And all Americans should know, according to the Declaration of Independence from 1776, what our G-d given human rights actually are when it comes to dealing with tyranny.
Apologies for some background noises near the end of the video.
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Non-Americans can speak out, support you and pray for you, but it is only Americans who can remedy the huge crime committed against you in 2020. If you care about human rights, freedom and democracy as well as the safety of the whole world, at a time when there are far more than enough nuclear bombs on Earth to destroy us all completely, then as an American you must surely speak out now, stand up and be active in supporting what is right.

Just returned from a visit to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Freedom and human rights for all people are essential for modern democracies. They are routinely violated on the very holiest Jewish site of all, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, for Jews and other non-Muslims. In response to violence and riots all visits by "infidels" have been suspended entirely at least until the end of Ramadan. This is both outrageous and illegal. In the USA, the administration of the imposter has now plumbed new depths of absurdity and oppression in seeking to create a "disinformation governance board" to counter freedom of speech on social media, especially Twitter now that Elon Musk has taken it over.
Americans, stand up and be counted and fight - within the Constitution and American law of course - for your rights to be restored. While the world is watching, the ball is in your court alone.

Some personal recollections of Ukraine especially Lviv in the west, and thoughts about what is happening there now. Thoughts and prayers for the people of Ukraine right now.

What is happening in Canada today would surely have been unthinkable even only a few years ago. The draconian Emergencies Act - illegally invoked according to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association - police brutality against peaceful protestors in Ottawa, freezing of Canadian bank accounts of anyone who supported the truckers, simply because the Prime Minister of Canada, tyrant Trudeau, wouldn't even bring himself to talk to these working-class Canadian truckers who just want freedom from all unnecessary covid regulations, and the appalling skewed and even mendacious reporting from Canadian and other mainstream media is frankly outrageous. And yet, tyrant Trudeau has succeeded in bringing many many Canadians together against him and has sparked other freedom protests not just in Canada but around the world.

We can all be involved, thanks to instant communication, in the present growing peaceful revolution around the world, reclaiming our freedom, human rights and dignity. The #FreedomConvoy is continuing in Canada and is inspiring many other peaceful protests around the world. As human beings, we don't want unnecessary covid restrictions and we want our lives back, better and freer than before.

The current Canadian Truckers' Freedom Convoy is a populist, grass roots, working class movement simply wanting freedom from all unnecessary restrictions. Covid-19 is out there and is spreading through the whole population, whether vaccinated or not; life needs to return to normal. Instead of sitting down and talking to these ordinary people who simply want to be able to work to support their families and are peaceful, family-oriented, law-abiding citizens, Ottawa's police is currently being used to harass, arrest, and to try to stop fuel and food being given to the peaceful truckers. Compare that with the treatment of BLM supporters who have often been violent, causing damage, rioting, and yet usually get away scot free with such unpleasant activities.

Prince Andrew allegedly had sex with then 17 year old Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre), one of many apparent sex-slaves run by Jeffrey Epstein and his now convicted girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. While of the highest social class in Britain as the second son of the Queen, if these allegations are accepted as true in the civil case against him in New York then he stands to lose both financially and any credibility he has left after the disastrous interview he gave about these allegations in November 2019. However, the huge suffering of so many victims of Epstein and Maxwell is now acknowledged publicly.
Contrast that situation with that of probably at least several hundreds of thousands of underage girls, some even as young as 12, who have been targeted for many years in various British cities, gang-raped and abused by "grooming gangs" of whom most members are Muslims. While some victims have at last received some justice in court and their perpetrators jailed, many have not. It seems that in the world of politically correct nonsense, we have taken many strides backwards in Britain and in some other European countries in protecting the rights of women and especially young girls to live openly and freely as they choose and to expect to receive proper support, protection and justice if they are raped and abused. As lower class and mostly white child victims of “ethnic minority” men, many have been fed to the wolves and their lives destroyed for many years to enable the tragic and evil lie of multicultural and religious relativism to continue.
Check out these relevant links:

Why on earth are we living in an Alice in Wonderland upside-down absurd oppressive and confusing constantly shifting reality perpetrated largely by so-called journalists, many Hollywood actors and various leftist politicians who have lost all sense of respect for any real honesty and ethics? Isn’t it time for some commonsense? And for widespread respect for both truth and morality as well as freedom of speech to make a comeback urgently.
Don't be afraid to express "non-woke" and truthful opinions. Reclaim your human rights.

The present rapid re-takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban with all the ensuing deaths and immense suffering of many Afghani people, especially women, was totally avoidable and is a disgrace to the current incumbent in the White House.
The USA is no longer a superpower, but tragically Biden has transformed it into an international laughingstock, within just seven months.

An alarming phrase was included in the US National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin in paragraph four of Additional Details: "conspiracy theories on perceived election fraud and alleged reinstatement".
You can read the whole Bulletin here:
That effectively makes anyone who cares about truth and who wants election integrity and their right to insist on a full forensic audit of the results of 2020 a potential "terrorist".

More and more millions of people are waking up to the enormity of electoral fraud in US2020 denying them their legal right to vote fairly and freely and they are ANGRY!
(Music is "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin - hope they don't mind)

Louis Duxbury was sent to prison in UK for 18 months for daring to lambast Islamic extremists on Facebook: see for fuller details.
Freedom of speech is an essential human right, to criticize and although that right may offend some people, no one really has the right NOT to be offended. Yet our human rights are continuing to be eroded, by well-meaning but deeply flawed legislation in the west, by western courts of law, by growing censorship from social media, by "wokespeech" etc.

This video is a response, from an Israeli woman who recently had COVID-19 and is now eligible for a green pass, to outcries from some other Israelis who have not had this highly contagious and unpleasant disease and who do not wish to take the vaccine. They are understandably concerned about the infringement on their personal freedom to mix socially and recreationally indoors more openly by being unable to have a green pass as a result of their choice not to be vaccinated. However, what is a realistic alternative in current circumstances and with present understanding about the longterm effects of vaccines and of COVID-19?

Very short video. Here the now newly inaugurated US President Joe Biden describes, not long before the US 2020 election took place, how he was planning to win it.

Today, 20th January 2021, is Inauguration Day of the President of the USA. Many millions of people around the world are praying for President Trump to be rightfully restored as the true winner of the 2020 election, but despite various apparent prophecies, widescale hopes of using the Insurrection Act, of military action, of the Creator intervening directly, it looks right now like the illegitimate Dem coup has succeeded and that the USA is headed for a dark future. I felt it might be helpful to relate some of my own experience of fighting till I had nothing left inside to fight anymore, of praying as though my life depended on it - which essentially it did - and how things were resolved.
If you're not into talking about the Creator or are deeply wedded to the concept that there is only one path to Him and Judaism isn't it, then you might want to skip this video, at least past the personal story. If you want to skip past the personal story, start about 6 minutes in.
You are welcome to post this video on any channel which supports freedom, human rights and the rightful President of the USA being restored to his true position, according to all legal votes in the 2020 US election.

Sung by the late great Judy Garland some three weeks after the assassination of President John F Kennedy. You can watch the video of her singing the whole song then, on December 13th 1963 here:
The time now is surely even more of a crisis, not just for the USA as a free republic, but for the whole world which still looks to the USA as "the land of the free and the home of the brave". It can still be restored to that if enough Americans want it to.....

After the huge letdown by Vice President Pence refusing to use the power granted him under the US Constitution to send the electoral votes back to the State Legislatures or at least establish a Commission of Inquiry to hear the huge evidence of electoral wrongdoing in at least several states, now it is up to millions of ordinary Americans to decide what happens next.
You are welcome to post this video on any other site which supports freedom, human rights and President Trump.

This is effectively 1776 all over again. If Joe Biden and the Democrats are allowed to get away with their massive criminal electoral scheme to disenfranchise the American people, there will never be free elections again, America as any kind of free republic and democracy will go down the pan and with it the aspirations of many millions of people around the world who look to you in their own pursuit of gaining freedom and equal human rights for all.
Can you imagine, in the time of George Washington, people being more concerned with their careers, their income, their safety, even their lives, than with fighting tyranny? Many people fought and died so that you can enjoy freedom today, but it is fast disappearing thanks to progressive cowardice. Are you Americans or wimps?
The excerpt showing attorney Lin Wood speaking on NTD is included under fair use. You can see the entire video here:
You are welcome to include any part of my video on any other platform which supports freedom and human rights.

It is clear that the overwhelming evidence of huge voter fraud in the 2020 US election MUST be both heard and respected by all. Not just for the sake of Americans but for all people around the world, because the USA IS the premier free democracy still with huge influence around the globe. NOW, if you care about freedom and human rights, is the time to stand up and be counted. This is a pivotal point in the world today.

What has been and is happening in the USA now is nothing short of an illegitimate grab for power, a real time REVOLUTION. Freedom and democracy are literally at stake and the mainstream and social media are essentially complicit in the culmination of the long coup against the lawfully elected President of the USA. Spread the word as widely as possible of what is TRULY happening and listen to the whole of attorney Sidney Powell's devastating expose of the enormous extent of outrageous voter fraud, illegally seeking to change the true landslide for President Trump into a false "win" for the authoritarian socialists in today's Democrat party who are desperate for power at all costs. This is the video with Sidney Powell, excerpts of which are included here under fair use:

250 years ago, the British government was oppressing then American colonists. As a Brit myself, I imagine I would have supported their fight if I had happened to be around then and living in America. Supporting freedom and democracy now, I believe it is imperative for all patriotic Americans, whatever your political leaning, to stand up and make your voice heard for free and fair elections and to support all legal action to ensure true democracy in the USA today. It does appear that there is some evidence of suspicious and even downright illegal tampering with American votes in several states in the 2020 election. If you do not support the fight now to throw out any illegal ballots and to ensure that all legal ballots are counted, whatever the end result, I believe you will ultimately be betraying all the hard won freedoms that Americans were fighting for in the American War of Independence, for eight long years, against tyranny. And true democracy, freedom and equal rights for all will be lost. It is that fundamental and that urgent.

There are some disturbing accounts surfacing of election irregularities in various US states which may well have distorted the true lawful results of the US presidential election. This is the article referred to in the video:

Just a short video on the day of the US election, with a few thoughts about it and the role of journalists. Plus Tommy Robinson was arrested yesterday (Sunday) at Hyde Park Corner, supposedly for breaking COVID rules, and later released without charge.

Since talking about James Younger some six months ago now, sadly there has been a deeply concerning update when a judge in Dallas, Judge Mary Brown, recently and outrageously took away James’ father’s rights regarding his son’s medical, psychological and psychiatric care. That power now rests solely with James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas.

In response, there is a rally planned this Sunday 30th August in Coffee Park, in Dallas, Texas, from 7 to 8.30pm. It will be a time of prayer and solidarity for this young boy, who should surely have the right to grow up as nature intended, as the boy he is, instead of having his whole life screwed up by the attempts by his mother to have him sterilized and castrated.

Here is a link to the page on Facebook about it: If you are able to get there, socially distanced and wearing a mask, please do so. I would suggest also, if you are American, contacting your own members of Congress and perhaps write to the Attorney General and President Trump directly with your concerns. The more fuss that is made, peacefully but clearly and strongly, the better.


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Hi, this is Gila. I believe passionately in freedom and human rights for all people and in standing up for freedom and moral values. I've published my more recent videos here which I previously put up on youtube.

Personally, I'm a professional composer and musician who was born and lived in England for many years. In 2004 I moved to Israel and I have lived here ever since. I was moved to start talking about Tommy Robinson and the darker side of the ideology of Islam, especially with regard to how to treat non-Muslims, when he was arrested in May 2018, Something really stirred in me, I was one of many people who wrote to him while he was in prison and tried to encourage him.

As I no longer live in Britain, although I love my home country as well as my country of Israel, I feel safer in expressing my opinions than anyone living there, because we still value freedom of speech in Israel even with regard to supposedly "politically incorrect" topics. Indeed, I feel that as someone enjoying freedom and a good life today, I need to speak out BECAUSE I am no longer subject to British and European laws with regard to anything I post online.