The little shipping companies are about to get a big boost in revenue. Time to step up Men.

Today we look at the insane violations of the Laws of Physics that NASA has conjured from the land of Narnia - otherwise known as Astrophysics. We will demonstrate the impossibility of NASA's orbital model, the various space propulsion models, and elaborate on the false attributes that have been given to gravity to lend support to all of the above.
We also introduce a brand new Globebuster to the team!

United Parcel Service is terminating the accounts of gun dealers across the country. Any packages currently in the UPS system may be “seized and destroyed.”

California Attorney General just doxxed most gun owners in the state! This is beyond negligent. This is depraved.

Legally Armed America

don petite , the gift that keeps on giving! As usual their own lies come back to bite them in the butt.

This is a great video/find from the Rachie00000 channel which can be found here:
Thanks Rachie.

Thanks to LEO!

“The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

- Thomas Jefferson (attributed
The House on Friday passed the bill by 234-193, including 14 Republicans voting with Democrats. Biden will sign the bill on Saturday morning, the White House said.

“The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

- Thomas Jefferson (attributed

It's a good week for conservatives, and the best end to June we could have asked for!
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It's Spacetime
Original Broadcast Date 7-16-21

Today we take a closer look at the Aether's role in creation. This was prompted by the EwarAnon video retracting assertions regarding Tartaria and Aether's role in physical form. We also look at some cymatics basics.

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Good Questions. More space tosh.


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