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I seem to have less and less time each season but keep expanding the garden. it's not a great recipe for success. However, I'm making it happen. With most of my seeds and plants in its just about time to sit back and watch it all grow.

Kicking it into full gear now. Got a load of the best compost available at Lakeview Natural Dairy. Flowers are blooming, new beds made, trees planted, and I am excited as ever about this year.

*all pest treatments are organic methods*

Into August already and between a baby and a job change I've been pretty busy keeping the garden but it wants to make me food!

Well everything is good on the home front and I haven't noticed anything that just won't grow. Seems like a great year so far. Just sitting here waiting for our 3rd baby to arrive any minute and realized I forgot to upload this video.

So overnight we had frost. Definitely put a hurt on my squash. THE ONLY GOOD SQUASH I HAD GROWING UP THERE! Amazing!

What's up with these tomatoes? Looks like my squash and melons are gonna get tilled over. Unless a miracle happens. The peppers have made a comeback and the cucumbers are amazing. Any clue what those black beetles are?

Wow! Farming is so much work. I got most of that done today and just a few more plantings and I'll call it a wrap. On to other things. Pray for my tomatoes because they look bad.

Lots going on in the garden today. We try to squeeze every day out of our short season. So far things are looking good. Full tour today.

Moving right along, even though I weeded the peooer hoophouse and it looks like my peppers might come back, by the time I make another video all the weeds will be back again. Maybe I'll make a special pepper update video. Blazing sun but getting it done.

Summer is here and everything seems to be growing. The cutworms are at it again and I have a shitake explosion!

I covered it but there was no hope. Mother nature had different plans. my tomatoes and peppers are toast. Well, maybe I'll grow pumpkins in that spot.

Full tour of the beginning of 21 garden. So far so good this year. Always expanding and adding work for myself. Still waiting for thing to fully take off but we're off to a good start.

it's early in the season but as usual I got everything that can go in, in already. I have some dead fruit trees, new garden bed for squash and stuff and flowers are are blooming.

My 1st 2 hoop houses are done And peppers and tomatoes are planted planted. One more hoophouse to go and that one's gonna get cucumbers. Everything's way ahead of schedule so let's do this

Hoophouse 1 is complete, and the second one is almost done. I have a great crew working with me right now and we are moving fast. Perfect timing too because with all the projects coming down the pipe, itll be nice to check this one off.

hoophouse 1 done, 2 more to go! thanks to the crew for all the help. having good people to work with is awesome. hopefully the sun shines soon and I can get this beauty to work.

Greenhouse is filled up and I'm taking a big risk by sticking the onions in the ground but hey, you gotta try. The tulips are coming out and spring is in the air

Lots of good stuff started already and looking forward to more. All my peppers are looking good and am starting some tomatoes soon. Getting really excited about spring.

Looks like things are shaping up. We finally got the little patch of forest cleared for our deep winter greenhouse. Soon we will be growing food in the depths of winter. Believe it. I will make sure it happens.

Growing onions, some sweet potato slips, and some herbs. Getting my grow station set up. This time of year is so boring but its good to have the time to make long-term plans.

Snow has shut down the operation. I was able to get some final tasks completed before winter fully sets in and that makes it all worth it.


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