Why would anyone need this technology unless a major accident happens in the future.

It is the first time that we come into contact with white people who consider us equal. Russia is our friend. And the enemy of our friend is our enemy. We have been on Russia's side from the start and in our opinion Ukraine has sold itself to the West.

Live Action President LilaGraceRose joins dbongino to discuss the overturn of Roe v. Wade & what's next in the fight for life.

who can give this woman a shot there is something spiritually wrong with these people.
she can scream maybe she is pregnant or is she mentally out of order?

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A senior has gone to Britain to protest Julian Assange's extradition to the US
But the brave British police worked diligently for a living and arrested the hateful culprit and took him to the police station.

Nitrogen policy is the new allowance scandal. The mediacracy is failing.
scandals in the Netherlands our country has become completely corrupt.
farmers are the enemies along with the population and farmers have to go and we also see that in America where cows drop dead en masse and hopefully American farmers will wake up soon.
they want farmers to disappear and they do it in a devilish way. here in the Netherlands the farmers know what they are up to and farmers have already said it is war with the government.
they will never give up, The Netherlands is at war, only you don't see this on the news media
they are afraid that American farmers will wake up we know that strange things happen in America too on the farmland and hopefully the farmers there will wake up and fast.
one thing is clear my country the Netherlands is completely corrupt who would have ever thought this I'm ashamed of my own country. it is forbidden to demonstrate for your freedom and rights
If we do this the police will come and beat the people no one is spared, not even children.
a war in the Netherlands will not last long the farmers and population are done with this government.

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will america ever be america again or will america be destroyed?
what will the army do are they going to save their country or will they have America destroyed.
why doesn't the army intervene when the country is in danger why not??

the farmers will never give up we are going to win this he says together with the people who support them massively. never give up never fight for your country your rights and health and freedom. there is a problem we have no weapons in the netherlands to protect ourselves but there are countries that can defend themselves, take a look at America cows drop dead en masse isn't it all a bit too coincidental? that there is a war between the farmers and the government is now 100% will the government, as always, send the army on the peasants?
they should not continue to challenge the farmers enough is enough In the Netherlands, farmers have already taken their own lives due to government measures
the peasant war against power is a fact and the peasants and people are more powerful than the government will ever think god bless the farmers.

West Coast Offensive. A roadmap for other states to stand up for women. Time to fight like hell
Will there be a civil war in America what the California government hopes for?
luckily the americans have weapons to protect themselves of a devilish government.
keep fighting never give up protect your children and family.
they are going to destroy America what actually happened and why doesn't the military protect its own country and people, should they not protect the population from the great danger?
or is the army sleeping where are these so called land protectors the so-called mighty army of America what we always hear but why not protect their own country and especially the people.
or do they also want the country to break down and there will be no America anymore.
where is the ARMY go protect your land and your people from evil it's time for action?

X22 REPORT! EP. 2808 UPDATE JUNE 24, 2022

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The latest installment in the future of food... 'Air Protein!'
You won't believe it until you see it... and even then you still won't believe this circus show!

farmers in the Netherlands have to sell their farms from the government otherwise they will be expropriated, worldwide governments want to get rid of farmers like in America where cows drop dead is that a coincidence or is there something else going on.
the dutch government wants the farmers to leave as soon as possible.
farmers demonstrate en masse throughout the Netherlands.
and it could lead to a civil war farmers don't give up
farmers and population are strong together we don't give up.
that cows are now falling dead in America is no coincidence they want to get rid of the farmers.
anyway the government will send the army on the farmers they have done that before but you don't hear about it in the news media The Netherlands is a corrupt country.
children who have been kicked out of their homes by the government also disappear without a trace what a coincidence but how is it going to end with the farmers in the Netherlands.
Personally, as a Dutchman, I think that a civil war is imminent and that it will not last long
the news media doesn't say anything about it but a war is coming in the Netherlands.
the farmers will never give up and neither will the population we never give up then just die for our country we keep fighting till the end, one thing we don't have weapons but Americans do never give up and fight to the death I will pray for America too you have weapons you are stronger
we are a target and nothing else never give up never Ameria is a beautiful country don't let the devil destroy it, Stand up for your country and protect it with your life we do our best without weapons will we win i don't know but we are fighting massively for farmers throughout the Netherlands stay safe and healthy greetings from the Netherlands.

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Bij een D66-focusgroep over stikstof werd duidelijk dat het stikstofbeleid onwetenschappelijk en onnodig is. Maar deze waarheid mocht niet worden bekendgemaakt, omdat het "koren op de molen" van Thierry Baudet zou zijn. Het kartel is doodsbang voor FVD

Kennen wij het Burgerlijk Wetboek?
Waarom wordt alles onteigend?
Hoe zat het ook alweer met het ziekenfonds van toen? En van wie is energie netwerk en staatsbosbeheer.

What The Hell is going in Cleveland what is this supposed to be?


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