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These globe believers are desperate and delusional. They'll make up anything.

Wobbling, orbiting, tilting, spinning and hurtling. Yet, our own senses tell us we are not moving. But, according to nasa, we're supposed to ignore our own senses and believe what we're told. We're also supposed to believe stars change positions over a very long period of time because the earth wobbles, but we only get drawings as evidence. LOL

No astronaut will ever set foot on the moon and did i mention that SciManDan is a liar?

It's simple. SciManDan is a liar.

This is a video made about a true dickhead.

Did dinosaurs ever exist? NO

Mir was only a toy model space station that never operated in supposed low Earth orbit from 1986 to 2001 and was faked by the Soviet Union and later by Russia. Mir was claimed to be the first modular space station and was claimed to be assembled in orbit (yeah right more bullshit) from 1986 to 1996. Another great video from Level Earth Observer.

Even the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency puts out computer generated garbage. This is another fine video from Level Earth Observer.

There are really no words to describe this......

Hypothetical invisible space walls consisting of hypothetical symmetron particles in hypothetical dark matter? You couldn't make this shit up if you tried.

We should all be feeling extra strong because of all this inflation going on! LOL

No proof space aliens exist.

The powers that be see us as guinea pigs.

Why do people believe NASA's bullshit?

It would take 16,144,800 years at 5 miles per second to travel to polaris. No way we could see anything that far away with naked eyes let alone through any kind of telescope. Common sense should tell you this, however common sense isn't very common anymore.

Joe Biden "...increase and disseminate more rapidly, food shortages..." LOL

This is a great video from Level Earth Observer exposing liars. All of these space agencies are frauds.

This is a classic video from Jake The Asshole. This Flat Earth Proof Defeats the Metabunk Curvature Calculator. This is the Gold Standard in Flat Earth Experiments and this Experiment can easily be repeated with the same result as the ending conclusion time and time again. If you want even more proof than this go watch Neil Degrasse Tyson's critique of the red bull jump on youtube admitting from even 128,000 feet (24.2 miles) above the surface of the earth that it's flat. Zero curvature.

This woman has no business being speaker of the house. Time to send this old nag to the glue factory.


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It's very simple to understand. Real science proves that the earth is a stationary plane. The magical spinning spaceball has no real science that proves it even exists. You want facts? You want the truth? Here's where you'll get it.