On the invasion as we look at the theme of colonialism

I know you can't get enough of mah seeexxxxyyyyy voice so here you go

But it's an article from my old buddy Brad. You've been warned. Yeah I suck. :(

Another Gem found in the vault

And zero fucks were given. Except by my old buddy Brad

No War of the Worlds vid this week, wasn't satisfied with the latest vid so here's one I've had on docket for a week.


Come out of your shops, hospitals and barracks and sit right under my feet as we discuss, well look at the title. Obviously we're discussing Charles Darwin.

Same Tory crap, different name. Sad thing is, people will think they're voting for a new party, and not the PC's with a different name.

Freudian Slip ahoy

PT1: Novel Theme's

And Brad shares his fave movies and music

Brad weighs in on the Roe Vs Wade controversy in the States, and reveals he has a very weird hobby.

the 2022 Ontario Provincial Elections are underway. Let the bullshit begin.

Woah, that escalated quickly

Poor quality yes, but it's been sitting in a vault somewhere for over a year. I've found some other stuff in this vault too. Stay tuned.


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