Gary Wayne returns to explain the history of the modern banking system and their Elite bloodlines who make up the Committee of 300 running the International Banking system.

In this episode Gary traces the origins of our modern banking system from the Knights Templar of Royal bloodlines to the Jesuits of Rome Black Nobility into the Jewish financiers and of course their Secret Societies associated.

Gary can be found at https://genesis6conspiracy.com/
My website is https://jimdukeperspective.com

War has a purpose for the Elite. After seeing the secret papers of the Secret Societies, Carroll Quigley exposed their agenda for Socialism, only he thought it such a good plan it should be made public. Norman Dodd, head of the Reese Committee told that he was told by the Foundations their secret intent to change the culture of society for Collectivism (Globalism). His secretary witnessed the minutes of the meetings of the Carnegie Endowment. We share that information.

James Perloff returns to discuss his articles on Ukraine: Behind Wall of propaganda, and on the WEF psychopaths who control the future.

His articles are found at


In this episode I explain the antics of the Illuminati and how they subdued Proestant Christianity to those unaware. Much of this was from a source called "The Bavarian Illuminati" in which an author in the early 1900s collected the last known documents of the writings of the Illuminati.

NOTE: As a correction, I mentioned those who do not recognize Christ in them as related to 2Cor 11, but it should be 2Cor 13:5.

My website is https://jimdukeperspective.com

Many of us suspected the virus narrative to be a fabrication. Mike Wallach is a film producer who presented a documentary series tracking the truth behind the narrative with doctors who chased paper trails for the truth.

His film can be found at https://paradigmshift.uscreen.io

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My website is https://jimdukeperspective.com

In this episode we compare the early church with the modern church. Our guest Phil Baker has examined the aspects of the early church and gives us insight on the character of the early believers and how they contrast with today's modern church. This brings into the question the need for reform.

Phil S. Baker is an author of a couple of books, podcast host of "Reclaiming the Faith, and musician for his own music. His website is https://philsbaker.com/.

Phil's podcast Reclaiming the Faith can be found at https://reclaimingthefaith.podbean.com

We know about the “Great Reset.” Now Klaus Schwab refers to the “Great Narrative” to diffuse suspicion that conspiracy theorists and truthers have brought attention to. We examine this agenda with the economic implications, as well as the Think Tank agencies involved to steer society into the 4 centers of powers to consolidate into a Centralized Bank for One World Government using digital currency and the Internet.

Biden announced how things are shifting (deliberately so) and that there is going to be w New World Order, and that we (America) is going to lead it.

What Biden is not saying is that the new World Order is an older plan already drafted and that he is not going to lead it (he can't lead himself to his own sock drawer). The agenda is already set, and it is a totalitarian One World Government.

America was the site of the New Atlantis according to Francis Bacon, and that thought continued by the Masonic founders. The New World Order was stamped on the dollar bill as a statement of the goal of the Elite of the United States.

See my article https://jimdukeperspective.com/the-great-seal-origin-and-its-meaning/

Spirituality is defined differently to different groups. Some claim a self-determined identity of spirituality having a sense of acknowledging God without admitting they actually have a relationship with a personal God. Others claim their spirituality is an inward awareness to divinity within and that they become one with the Universal Mind, a force of divinity one had came from and now re-enters. Christian spirituality is an indwelling of the external personal God through His Holy Spirit that influences your spirit to act in a manner pleasing to God. We go through these narratives to dissect the truth, or at least what we think is truth in the Relativism of life.

Many point to Klaus Schwab as the face behind the WEF Great Reset agenda, but one is more influential than him whom many don't mention. We will name him.

War has stirred much emotion and spewed many opinions dividing over the issue of the Russia/Ukraine conflict. What caused it? We tend to take sides over who is more right in fighting, or defending, according to the perception or bias you choose. Either way can we point to the good guy in all this? All sides have corrupt intent. We go over this ethical discussion to weight the claims as to whom has a more legit reason. Or maybe not...

Here is The WHO Constitution mentioned:

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine; and also with NATO and the U.S., continues. We are told by one side Putin is a tyrant madman, but his side says Russia is merely defending its safety as NATO is creeping in around them along the borders through neighboring countries. Who do we believe? We provide analysis.

CDC loosens its restrictions in new guidelines that lightens up on mask mandates in 70% of conditions. They haven't admitted masks were not effective as alt media is falsely reporting, just that the current condition of cases dropping have contributed to their decision... as well as SOCIAL MOOD.

COVID problems as reports out that vaccines have been causing variants as well as SARS-like symptoms. The CDC admits PCR test swabs may have gotten in the hands of DNA collection agencies.

Despite denial, mRNA genome therapy may have altered your DNA according to experts.

Here is a link to a claimed detox process if you had taken the "vaccine."

Co-host Craig R. Peterson has written a book about the "Global Bully." You can find his information here,

Many rely on this social media platform and the world is now accustomed to it. Those who don't have it are being cautious, but considered primitive, even out of touch. Access to computer and hand-held devices made it available to every person, child, and dog. Is this purposeful to occupy our lives and use our algorithms to dictate our thoughts? Have people become bold and arrogant using this virtual avatar as a front?

Socialists use any excuse for unconstitutional policies. Mandates threatened by Biden and NY Gov Kathy Hochul prove to be examples of overstepping your Executive Office to issue unenforceable mandates upon the people. Both were turned down by Supreme Court rulings, but it doesn't prevent Socialists from trying.

However, we don't mean to feed in with the Left/Right paradigm facade, so don't mistake this for a Democrat vs Republican opposition, because both parties are different sides of the same Oligarchy coin. The International Bankers and their Illuminati ways control both parties.

Joe Rogan is under attack as he is threatened by performers for his stance on vaccines. Whether Rogan is controlled or not, this does slap in the face those of us who agree with him that vaccine mandates and the push for Big Pharma remedy is an agenda.

Drug use tends to lead to drug abuse. Drug addiction is drug worship. We talk about the aspects of addiction and why some programs are not remedies hosted by Christians.

5G rolled out and many anticipate heads blowing up by spontaneous combustion as they were in Israel when it was rolled out. Only thing is proof has been limited to a video claiming this conclusion is from 5g. We debunk some of the claims as we examine the potential real dangers of 5G.

AI technology is pushing for interface connectivity to your brain. Will they hack your brain? They cannot read your thoughts, but the technology datelining your input, watching you on devices, and monitoring algorithms gives the quantum computer enough information to make probable predictions about what you are thinking.

The Pentagon and CIA have been suspected of feeding information to Hollywood movie (and TV) producers because of such accuracy in their predictions of inventions and the usage of Intel in the story lines. We know for fact that this is true, but we wonder why.

My suspicion is that they mimic the reality of government Intel and Defense in fiction in order to condition the people to accept it in their subconscious, thereby restricting the resistance when finding it to be true.

Once an idea is brought forth, even in fiction, the mind subconsciously accepts it and the shock is already experienced. Then they can bring it obvious to the forefront without causing too much attraction. It is propaganda technique.

My website is https://jimdukeperspective.com



You may think this a far reaching connection made, but hear me out. I share similarities with them and the Illuminati who use sexual abuse for enticement and bribery, as well as Elite rituals. The operation of Jeffrey Epstein's resort and Ghislaine Maxwell's role certainly have used the same tactics as the Illuminati - if not a product of theirs.

We also give a COVID update with statements from Dr Robert Malone who helped developed the mRNA vaccination process, CDC admits arbitrary regulations, and how Omicron may be imaginary.

TV Journalist John Stossel filed a lawsuit against the social media giant Facebook and its name Meta over its fact checkers making defamatory claims against Stossel.

Virologist Dr Byram Bridle demonstrates how a virus measuring 1 micron can squeeze through the masks which have pore sizes between 80 and 500 microns. Even a cluster of droplets measuring 62 microns can penetrate the screening.

NY Gov Kathy Hochul issues a MASK MANDATE and verification of vaccination for establishments for the next month or so.

The UN celebrates a gift from Mexico of a Beast statue.

Some fear that droids will rule the earth in the future. As they also fear the Elite will succeed transforming us into cyborgs in their plan for "Transhumanism." I don't think we have to fear what they do and I'll explain why.

The truther community has its own brand of tabloids. It is called "The Internet." In it are all sorts of fabricated stories pulled up from out of a hat to keep you interested... and appeased.

In this episode we discuss Kanye West and his weird cult religion that dresses in white robes that attracts celebrities like Justin Beiber and Marilyn Manson. Is this Christianity?

My website is https://jimdukeperspective.com

Indications that America is starting to get tired of the pandemic. Some are fighting back. Also we explain how Christian truthers should conduct themselves in the fear of the Great Reset, NWO, and agenda upon the citizens of the world.

My website is https://jimdukeperspective.com

The Biden administration attempted to pass through mandates through occupational standards by using OSHA. The 5th Court Circuit put a stay on the action stating it was unconstitutional. However the stay is temporary, which means another attempt may be sought through some other loophole. Socialism is a goal of Elitists using mandates to control. We look at these topics and updates on vaccines.


My website is https://jimdukeperspective.com


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