Escaping the doctor weird science experiments, I find myself in the most terrifying scenario to flee from the madman. When push comes to shove, jumping will not suffice. Can't think rationally when your being chased by the scissor man.

After escaping the tunnels and wandering around, I eventually find myself in the hands of a crazy insane doctor.

I try to navigate out of the sewers.

I press a button that released a monster. Climbing out through a vent, I manage to escape. Finding myself in a room with jail cells, I traverse the area to leave.

Going back to the security gate I get drugged and walk around an asylum prison cell. A naked guy with stabby intentions approaches me.

With the keycard in hand I proceed into the security room, only for the power to run out. I play tag with a monster and descend to the scary basement.

Miles explores an asylum to uncover the truth. I see some spooky monsters and try to locate a keycard.

We fight in battles without a Shaman, bloodlust, timed objective, and partake in the final battle.

With a more powerful Shaman leading the army, so have the other tribes. Units have been adjusted, expect for Braves, to pack more of a challenge.

I talk about the good times about jobs and vent about the really bad ones. I apologise for how angry I sound near the end but it actually helped. Have a good day. :)

Wrapping up the last few battles of teaming up, being solo, and my army doesn't need the Shaman. But will the battle continue?

All the warriors on the team, we fight through huge waves of the tribes, the Shaman being imprisoned, bloodlust, and Armageddon.

The battle against the other tribes commences. Another timed battle occurs and I receive a new follower.

Going through a custom campaign I made based on Populous The Beginning. 19 levels in total while going through the first five battles.

99.99% impossible levels, spike fall, sword throw, bottle run and levels from the past are put to the test of wills.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/5hLCS7sYwTrY/ The actual first video.

In the classic mansion, I attempt to decrypt the AI's game.

I make one last delivery from Cloudpunk HQ. Cora wants to speak to me down under. Ascending to the clouds, the last decision is made while I go back home for the night.

I make some difficult decisions, attempt to drop off a package, and report to a distress call.

I pick up a passenger and take her to where I believe it's best for her. I get the joys of hearing customer feedback. Help is needed at the apartment.

I drive Huxley to a hideout and find out we get trapped and the capture keeps on talking and talking. Intense mission happens and someone goes to my apartment.

I make my decision on the androids. I pick up an old friend. Arriving in a quarantine zone with a catch, I can only bring three people.

I make my decision on the androids. I pick up an old friend. Arriving in a quarantine zone with a catch, I can only bring three people.

I investigate an apartment, pick up a package and deliver it to Mr. Anderson. I am left with a decision.

Huxley hitches a ride to head over to the holocash machine. I take him over to the office.

I pull a prank on one of the signs. My next assignment sends me to a place to deliver rations. A mysterious weird person contacts my hova.


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