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This was a storm that came through in July 2020. It had thunder and some nice lightning.

In this video I show you how to make my delicious chicken casserole. It's a great hearty meal on a cold day.

In this video, I show you how to replace the spark plugs in my '05 Kia Rio. The principles are similar for pretty much any car that has spark plugs.

This was our first major storm after moving into our new homestead, our area was under a tornado watch and we were concerned.

This video is some footage I shot of a dragonfly migration. For three incredible days in September 2019 huge numbers of dragonflies came through the area, eating every bug they could find. After the three days they were gone once more, continuing on their way to wherever they were headed. This is the first migration of dragonflies I had ever witnessed.

In this video I mix up a custom waterproof finish and apply it to the deck we repaired and to a ramp I made for the shed.

A dangerous-looking storm came through on May 25th, and our area was under a tornado warning. High winds and rain pelted the sun room, sounding like hail on our metal roof. A rotating cloud bank had us worried about possible tornado formation.

In this video I make my favorite white bread from an Amish recipe.

In this video I make repairs to the front deck, which was sagging when stepped on.

This is footage from our homestead bird feeder shot February 2019. We have lots of migratory birds in late winter here.

In this video I make my mother's famous Hungarian goulash recipe. Hearty and delicious on a cold day and easy to make!

In this video I show you an easy way to make mac and cheese, using a slow cooker. It's delicious and so easy!


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