Allow yourself to be a more productive, persistent & positive human being by letting go of procrastination! Produce a lifestyle that is soul-satisfying by living your purpose. Take Initiative with good Intentions to create experiences that help you to achieve success with your goals and dreams. Become more self-disciplined to practice skills that advance your intelligence! Release distractions that don't serve you & focus on tasks that uplift you! When we focus on things that bring us down it destroys motivation & momentum. When we do things that make us feel happy & high-vibe we become more excited to take action & flow with the river of our consciousness! Let go of Self-Doubts, Insecurities & Unworthiness. If we think we aren't deserving of something we tend to not take action & it could leave us lacking. If we feel it's attainable we will move our being in the right direction because it seems more real to receive from the Universe! Express, Expand & Begin developing your Higher Crown by Living in the Now!

Life is about expressing who you are & feeling the emotions of existing. Spending your time on thinking how you are not good enough or that you have some sort of problem with your personality could lead you with feeling in lack or self pity suffering. Utilize your time wisely to create the life of your dreams by cultivating your consciousness & quality characteristics of who you choose to be. Becoming aware of any issues or flaws within yourself that you think you have will help you gain clarity so you can make a new long lasting positive change! When we see what we don't like within ourselves it gives us permission to create a new possible outcome of our higher self. Use any negative experience or thoughts to fuel the opposite outcome you would like to occur. You are the Magician & the wielder of words to transform your reality into the most ideal state of manifestation. With focused intentions of intelligence & clear harmonious emotions which are in alignment with what you are speaking will result in mystical experiences of serendipitous synchronicities. Let go of Self Sorrowful Doubts & Express your Ever Expanding Eternal Soul in the Greatness of Now!

You are an incredible force of nature that exists to express your soul by fully embodying the power of your self worth & increasing the positive feeling within your heart to expand your reality through mindful activities of divine truth. Your spoken thoughts directly affect the vibration & frequency at which you live in. It's important to speak good intentions about yourself & others because it has the power to shape the very world around you & the experiences you will attract into your life!

Begin changing your past patterns of pain into the Presence of Pure Power! Grow your spirit by connecting to your Truest Purpose! You're here to be alive & express your Highest Love!

Sharing some of my points of view & perspective on life after having climbed up the Superstition Mountains in Phoenix Arizona with my Brother on his Birthday! Please let me hear some of your thoughts by commenting down below and give me a great BIG LIKE if you enjoyed my video! Thanks so much for watching & have a wonderful life!

Out on Venice Beach in California checking out all the great artwork and people! On a business trip to check out the vibe and see what it will be like to come out here regularly to advertise my art and YouTube channel! Expect me to do a lot more interviews with people in the future as I go around the planet discovering the Amazing individuals and what they are doing with their lives!

I took a hike up the Superstition Mountains in Arizona for my brother's birthday after he came to visit from New York. This is as high as I made it as it was getting dark out, but I made this video to share some of my thoughts about life, personal development & personality. I pray it will help you with yours. Thanks for Listening! Please leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your perspective. Much Love!

Intro music by Bensound

Start to Live Clean Drug Free! I was spending some time out at Tempe Beach Park ready to record a video about human connection when this person walked up to me looking for a rehab address. I decided to change the topic and start speaking about living a cleaner lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol. The quicker you quit using these things in your life the quicker you will have more energy to focus on the important things that will have much more meaning and give you a higher sense of happiness and gratitude for your existence.

Please make a bold decision today to realize a new path for yourself that will take you on a journey of freedom. Raise your mind from the grave and see the brilliant light that you are inside! Now is the time for your metamorphosis as you shed the darkness from your body and open up that portal to higher creation of your divine life!

The Drugs and Alcohol are spiritually draining your thoughts and physical energy keeping you from making a life and a dream that is truly worth living. You must have Willpower, Self Discipline, Determination & Strength to say NO to Drugs & Alcohol and YES to Living a Life Pure!

It's up to you, nobody is going to help you. It's your decision, not theirs. You must make the choice to change your life, people can only aid you so far, you must go all the way!

Please make the Choice Today!

Hollywood Boulevard is not where dreams are made. It's in your room when no one is looking and you put in the countless hours of work and grind to make your dreams a reality. Publicity and fame is just a byproduct of all your hard work and solitude you went through to learn, grow and develop your skills to mastery.

Don't give up on your vision. Don't listen to the haters tell you that you are not enough or have no skills or talent because everything can be learned. You have this time in life to expand your horizons. All things are possible and if you allow yourself to succumb to other people's negative perspectives then you are living their reality and not with your authentic nature of pure divine godliness. So if you are sidetracked or have fallen recently, please get back on course and keep the determination and will power within you to extreme levels of love and passion.

Oceans of Love and Gratitude! Please Subscribe, Thanks, Friend!

I'm always improving who I am in the present moment to allow for better experiences to occur during my lifetime. Pray for spiritual guidance & wisdom from the universe to elevate your brain and become more aware of your cosmic existence as a soul creator of expansive dreams! Be more Outspoken & confident while sharing what you know is helpful at heart! Develop a sense of purpose and meaning that helps & brings value to people's lives! You are pure love and have the power to change the World!

Recorded during Spring 2019 on a Trip to Diamond Point in Payson Arizona.
Thank you for watching and listening to some of my concepts.
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Have a Splendidly Lovely Day!

We must Cherish our Life by Drinking Healthy Nourishing Waters that Mother Gaia Provides! Start speaking intelligent prayers into your Eternal Divine Soulshine! Start to vibrate at a high frequency of Love & have more self-worth inside that shares this planet as a peaceful harmonizing mind! Blossom your Brain like flowers in spring rain & allow the color to flourish your day! Express your Higher Truth Exponentially New & Eternally You!

Death is part of nature & is an expression that allows for Life to be witnessed. The yin & yang, the ebb & flow of life as the pendulum swings to and fro. It's as silence brings in space for someone to speak from their face. Without the opposite possibility of comparative force, we could not see the relation of what something actually is. It's through seeing sadness that we understand gladness. Winter gives way for Spring as Summer Falls away! The seasons of change represent Birth & Death showing the cyclical nature of the Universe that lasts. It's up to us to live the best from our chest as we express! Give gratitude for this precious present gift! Share who you are while you are alive! Be more courageous & confident in your eyes! Birth new life into your mind as you speak your words of wise!

Shower your water with thoughtful prayers of vitalizing vibrance. Program the molecules with the magic you use & manifest a new view of youthful truth! DNA Structures of Crystalline Creation through the Elevation of your own Genetic Station. Broadcast your Signal & magnify your magnificence for you are this eternal dream of powerful perception that you play in!

The importance of being balanced in various aspects of our life is essential to a healthy well being! Focusing solely on one activity for an extended period of time could lead to burnout, boredom, and the feeling of being drained energetically. Having the willpower to use time wisely to develop other practices of spirituality, exercise & learning will lead to more fun & exciting experiences of life which is full of diversity! Stimulate your mind's senses by becoming a more well-rounded knowledgeable person who explores the world & what it has to offer your soul!

View my site & learn much more @

ASU Graduation 2017 Speeches spoken by myself inspiring others to make a change in their lives for the better. I was eventually kicked out by the police for speaking love and when they told me to go to the sidewalk of the school by the street and I continued to speak freely about love and compassion they tried giving me a ticket for freedom of speech until I had the officer call a higher up and when that higher up came over he said that he would cite me a ticket for riding my bike against the flow of traffic on the sidewalk, obviously a bullshit charge. I had already said enough for the day so I decided to leave and continue another day in the future. There will be plenty of other opportunities to spread awareness and love, no need to get a pointless ticket when I had already said plenty.

You are the power of creative consciousness moving forward with Self Love! You have to experience the sides of life to really understand what the nature of reality truly Is. Without duality, there would be no existence to breed both positive and negative images of creation. We are moving forward as a society of soulful thinkers who productively proliferate our positive power! Helping others to see a new side of life that uplifts people and brings about compassionate communities will cause the World to become a more peaceful and loving place to live in. See it in your own Heart first to change the World Around You!

You don't have to surround yourself with people just because they're your family or long-term friends. Making a drastic change in your life can promote positive perspectives and new fresh energies that help uplift your spirits and bring solutions to old issues that you've faced.

Live for today, not the past or the future, but be sure to remain goal-oriented and have a plan that you can live for day by day and create a path for enlightenment!

Stop being manipulated by Trojan Friends who enter your life with kindness and support but ultimately talk about you behind your back and also subtly provoke you with backhanded comments and gestures. Live your dreams and fill your life with positive thoughts and energies that allow you to step up your game and climb to those mountain tops of success! Life should not be wasted on people who don't care about your greater vision and so it would be wise to detach yourself from those kinds of entities that only wish to hinder your progress and cause you to become negative. Life is not always kind but you have control of your own inner feelings and thoughts, make the best of every situation and never allow others to control how you feel with their manipulation & evil glances. Show love to yourself and those around you! The Universe will provide you with great experiences to express who you are!

This is a beautifully expressive collaborative art that was created during Earth Dance at Kiwanis Park in Tempe Arizona during September 2016! It's an explosively organic colorful abstract painting that will cause you to stare at it for hours and always find new things inside.

Are you spinning your wheels in the Rat Race instead of Galloping like a Horse in the Wind? Then start making a change today in your life by making positive habits and rituals that will allow you to move towards the direction of your dreams and see an evolutionary change your heart and soul! Stop living for someone else's dreams and start living for your own! Connect with like-minded people who support and help you achieve your goals and actually care about who you are!

Develop your Entrepreneur Mindset! Uplift your soul to a more satisfying complexion of mind! Learn to collaborate with people who are more intelligent than yourself so you will grow your business to new levels of extreme financial abundance and success! Attract like-minded business partners, employees and friends that serve and support your vision for the future! Let go of those who bring you down and fill your life with fear and doubt!

Start to Connect with Higher Self and get out of the day to day boredom. The Mind needs to be stimulated with fresh positive energy, So change it up and get rid of the old negative patterns and people that are taking you away from your ultimate vision! Listen to your Heart and Begin a New!

Get back to ya Roots, Ground yourself in a higher Truth!
Get out in Nature Feeling this Life & Enjoy the Godly Sights!
Spread your Seeds on Knowledge & Blossom your Brain!
Help others see this Rainbow Dream begin to Rain!

Visit https://www.LeoMystic.com

Just me talking about Love, personal well being and becoming more in tune with your higher nature. Releasing friends and family in your life that don't serve your best version. Connecting with people who are like minded and supportive of your dreams.

Visit https://www.LeoMystic.com

It's important to attract positive people in our lives and remove friends and family members that aren't serving your highest self. Don't be brought down by other peoples negative ways of thinking, Start living a grander life that is filled with happy positive relationships!

Evolve Your life & Love Yourself!


I highly encourage you to make multiple vision boards to make a visionary wall that you can look at and speak about who you are and what you believe in for your future!

Evolve Your life & Love Yourself!


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