They just did that invoking 911 ramping covid psyop back up 5-17-22 .. New York the 911 city. Take note they never use their numerology without a kabbalah purpose.

more 'barriers' going down so the new world disorder can rise... in that world disorder are no countries, gender, race...only 'minions

[see Bitchute vid: minions - ]

Flamethrowers Not Dew - Move To Hunger Games Cities Peoples Agenda 21 -- Burning down the old-world-order. The agenda continues - disappearing it by flames, region by region, town by town, worldwide. Incinerated to dust. This happening by natural means not possible. This requires geoengineering. Wild fires cannot incinerate like this, as has been seen regularly worldwide now for the past few years. These types of images have now become so commonplace that the average 'sheeple-citizen' never even questions the unnaturalness of what they are looking at. Not even a single thought that 'something just isn't right here' ever enters their mind. About this subject to consider: after an area is evacuated - which means it then also gets locked down - anything goes. Or might be more accurate to say.. everything goes:

Burn Down Your Towns - Hunger Games source:

plandemic fakery the pathetic scam here to stay.. how about a chip kids.. be so much easier for you (commercial only 4 months old)
re: cattle - see: "Herd Immunity" A Talmudic In-Your-Face Mock - All 'Goy' i.e. Non-Jews Are 'Cattle' ... Korona Kontrol Kaper

[new-edit] S-233 Canada Universal Basic Income - delusional conspiracy theorists spreading fear disinformation confusion illuminati - Paula Simons 3-29-22 Canada

The language used in the video truly is remarkable - hitting on virtually all points. These things spoken openly like this apprently more and more people are becoming more and more informed. Could actually be signaling an intent to step up censoring of social media - 'to stop the terrible disinformation'..

source: Globalism And Peter Drucker's NWO Communitarian Plan 11-10-10 "The Brave New World fast materializing before our eyes is not about 'money' so much as it is about a global empire. What is 'money' if you already own the entire world? This reality was not lost on the late Peter Drucker, the so-called 'father of modern management', so-called that because he is the actual architect of the "global-management" system being used to create the 'global empire'. Drucker's premise was that the wealth of the future would not be measured by gold, silver, or especially paper fiat money, but by what he called "knowledge workers"...What is a 'knowledge worker? Well to put it into the simplest and most blunt terms, a 'knowledge worker' is a slave..."

Ketanji SCOTUS hearing on 322 - US Congress 1-3-21 -- bowing to Baphomet

"One of the uses of the Fake-Corona PSYOP was to begin flying drones over the people as a means of control. If they did it once they will do it again. Actually doing it then clearly signals the intent to make permanent this totalitarian zwo-policing-method at a future point. Do not forget it for a minute.."


The Holy Ghost - the original King James Only

The Holy Ghost is named in 89 verses in the KJV but 90 times total - Acts 19:2 is 2x. Interesting thing about this verse: It is from the book of Acts account of the apostle Paul's encounter with a group of "about twelve" men in Ephesus who knew only "John's baptism" - they had never heard "whether there be any Holy Ghost". Which is exactly what happens to users of so-called modern-versions. (Acts 19:1-4, 5-7)


Korona Plandemic planned way way back

Swine '09 they said it, 2022 they did it. Plandemic planned way way back

source: [2-4-20]

see: 1-15-22 Tonga 'tsunami' numerology signature 115 (kabbala style):
Tsunamis (and so-called 'storm surges') on demand? They call them tsunami bombs. It is a known science. Agenda 21 does not like 'humans' inhabiting coastal regions. So-called storm surges can be 'on demand' with the same method too. Rescue Heroes cartoon in 1999 showed very clearly exactly how it is done. Take note.

Those island paradise spots especially desirable - see Bahamas:


- SEE ALSO geoengineering DEW fires - flamethrowers:

- SEE ALSO: geoengineering volcanoes

- SEE ALSO: Agenda 21/ tsunamis - Fukushima:

- SEE ALSO msm 'virtual' storms [exist only on tv] w/geoengineered destruction e.g. 'hurricane Lane' Hawaii Aug, 2018:

Pope, U.N. 'New' 2030 Sustainability Scam Same As Old Scam: 1995 U.N. Biodiversity Assessment Report

'[9-28-15] All in all very simple to understand. The 'global serfdom' is to be herded into "sustainable communities" worldwide, given solar and fed bugs. Bugs? Bugs, for one example, are cheap to produce - no pastures, no irrigation (water), no heavy equipment, etc. [see list below]. Cheap is the key word - the entire motive. Cost management of the slave class. Part of the overall micromanagement plan. With that plan nothing will be overlooked. On that, below is a post from seven years ago - the 1995 U.N. list of 'unsustainables'. Nothing has changed. Recommend reading carefully and comprehending fully. All these things are to be literally done away with - so as to be replaced by the 'novus ordo seclorum'. Everything being done is to this end. Grasp the 'micromanage' concept and the real 'why' of the all-things-green agenda as well the other 'global issues' now being given a target date of 2030 (and beyond) become completely obvious...'

Super-green all vxxd up no testing allowed to get it - go anywhere do anything ..'regular' green - test results accepted but less 'privileges' no test you're out ...Italy full-fledged totalitarianism underway


'White House Coronavirus Task Force' press briefing 3-17-20 Birx Trump: We're creating a road map for future 'plandemics'...

'Covid-19' 2020-21 - Mad-Zionist plan-demic to 'herd the cattle' and corral 'em i.e. lockdown and control:
*sheeple-goy-cattle - "Because You're A Minion" [say they]; see:
- - -
also: Herd immunity herd immunity - they're calling you cattle:

MSM Does 'Asian racism': Pilots Sum Ting Wong - Wi Tu Lo -- Asiana Flight 214 Crash July 6, 2013

July 6, 2013, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 inbound from South Korea crash landed at San Francisco international airport - according to the Make-Believe News Media - which came up with this little gem of absolute mockery. Many have seen it, but not all. It drew a lot of attention at the time:

Then just a few hours later:

"Oops ...did we say that?"

[new edit english subtitles] 'Día de Los Muertos' or 'Day Of The Dead midnight Oct 31 to Nov. 2 (going on now) is a huge pagan holiday in Mexico

Doritos adds a new twist for 2021 - come out gay after death

Handel's Messiah 1741; 3rd Part, 2nd Movement: 'Since By Man Came Death' [1Cor. 15:21-22]*

(*Romans 5:12 'Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned')

*On Handel's Messiah - 1741: Composed by George Frideric Handel in 1741 over a brief 24-day period (260 pages), the correct title is simply "Messiah". It is an oratorio. Acclaimed through the centuries as the greatest musical composition ever written, the term 'inspired' has often been suggested in attempting to describe the work. Whether that be the case or not, certainly no greater subject matter were ever possible than that of this 'oratorio'. Written entirely with the inspired Word of God from the King James Bible, it is a presentation of the Saviour of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ, from the prophecies that went before, to His coming triumphant reign of heaven and earth. On the bottom of the manuscript Handel wrote "SDG" — Soli Deo Gloria, "To God alone the glory". Upon finishing the Alleluia chorus -- end of part II, Handel is said to have exclaimed "I did think I did see all Heaven before me and the great God himself!” In three parts.


Unto Us A Son Is Given:

Alleluia Chorus - Handel Messiah (Johann Strauss Orchestra with Harlem Gospel Choir '04 Classic) 'Alleluia! for the Lord God omnipotent reigns'

Handel Messiah - Why Do The Nations Rage...Thou Shalt Break Them With A Rod Of Iron

Prophecy Isaiah 40:4 - (Handel's Messiah) 'Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low'

..heard it here first ... [*Geico-volcano portion video original date 5-26-18]

La Palma Canary hype related: 1-6-14 More Tsunami Hype: Warning Of 'Mega Tsunami' From Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Western Africa near Western Sahara and Morocco. As the story goes, a some-day-in-the-future volcanic eruption will split the island causing a large piece to slide into the sea generating tsunamic global destruction on a scale never before seen ... Although many may never have heard of the so-called Canary Islands volcanic eruption collapse/tsunami imminent 'global destruction threat', it has actually been hyped for years. In this regard it is to be categorized in the same class as the New Madrid fault line USA-destruction threat [link], i.e. old-world-order devastation in a moment of time. The Canary hype has been intensifying of late exponentially though, as seen with the above article published today 1-6-14. Most of the hype is centered on ever-increasing reports of claimed 'seismic activity'. Although the article above states that the 'biggest ever recorded tsunami in the history of the world' would be preceded by a number of "precursory" events and that the "year-to-year probability of a collapse is therefore low"...nevertheless the possibility of the scenario has been officially "predicted".

original source: 4-9-21 Caribbean Volcano On St. Vincent Suddenly Erupting Causing Mass Evacuations Geoengineered? Evil Villains And Agenda 21 --- "Kilauea 'Eruption' Foretold In 4-26-18 Geico Commercial 'Evil Villains' Hacking The Geothermal -- "New Geico commercial released April 26, 2018 - one week before the Kilauea HI [sudden volcanic eruption] began [5-4-18] - with this blatant hidden-in-plain-sight admission -- [:32] "as long as evil villains reveal their plans..." ... [and :42 'hacking the earth's geothermal'] it's as easy as "choosing the right drill bit" [see post, many related links]..."

compare also : Man made tsunamis aka -tsunami bombs' - 1999 Rescue Heroes:


For the more studious:

History: 'Unexplainable' April Fools Day 1946 Pacific-Wide Tsunami Man Made? Tsunami Bomb[s]? Project Seal 1940's


"distinguished da-uh gagela-dits..."
Fake-Aquaman Jason Momoa UN 9-27-19: You Are A Disease - The Virus Infecting This Planet - 'They Live'

see post: "9-29-19 - "Climate change" the hoax of the centuries. All done with smoke and mirrors - and lots of political collusion at the highest levels globally over many long years [2Thes. 2:7], and lots and lots of geoengineering over those many years for 'special effects' [see 'Federal Report' above - links], and total media control, and a massive long-term propaganda campaign in every sphere of society... and now pretend 'Aqua Man' himself actor-for-a-living Jason Momoa. Hoax scam of the centuries..."

They tell it after another over and over

vid source/article:
compare: NASA Simulates 'City-Killer' Meteorite Hit CA 10-25-16 - Says Will Happen - But Undetectable 'Because Of The Sun'

"Describing the scenario as a ‘not if – but when,’ NASA recently simulated what would happen if a 300 to 800ft asteroid* approached Los Angeles with an 100% chance of impact ... ‘It’s not a matter of if – but when – we will deal with such a situation,’ said Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington ...The simulation took place in El Segundo, California on October 25 – and looked at how emergency planners would respond to the scenario."
also: NWO - NASA Press Conference 4-22-14 To Announce "3-10 Times" Greater 'Asteroid' Threat To Earth

September 11, 2001 the infamous day that the self-claimed "mega powers" - the Zio-Kingdom-Kome-Satanic-Cabal orchestrating world events to achieve their god-complexed delusional goal of "being like the Most High" [Isaiah 14:12-15] - made their biggest ever 'hidden in-plane-sight' move...
WWF Tag-Team match 1989 where the "Mega Powers", viz. 'legends' Hulk Hogan and Randy 'Macho Man' Savage go up against their two very tall opponents the "Twin Towers"

⁣'Macho Man' Randy Savage 1989: "When the Mega Powers...goes against the Twin're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down"
:15 "Do you want to know how powerful the megapowers are?"

:22 "Everybody knows the Twin Towers are big strong high buildings, larger than any buildings in New York City..."

:35 "But I'm telling you something right now [1989]...they may be earthquake proof, they may be typhoon proof, they may be tidal wave proof, but when the mega powers, the strongest force in the universe goes against the twin towers, it's going to be like a faultline going right through their foundation, and the Richter scale is going to spin around 42 times, go into orbit, and you're going to see the twin towers come crumbling down..."


The agenda continues non-stop.. burning down the 'old order' - everything being disappeared by flames - to rise 'the new' from the ashes ...being done by geoengineering

burn down your towns... one by one... move to the hunger games cities people (Agenda21 the sub-humans not allowed to live in luxury areas like 'Lake Tahoe')

[2019 vid] source/article:

-- SEE ALSO geoengineering tsunamis [and so-called 'storm surges']:

-- *Bahamas: Dorian a tsunami bomb? -


-- SEE ALSO geoengineering volcanoes:

-- SEE ALSO msm 'virtual' storms [exist only on tv] w/geoengineered destruction e.g. 'hurricane Lane' Hawaii Aug, 2018:

[CGI-Ida update 9-3-21] They called it a "1000-yr storm". Brought widespread destruction over a vast area like never before seen. At least four states far removed from the reported Louisiana storm - New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut - saw catastrophic flooding bringing this destruction which truly was unprecedented. Those states are 1000 miles away. But, you know, don't wonder too much how that could happen...because we can always gas-light explain it to everyone and this time is no different...basically it's climate change what else: How Ida caused deadly flooding 1,000 miles from where it made landfall

or... the devastating flood-destruction was geoengineered with 'Ida' as the cover story. Wonder which logical explanation could be true:
Fake MSM 'Virtual Storms' [Exist Only On TV] CGI w Geoengnrd Dstructn ['Lane' 2018]

MSM CGI [exists only on TV] "unprecedented storm of the century" hype everybody evacuate your life is at stake... unprecedented unprecedented just like last time and the time before that and the other 185 unprecedented times over the last so-many years...

CGI 'virtual storms' (routine storms made out to be 'the monster beast' etc. by CGI i.e. 'computer generated images'), but coming with very real destruction - geoengineered - cui bono? Answer: nwo Agenda 21 rewilders/land grabbers..every time.."

[*flood on demand (as mentioned in video) open dams reservoirs etc. easy; so-called 'storm surges' no problem (explosive generated)
Compare: geoengineering tsunamis (and so-called "storm surges" for cgi-hurricane action):


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