Forcing people around the world to take poison into their bodies is far worse than what happen in World War 2. jewish leaders forced jews who didn't want to be zionists into the work camps during WW2. jewish leaders told the non-zionist jews if they move to Palestine they would be freed from the camps. Many non-radical jews decided to stay in the camps than to be a part of the demonic jew structure. Now jewish leaders have maximum control over most governments they are experimenting with our lives and murdering millions. But jews will still bring up the holocaust when its convenient

How The jew Rules The World Through Child Sex Trafficking
There's a reason our entire Congress allows a foreign leader to speak in front of them as if they are our President as they give this foreign leaders 60 standing ovations as if he is Elton John or Liberace. jewish leaders entrap corrupt American politicians into child sex trafficking. They then tell those politicians what they are to do. If they don't do it that politician will be destroyed in the media which is also owned by the same jewish leaders. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are only the ones who were caught. The terrorist parasite jew has many many scumbag operatives in America and throughout the world doing the same thing to compromise those nations. This is why we have wars, financial panics, fake pandemics, genocides and refugees being run from their homelands to other countries who don't need them. Most people would not leave their countries if it wasn't being destroyed by jews

jewish Leaders Want To Kill You, Their Puppet Biden Is Making It Happen. When your country is controlled by jews you better believe it is time to protect yourself against genocide. jewish leaders hate you for breathing and they want you dead. I don't have to say this because their policies prove this.

Suppression and the persecution of Dr. Burzynski of Houston Texas started during the Reagan. For all you fools who believe Reagan to be a patriot you need to research Reagan's real history. Reagan was a jew-first deep state scumbag. Dr. Burzynski had his offices raided while patients were being treat. IV drips of medicine were ripped out of the arms of patients. Dr. Burzynski's assistant was killed by FDA, ATF thugs. This was when the government was using the FBI, DEA, FDA and ATF to kill citizens for exercising freedom and Capitalism. Cancer is a trillion dollar industry that can be cured with less than $5000. This is what happens when jews run your country. I've been following this story since 1991

This is what happens when jews control your country. Just as they did in Florida the pigs refuse to go into the school and help the children who were under attack from a mentally ill bastard whose psychiatrist programmed to shoot up the school

The terrorist parasite jew believes if they orchestrate enough school shootings killing our babies they will be able to disarm Americans and then the jew will be able to carry out a new Bolshevik Revolution in America. Its never going to happen. We have to get more involved in who we vote for because if we vote for anyone who is a friend of the jew and their controls we are voting for death and destruction. The candidate doesn't have to be opening speaking about hating jews but that candidate should be keeping the jew at arms distance. pretend you are fine with the jew but once elected distance themselves away from jewish policies and run the office according to what will help all Americans. Trump did this to some degree but since the jew sees Trump is so popular they have infiltrated him more then they had before

Vax Reaction Band member drops to the stage in convulsions while her band members ignore her because they think that's what you're suppose to do during a show. This is what happens when you have jews running to world. Governments all over the world have been captured by the jew World Order terrorists parasites either by being paid off or being threatened with prison or death form earlier crimes. Never listen to the media or the government. Both are NGOs control by the JEWs

I am reposting this to ask the question if Dr. Zelenko is a true fighter for freedom or is he in the hidden sense of jewish practice the wolf in sheep's clothing. Pretending to be a good man among the Christians while in his head he would rather see Christians be subservient to the terrorist parasite jew? Inquiring minds want to know. I would never trust a jew but would be completely civil and engaging but never turning my back to a jew

The PCR test are infected with whatever the jew World Order produced in the labs in China and Fort Detrick Maryland. This is what happens when jews have any control and authority and prominence in any society other than their own. Shutting jews out may not stop all of our problems but it would stop at least 80% of the evil activities in society.

As this guy reads the Buffalo shooter's so-called manifesto it lists all the things the jew Word Order aka Deep State wants to get rid of or have monitored by the ADL or other government controlled institutions. Its says he got all his views from the Internet and no one around him. This seeks to blame stupidity on the Internet. He mentions 4-chan, he mentions jews and the elites to stop anyone from talking about the parasite jew and the elite. He claims to be the sole perpetrator of the attack so we won't take serious any claims others were involved. He mentions buying fire arms so this can be blamed on gun freedom.

The Buffalo shooting is similar to other shootings during the administrations Deep State presidents where they intention is to try to get rid of the 2nd amendment. Will never happen but the jew tries all the time. This guy gives great analysis. As this guys on the video says this is about starting a race war. The jew could get a real war started so they hope a race war will destroy the country. I'm reposting so comments can be made

Who owns the media? We all know who that is. Who runs the media? If you've ever dealt with Hollywood or any media you would see who runs the show. Why does the news lie when it suits the jewish agenda?

This should be posted on TruthSocial because the jew will never stop lying, steal and murdering unless American politicians grow a pair of balls and stop them. The only president these parasites were afraid of was Eisenhower. While he was president the israelis were slaughtering Palestinians (thru the 1950s). How did they get away with it? The jew media pushed various stories like aliens encounters and the Korean war.

The death bots are real. The jew parasites in israel have been making these for several years trying to perfect them. they have been using them on Palestinians. They are able to say the person was shot in the head. This is the AI robots we have been warned about. AI dog robots and humanoid type robots that can not be shot down or out run. The solution may be a small device that has a limited EMP - electro-magnetic pulse application that can render these robots powerless in a certain distance

Vaccine patents say it is a bio-weapons that can be used in biological warfare.
Why does the media cover this up? Is it because those who own the media are behind the vaccines?

Reposted so people can comment. The terrorist state of israel murders people as if it is legal to do so. When the parasite jew controls the courts, the legal system it appears murder is legal when a terrorist parasite jew/israel does it. Cowards in the American government allows this to happen

This repost of Look up! They are spraying us like bugs a 2020 documentary documents the work of globalist jew World Order terrorists. Our military is controlled by these people, our media that would expose the truth about this is owned and controlled by the jew parasite and will never expose this

The FBI has always been a partner in jewish terrorism

Repost of ARE PEOPLE REALLY THAT STUPID- II (Dancing Israelis)
The jew knows we know. Their goal is to act its invisible for as long as they can. When it comes exploding out into the public discourse the actors will be dead or too old to be prosecuted. This is what has happened with World War 1 & 2, JFK, 9-11 and many events in between

What happenes when jews run your media, financial system, foreign and domestic policy, legal systems like the BAR Association and are able to bribe any public official they feel will be an asset to the subversion of America and humanity as a whole? What you get is a world of chaos and trauma. This is why jews have been kicked out of every country they colonized. Its not because they are jewish its because their leaders are devils. Child trafficking is as low as you can get, but this is their main tactic of control over public officials

Project Groomer Exposing the Secret Plan to Brainwash Your Children. If you talk about the evil shit happening but you don't tell people exactly who is doing it you leave it open to happen again and again. The jew World Order is real and Glenn beck won't tell you who in the city governments is pushing this

Re-posted to allow comments: The FBI have been dirty rats since its beginning. Hoover was the jew's man inside the American Stasi. The secret org created to violate the privacy of Americans. The jewish mafia working with the Italian mafia was able to keep the FBI from going after their activities because the jew gangster Lester Crown had photos of J. Edgar Hoover fagging off with other men. The head of the FBI would go on the news and say there was no mafia. Instead Hoover went after John Dillinger, Babyface Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde and other small time crooks, while the mafia grew to the strength of a small nation-state. Every time there is an act of terror the FBI swoops in and covers up the evidence. They steal the videos and throw them in the memory hole

A female "instructor" sucks a dildo in front of grade school children while a male instructor holds it in her mouth. This is the work of the jew. This is grooming at the most vile level. And if you don't believe it is the jew ask any people from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras who controls those countries. Who has the power and controls the media, the money system and thus the politicians. I have asked for many years and they all say its the jewish. Since the late 90s jewish politicians have led the way to have schools in the eastern part of America teach grade school children fisting and oral sex. The media covers this up and the majority of politicians ignore it. I re-posted this so people can comment on it

The jew World Order has long used illegal immigration to destabilize the United States Of America. They believe the illegals will vote for the candidate the media (the jew) encourages them to vote for. But after one generation many illegals start making up their own mind who they will vote for. Many become conservative after two generations. The second and maybe a tie with the first motivation for the government allowing illegal immigration is because the jew loves cheap labour. The jew started slavery for their cotton, tobacco, sugar cane, rum businesses and find cheap labour the best way to get and stay rich. Wonder why many blacks in Los Angeles are in shit? Because starting in the late 1970s illegal immigration took 80% of their jobs while drugs were being brought into the same corridor as the illegals. No blacks didn't have to take the drugs but if you destroy people long enough they learn to destroy themselves. Just like a small child being abused, that child grows up to abuse themselves and possibly others. Not an excuse but the reason. And believing Reagan was a good president is foolish because he implemented the largest illegals amnesty in history, so comparing Reagan to Trump to fucking stupid. Trump is one of a kind in modern politics. Reagan was a deep state operative since the time he was an actor and President of the screen actors guild. He was the jew's best friend. He was scum

This is why the jew should never be in charge of anything. Chaos and death is what they are best at. No one needs this, no one needs them

Zelenksy Says Ukraine Will Become a military state like israel


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