Re : Billy Goat Gates' 20 to 1 investment return at the expense of people's lives.

Former Prime Minster, Scott Morrison openly accused of involvement in child trafficking with "Adrian John Wells" and his "sister"

Scott Morrison's name is among those featured in the 99 year (paedophile) supression-order, which should not be allowed under any system of justice.

Thumbnail shows Scott Morrison kissing media tycoon Rupert Murdoch

The World Council for Health representing 70 bodies worldwide, "calls for global recall of all vaccines" due to 40K + reported vax-induced deaths

Share your stories # 5

Pfizer side effects are the intentional effects.
Please share your story to the link shown I the video.

Share your stories # 2

Share your stories # 1

Office of Klaus Schwab, head and founder of world economic forum, son of WWII Nazi forced labour camp intigator, and advocate of Transhumanism and a 4th industrial revolution has a bust of communist, Lenin.
Welcome to The Prison-Industrial-Complex

Artificial intelligence prevented the uploading of 2 key videos

The first talks about the installation of 6 million Smart Street lights globally, which have the ability to induce vomiting in a targeted victim via intercranial pressure via “puke-Ray” frequencies, from up to 6 kilometres away (a 12 kilometre radius) and which will incorporate drone charging stations because drones are going to become the new aerial police.

The 2nd censored video was a citizen journalist talking about the Financial Paradigm shift, after the recent downturn of The Central Banks, the limiting of The US federal reverse to be able to print money after July 4th, 2022, and the emergence of a new Gold-Backed standard currency via an agreement between several key countries ( China, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Iraq and Iran ) The video also puts into perspective the true nature of the Ukraine/Russia/NATO conflict as actually being about Putin “smoking out” western-backed human trafficking and bioweapon operations in Ukraine. This is of particular interest because the A.I. Censorship is a pointer to guilt.

A UK newspaper reveals stats vax injuries + deaths half way thru 2021, for the UK, EU & US, however it is estimated that 90 to 99% of injuries and deaths from mRNA-"vaccines" go unreported, so try multiplying these numbers by 10 and them 100 and then imagine all the other countries stats and you may approach a figure of 50 million dead and 300 million injured globally or one third of Bill Gates stated goal of 10 to 15 % (one billion people)

UK - MHRA- Harm to Children from Covid-19 Injections (aged 5 years to 17 years)

Data to 25th May 2022 (released by MHRA 1st June 2022)

The MHRA has now disclosed that:

• 4,299 children have now reported injury, harm or death following a Covid-19 injection, includes 80 cases of myocarditis, pericarditis or related and 6 cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome (post Pfizer), (see pages 19 and 32 of the document linked below along with Pfizer report).

Children in the UK are being injected with Pfizer (majority), AstraZeneca and Moderna injections.

• Details of the deaths of children following a Covid injection and the number of injuries being suffered by children are not being disclosed by the MHRA.

• It is estimated by the MHRA that only somewhere between 1% and 10% of all cases of harm, injury or death are ever reported to the Yellow Card Scheme – as such the true number of cases could be 10 to 100 times higher than this number.

The long term impact of these experimental injections is currently unknown

Link to this MHRA Weekly Report : https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1080316/Coronavirus_vaccine_-_summary_of_Yellow_Card_reporting_DLP_25.05.2022.pdf

Link to Pfizer document: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions

Further information and analysis on Covid injection harm across the world, including to children, can be found here :https://johnplatinumgoss.com/covid-statistics-2022/

Dr Sheri Tenpenny reports from a shocking German study re CV "vaccines"

Particulate-rich agent currently over south-east Queensland. Crop dusting the humans.

Russian mind control experiment revealed if media repeats a lie every day for a month, then not only does the mind of the consumer become made up but no persuasion or contrary evidence will convince them otherwise. This technique has been used in the 2020/2021 social engineering experiments, C0V1D, etc

A guy burns some mail from some conmen trying to contract and/or entrap.

It is my testimony that a Video alterting people to Sydney Supreme Court "Health Directives" Class Action censored by A.I. and/or shills working for profiteers,in the 48 hours leading up to the Class Action hearing on June 15th.

Transcript below :

"Hi guys Peter Matik from Matiks law group. Outside the federal building on a Saturday, getting ready for our class action that's being heard on Wednesday the 15th of June. Everyone's asking where it is, here it is - Supreme Court, Phillips street Sydney. This is a hearing with respect to the "public heath orders" this is going right through Australia. If we win this case, you have no idea the flow on effect it's going to have for everyone's freedoms in Australia. So guys, I want you to all come and show your support. Look...all this space...should be filled with all of you followers. So come down, sh o w your support and let everyone know that enough is enough, and it's time to win back the freedoms of all Australians. See you soon, Take Care.

Vigilant Fox and Bright Light News cut to the chase on the ModeRNA "vaccine" deception and it's criminal intent.

Please watch brief video~

These are fires from Energy Weapons

This is a Depopulation Agenda

The Weather Anomalies are designed to knock out utilities, cause chaos, & send you to Quarantine

They can direct these Frequency/Plasma Weapons at an Individual, Group, Building, Area or ZIP Code

3000 of 4526 children in C0V1D vaccine trial died
It gave 30% of them C0V1D and 97 % o f the findings were patently ignored by researchers, vaccine corporations and medical regulatory bodies.

Video showing 73 "cropdusting" of the humans in 10 hours.

See info panel amid the weirdo-eye-candy

Please watch brief video


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These are the videos that artificial ntelligence tried to thwart, discredit or make unshareable, during the C0V1D period (since March 2020)
I witnessed what appeared to be the first censored video of the "pandemic" period of his-story, which showed a whistle-blower at the WHO and his subtitled assertions that "it was revealed to the world, that the criteria for declaring a pandemic were changed (in advance) and at the same time the old guidelines dissappeared from the WHO website " The interviewer then responded "but would you have been able to declare a pandemic using the old criteria and guidelines" to which the whistleblower answered -
" No because the severity and numbers of deaths would have been a factor" (calling a pandemic on "spurious grounds"
This was then echoed by a 20 minute documentary of a speech given by former United Nations Intercommunications Editor, Claire Edwards, called :
The Covid19 Genocide of 2020 (bitchute)

This chanell may grow over time to include other similarly supressed but important information, using the revealing of truth as the method of punishment for otherwise unrepremanded international conspiratorial criminals.