From Achievement Hunter and Funhaus - 2016-07-24

Now it's AH's turn to run away. Wonder if they'll do any better.

From Achievement Hunter and Funhaus - 2016-07-24

Ryan Haywood acts creepy and murders people. Also, there's a game.

From Baked Alaska - 2016-06-21

A tribute to our fighting men and women on the streets and overseas

From Mister Metokur - 2016-03-12

A European Bernie Sanders supporter comes on, and then Jim talks about someone trying to attack Trump.

From Mister Metokur - 2016-03-11

Mainstream media lying about something to further their agenda? I've never heard of such a thing.

From Idontknowjeffery - 2016-03

The sequel to Lindsay's rape rap

From Mister Metokur - 2016-02-24

Let's face it, was anyone going to vote for this guy after Dubya's shit show?

From Mister Metokur - 2016-02-05

Jim explains our origins and reveals a dark truth about himself.

From Mister Metokur - 2016-01-21

Dean Esmay joins Jim to talk about immigrants in Germany and their freedom to rape.

From Mister Metokur - 2016-01-15

It's important that no one finds this super secret channel from DSP

From Mister Metokur - 2016-01-10

Time for some talk radio where people call in to voice their political opinions. I'm sure nothing dumb will be said here

From Mister Metokur - 2016-01-02

Poor Jeb Bush. But we're not here for him, we're here for two other dudes who'll lose to Trump.

From Mister Metokur - 2016-01-01

The sins of the employee shall be visited upon the former employer

From Mister Metokur - 2015-12-26

After the success of the previous stream, Jim brings on Anton to talk about why he'll stand for Rand since Jeb is screwed.

From Mister Metokur - 2015-12-19

Bernie Bro Kyle explains why Bernie will win the 2016 election

From Mister Metokur - 2015-12-11

Lies, manipulations, and damn dirty trolls

From Red Letter Media - 2015-12-04

Oh my God! It's Max Landis. His dad killed Vic Morrow.

From Mister Metokur - 2015-12-02

Upset that Michigan is getting so much coverage, California decides to have their own mass shooting

From Mister Metokur - 2015-11-30

Jim gives a quick recap as he waits for the protesters' eviction notice.

From Mister Metokur - 2015-11-28

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

From Mister Metokur - 2015-11-24

Some protesters act like idiots and try to spin the narrative as quickly as possible

From Mister Metokur - 2015-11-18

DSP jumps back into Battlefront with similar results to last time

From Mister Metokur - 2015-11-18

Jim is back on the Jamar protests and social media has some things to say

From Mister Metokur - 2015-11-17

Bright Side Bob takes a look at some excellent gameplay.

From Mister Metokur - 2015-11-16

The protests continue so Jim stream snipes a guy with shitty connectivity.


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