*Originally uploaded to Youtube on April 2 2017*
I was trying to do these monthly, but considering the amount of work, I wasn't able to do it. All the same, this was my debut video. I got permission to go up to Windy Ridge conservation area at night, and unfortunately that night was a full moon. Not great for Astro Photography, but considering everything I went anyways. Should do this again some day, though I don't have a crash pad near there anymore so I'd have to rent something.


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Here I will upload my trials, and adventures, and anything else I intend to record! My final goal, far in the future is to explore Canada's unknown areas living out of the back of a converted cube truck. Since I don't have that truck yet, plans may change. But hey, until then I expect to just keep uploading things sporadically. Winter is my favorite season, so if you don't like the cold, stay inside with a nice warm fire and watch me freeze my rear off!