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Prior testimony before he was murdered. See my George Webb video for the real reason he was killed.

Michael Stenger, the US Senate Seargeant at Arms,
was murdered right before he was to testify to the Jan6th commission.
He was blowing the whistle on the Paid Agitator Group which was sent in from Fort Bragg called = The Emily Rainy group”
- Stenger was gunned down leaving his apartment in Washington DC
- Also, a whistle blower gave a laptop to George Webb. He said he was A 40 year Biden consultant - many congress people used the blackberries with this laptop for money laundering, kick backs, bribery and fraud.
Stenger was a key witness to all of these crimes. The Laptop and Blackberries show the kickbacks of Kolomoisky and his illegitimate puppet Zelensky.
- 35 members of congress are connected to the Ukraine CIA/DS contract killings & false flag mass shootings.
- It also connects the Bosnia wars of BeauBiden.
George wrote a story on Stenger on Substack - The life of Michael Stenger -

DOJ Tried to Hide This Leaked Evidence! BLOWS UP DOJ and Liz Cheney’s Bogus SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY Charges

Reality on the ground and more importantly, the world level tragedy that is going to unfold in the near future when NATO and American troops enter the war. This is months away at the most.

Exactly like what is happening in America today.

As horrific mass shootings continue to ravage our nation, lawmakers on the Left continue to insist the problem is firearms and the answer is infringing on your right to one. In this episode, Paul talks with Zoe Warren, host of 2A for Today and a candidate for lieutenant governor of South Carolina. They discuss the falsehoods about guns being touted by legacy media, the Left's real intention of completely abolishing the Second Amendment, what’s really causing gun violence, and what communities can do to protect themselves against mass shootings.


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