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Giant Red Rocoto x Locopica B1 F3

The easiest emasculation method. Pinch and Pull. Anthers and Corolla release as one mass, leaving only the pistil and stigma.

15 Days of Capsicum Germination #Shorts


A visual handbook for the cultivation of capsicum during the first 30 days. From seed to plant out. Enjoy.


One of the very few known capsicum species that exhibits glandular, pilate trichomes. A few moments spent with the plant will leave the fingers quite sticky. Wonderful, umami funk aroma as well. More on that later.

Will moldy seeds or seeds with black centered spots germinate?

Let's find out!


Our website is nearing completion!

Pre production for a new series of tutorials has begun!

Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes while shooting a time lapse sequence of seedlings emerging from the germination medium.

Stay tuned!


Our website is nearing completion!


Join us on a top secret night raid. This time we utilize UV light to expose the enemy's position.

The target: Mr. Hornworm

Mission objective: Extract and deliver target to nearby friendly asset, Mr. Blue Bird.

Join us, as we create movement in our Capsicum bonsai.

Up until around 100 years ago, most bonsai shaping methods consisted largely of "cut and grow" techniques. Since then, wires have become a very effective training tool for shaping and stylizing a bonsai candidate.

Try this training technique on your favorite Capsicum and let us know how you like it!


We head north west out of Samaipata, passed Comarapa, and into the clouds.

Walking cattle trails and armed only with old location coordinates, we search for the elusive Capsicum caballeroi.


Been a lot of chatter regarding Aji Charapita recently. A wonderful, readily available and extremely cheap pepper from Iquitos, Peru in the Loreto region.

Contrary to the rumors, this is one of the cheapest peppers in the world. The rumor was started in 2016 by tomato grower and marketing specialist, Eric Stekovics, in order to garner the highest prices possible during the time they were producing them. He wrote many articles that gained national attention and was featured in a Ruptly special.

The veil has been lifted.

Now go find some Aji Charapita and get to growing it!


By popular demand!

Everyone wanted to know if the roots grew out the bottom. Let's find out!


So nice, I had to visit twice!

The loot:
C. chinense - Aji Panameño
C. annum - Aji Dulcecito
C. baccatum - Aji Campana
C. baccatum - Aji Amarillo
C pubescens - Rocoto Amarillo y Rojo

21 days in Peru.

This one hits different.


Join us on an unintentional gardening ASMR journey.

Our mission: To be crowned king once again in the annual growdown throwdown over at

Our method: Create the world's largest solo cups and combine them in hopes of summoning the Double Cup Guru.

Outcome: 4,722 grams total weight harvested of the XL Antep Aci Cross

0:00 Invoking the spirit of the cup
0:50 Invoking the spirit of the peat
1:44 Are these big enough?
1:55 Pulling from the dank tank
2:38 Hydrating the peat
3:19 Invoking the spirit of the aerators
3:57 waste not, want not
4:08 Drilling the holes
4:40 Hoyt doubting my bottom feed skills
5:17 Growdown plant selection
6:38 Selection transplant
7:36 Living mulch
8:37 Rainwater
8:58 Second harvest
10:53 Third harvest
16:03 Adding a cage
19:30 Fifth harvest
24:41 Freezing temperatures strike
24:53 Sixth and final harvest
28:47 Harvest Totals

Perhaps we should’ve told him how much to do?! 😂🤣😆💀☠️

What a legend.

Be sure to head over to Eric Knights YouTube channel for the full, uncut version!

Credit for this edit goes out to Chris Capsaicin. Be sure to head over to Chris’s YouTube channel as well!

Khang Starr is a wonderful soul, full of hybridizing and cultivation knowledge.

Many vendors will attempt to sell his hybrids despite his wishes for them to remain gifted or traded only.

The way Khang handled this was hilarious and just one of the many reasons why we love him. Enjoy.

Quick, Dirty, Click Baity Thumbnail and all. Skkkrtt!

Sweet care pack of flavor here and those fruit are really easy on the eyes! Can't wait to see this one out to the end with you dude.

From our good friend and master hybridizer Eric Knight. Check out his youtube channel, full of hybridizing and grafting information.

November 7th 2021. Fruit and plant sneak peek. Growdown 2021 XL Antep Aci Cross from Chris Fowler over at Welsh Dragon Chilli.

Chris Fowler:
Growdown 2021:


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It all started with a pepper by the name of Hoyt Saxton's "Pumpkin Habanero".

As a young boy, I enjoyed gardening and learning about soil biology with specific regard to it's role in growing the healthiest plants possible. The handle "Pepper-Guru" started as a nick name that developed into a forum member name registered at thehotpepper

Since 2003 I've been feeding the soil and sharing my grow logs via the internet. I've spent the last 15 years developing my knowledge on soil biology and its direct role in the nutrient uptake of plants, specifically pepper plant varieties.

I now travel the world to retrieve my favorite varieties from their region of origin. I continue to share my experiences on social media outlets while faithfully keeping an updated glog on forums like pepperfriends, Thehotpepper, and Guru Cultivators Collective.

Follow along as we continue learning about gardening, hunting wild peppers, soil biology, genetics, harvesting/production and seed storing!