Tucker Carlson Tonight 7/6/22

Tucker Carlson Tonight 7/5/22

The regent flag of the imperial overlords being displayed with "pride".
(Regent street, London)

This is a declaration of supremacy.

"These people belong in jail.
This is a hill I'm willing to die on."

NOW - Multiple people shot at the July 4th parade in Chicago suburb Highland Park, Illinois. Emergency crews from all over Lake County responding, at least 10 ambulance requested.

Witnesses say the shooter was on the roof of a building and fired into the parade.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 7/1/22

Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/30/22

Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/29/22

More ferals demonstrating that they don't deserve to live in civilization.

"Prof. Stephen Kershnar of SUNY says it’s not obvious to him that raping children is in fact wrong."

"This person identifies as a bird and uses ey/em/eir pronouns because birds don’t inherently have a gender"

Ferals gone shopping using their "five finger discount".

Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/28/22

Fake "witness" in the Jan 6 show trial lies and says that President Trump fought the Secret Service for control of the car while grabbing one of them by the throat.

(And then little green men from Mars teleported into the car and anal probed everyone.)

"White people are not allowed to talk about the Supreme Court ruling and must only listen to BIPOC women"

(What I hear is: "Do as you're told, if you know what's good for you")

Fox News has gone the way of CNN.
I cancelled my cable specifically because I believed that Fox was the last good thing on there til they started celebrating the trannies and the grooming of children. And you can see with your own eyes that even Bret Baier has gone mask off.
Hannity is showing his true colors as well; he's as RINO as they come.
Tucker Carlson is the last good thing they have. How long until they get rid of him?

They're using Elmo to entice kids to get injected with the experimental covid jab.

Being racist isn't a bad thing when the Leftist cult shitsmears do it, according to them.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/27/22

"Every action taken against the communist is interpreted as a violent act against them. This way of thinking is ingrained in them by their religion. It’s why they’re the most violent people in history. In their minds, it’s always self-defense when they kill."

“I’m not not advocating for burning down buildings. Trauma and destruction is kind of the thing that I love”

This woman mailed her period blood to the Supreme Court to protest the overturning of #RoeVWade

Why is it the butt ugly ones are the angriest about Roe being overturned?

And there it is... definitive proof that the Leftist cult are insane

Pro-abortion TikToker has full-blown psychotic meltdown over #RoeVsWade being overturned.

(Notice how it's always the butt ugly ones, who in real life have zero chance of ever being impregnated, that have the over the top reactions.)


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