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It’s Coming From Your Government 👽🛸


King MAGA 👑


They won’t be able to walk down the street


Bill “Eugenics” Gates gives some health advice because he loves us. Gate’s father was into Eugenics passionately while sitting on the bored of planned parenthood. Know who else was very big into eugenics? Hint: He didn’t kill himself.

Fuck Around
Find Out…



This is how it’s done folks. If you’re in a city with suspected voter fraud tell everyone you know to call their sheriff and hold their feet to the fire until they start an investigation. You’ll find out if you have a Soros funded sheriff real quick.

Joe Rogan talks about the boot of authoritarianism stomping on the faces of “We The People” Orwellian

2000 Mules

Russian federation official says they have all it. Evidence of bio labs in Ukraine coordinates with the US. 🍿


Freedom of speech. Now they’re pushing lawsuits for not using their pronouns 🤣🤣🤣

Dinesh addresses Ben Shapiro’s downplaying of 2000 Mules

🔥🔥🔥(Durham Watch)

Kash Patel explains that John Durham did NOT suffer a big blow when the judge denied certain evidence to be admitted into the Sussmann trial.

Kash thinks that the judge is actually goading Durham into charging the other defendants with a conspiracy - which he may have already done and it’s under seal.

Things are getting very interesting…

Pray for discernment Patriots 🙏🏻



After our children’s minds and worse. #SaveOurChildren

Pro life Wisconsin clinic has recorded the many death threats they get.


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