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Today's youth. A burning dumpster fire. Completely indoctrinated and unwilling to save themselves. The biggest casualties in all this will be kids up to adulthood who have come out of the education system completely indoctrinated by the system. They have complete and total blind faith in the system and would never question anything. They will die, and that's the rhetoric coming from this age group. One of suicide. They would rather die than face tomorrow. PATHETIC

In this video I talk a little about the overall purpose of this channel and some about my bugout cart system.

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This is the real me! I'm sick of being nice. As my own personal world crumbles around me, it's time to say it like it is. No more Mr. Nice guy. Yes, I have a bad potty mouth. And I don't care. If you don't like it, move along to a channel where there's a safe space with puppies and ponies. I realise I will loose subscribers. But I will gain new ones. America, your country is killing this world. Do something, or get out of the damn way. Bugout preppers are NOT cowards. We are the survivors who will build AND RULE the new world. You best remember that.

In this video I go through all of the laws and announcements, changes to the gun control system in the last couple years, I talk about the banning of many "assault style weapons" in Canada, which of course is a complete joke. They have made many non-restricted longarms into prohibited longarms and the deadline was today to have them turned in. So the government is now going to go after gun owners who once legally owned their guns and many people will be imprisoned over this. They have also tabled banning all handguns nationwide and they have effectively halted the sale and transfer of any handgun in the country. No longer able to import or export anything related to handguns, and that includes ammo. They are making it so that only one firearms license per household can be obtained, and they have implemented a total cap on how many licenses can be issued in Canada. As peoples licenses start to expire, they will not renew the licenses. These are incredibly dire times for Canadians as we face extreme tyranny, food and supply shortages, transition of Fiat over to digital currency and the enslavement biometric sensor, weather warfare attacks, foreign military invasions, the list goes on. They are about to commit genocide, or they already have and are looking to disarm canadians ahead of the coming food riots and mass civil unrest as people die, people starve, and people loose their homes, retirements, livelihoods, etc. GET READY folks as the jaws are snapping shut. TIME IS SHORT!!!

Sweeping Canadian gun laws banning semi-automatic firearms, handguns, and shotgun slugs announced today. Government has announced that they will be backing local law enforcement with military force to withdraw firearms from the hands of Canadians. This is the line in the sand folks. GET PREPARED NOW!!!!

In this video I explore what it means to be a Jew (the Synagogue of Satan) and an Israelite by bloodline. They are not the same folks, and while God has condemned Judaism over and over and over, God has NOT forsaken the people of Israel. I just wanted to clear up some confusion presented by one of my subscribers and make it clear what I mean when I say the word "Jew".

In this video I read the Declaration Of Independence as well as the original Constitution and Bill Of Rights, and I PROVE to you that the American Government has become tyrannical. As per the DOI, it is YOUR DUTY to throw off your government. You need to act NOW and get your state to succeed from the Union, so that you may fight the war necessary to separate yourselves from this government. You need to do it NOW as the American government has their thumb on all other governments worldwide. The Jews are behind the American Government and they are controlling the rest of the world, USING YOU like a HAMMER to subjugate and promote TYRANNY worldwide. GET RID OF YOUR GOVERNMENT, AND DO IT NOW, OR FACE GODS WRATH. You have been WARNED....

We all see the food shortages and changes to the banking system coming. We all see the war and rumours of war and the sword that has been given the red horse (China/Russia). But what comes after the food shortages and the rollout of the digital ID? This video lays it all out crystal clear, and it's not pretty folks. DEATH AND HELL, as well as the final cataclysm. Get yourself right with God! Time is short.

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Hey everyone just wanted to upload an update video regarding all the things going on out there. I will be pulling the trigger on getting my bugout cart built. Society isn't going to be around much longer and we can expect some majour changes to happen this year. Get ready and keep an eye out for my videos. There should be a barrage of videos coming soon as things start to get crazy again.

Here we go again. Calling out the Jew and their satanic Q agenda, lifting up DJT as LITERALLY the messiah, calling out the american patriots who will never, EVER rise up, NO MATTER WHAT. America is done. It's a dumpster fire. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN...

Battling another bout of "covid" symptoms. The last one happened Nov. 2021 and lasted 3 weeks. The worst of it that is. It lingered around for 2 months after that really, and here we go again. Except this time I thought something else was wrong. It feels like a black widow bite, as I have been bitten is the past. Is this the real poison the vaxxed are manufacturing??

As crazier and crazier things happen to society and the world, the Q movement is getting more and more unhinged. The "patriots" of america have adopted some insanely disgusting beliefs. Willing to turn a blind eye to the child murder, sacrifice, and blood drinking performed by their OWN party, and blind faith in their government. Qtard patriots LITERALLY worship their government as GOD, they are worshippers of a false idol. And this ideology is rampant in America, all Christian churches have been compromised. The Qtards that follow Q are becoming dangerous, and soon, they will turn their guns on you, the general population, while they allow their GOD (the government) to perform satanic rituals on the children of america.

Destruction is coming and the message is the same as always. BE READY...

In this video I talk about the crap they have been selling for the last 4 months. Every 2 months there is some big new distraction. First it was the trucker movement, then it was war. And while all that was going on we had "the slap heard round the world", Elon Musk buying twitter, and a bunch of other BS nonsense. Now it's Roe Vs Wade and the coming riots, protests, and the next 2 months of all you will hear about is the right to perform abortions. Then it's going to be the next big thing. God knows what it will be. My guess is a new BLM riot or something, who knows. But one thing for sure, is WE ARE ALREADY DEAD, as the genocide has ALREADY been committed, and we can never forget that. The genocide, changes to the banking system, food shortages, economic collapse, nuclear war, THAT is the real story. Stay vigilant people and keep your eyes on the signs. THE END IS NIGH

In this video I discuss your options of how you are going to go about actually getting yourself out of the city and into the wilderness. It's a bit of a continuation of the previous video "when to bug out". The when of it will determine the how of it. If you leave early enough you will be able to use your vehicle to get out. If you wait too long, you're going to be on foot and you will be facing many dangers, maybe even death. It's all about your line in the sand and how serious you are about getting out of the city when your lines start getting crossed.

In this video I take a look at when to bug out. In order to know when the best time to bug out is, you need to have a CLEAR definition of your line(s) in the sand. One or many things may be your limit, those things may be crossed. It's important to have them defined and discussed with your loved ones (and/or your group) and make sure everyone is on the same page. Once you have your lines in the sand clearly defined, you can start looking at the ideal time to bug out.

All the "Patriotic" flag waving communities are hailing Elon Musk as an American Hero when the reality is, the people of the world have been massively played in yet another gong show of lies and deceit. Yeah twitter has been bought out from the LGBT libtards, or has it? The buying out of twitter has only managed to do one thing: restrict speech even more, to the point where you will be likely to go to jail for the INTENT of bullying, harrassment, or simply disagreeing with the political establishment and its horde of brainwashed LGBT zombies.

Putin threatening nuclear strikes across the world. NATO will be torn down and the USA will be vapourized off the face of this planet. While the world is distracted with Twitter and Elon Musk, the BIG things are happening in the background, and no one is talking about it. PREPARE YOURSELVES ACCORDINGLY. Your precious stockpile of guns and ammo will not help you. When the USA is CARPET NUKED your little bunker and all your guns will be completely useless. Bomb shelters vs nuclear armageddon? Yeah good luck with that. PREPARE and get yourself to the northern border, ready to skip over into Canada. The useless eaters of America will soon find out the cost of being complacent lazy useless whores of the beast system.

In this video I talk about my plans of having a bugout cart custom built to my specifications. I'm going full gusto on this one folks. I want to make sure my system is as complete as possible and covers all my needs. A 2-wheeled cart that I can pull behind me is the ideal situation for any bugout prepper. As a bugout prepper, you will soon find that you have way too much stuff to pack into the bush. You WILL need a cart of some sorts if you plan on bringing enough gear to least longer than a couple of seasons. A good 4 year bugout plan will include a cart that you can use as basically a mobile home base, allowing you to run tarps from it, has lighting, and is able to be pulled both in summer and in winter.

This is the final video that I will be producing on my laptop. From here on out, I will be producing videos through my phone and the content will be way slower than it used to be. It's been a good run but I am now officially preparing mentally and physically (in otherwords, giving up the addictions and getting back into shape). Good luck out there folks, and get on top of this system. Get yourself some food, get all the gear you need, get yourself a way to transport everything at once. It's critical you get on top of this NOW.

In this video I talk about a food supply fit for the bugout prepper. The gear and supplies are starting to add up in a big way here folks and pretty soon I will be launching a video talking about how to deal with all the stuff you will need to pack out into the bush if you plan on surviving. But for now, take this information into serious consideration and GET ON IT NOW before you cannot buy bulk food anymore. I bought a vacuum sealer and a bunch of bulk food and I've basically put my own "patriot food supply" backpack together, complete with cooking utensils and everything.

Again, take this information SERIOUSLY and GET ON IT. Time is running out!!

Poultry is being exterminated worldwide. In China, they are PCR testing chickens, turkeys and ducks. In North America, a "flu virus" has been killing off the populations of chickens. In the EU, there's almost no poultry left, as eggs literally disappear from the shelves, and any little bit of chicken you can get is so insanely expensive only the rich can afford it. There is a worldwide poultry apocalypse occurring. And now you have the 16 food processing facilities that were destroyed last week in the US. The government is pulling ALL STOPS to this agenda. They want us to starve, and come crawling to them on our knees, begging for their solution. And their solution will be exactly as predicted: The Digital ID and the Vaccine Passport system. Better have a green checkmark, or no food for you. I've been predicting this for 2 years. Now it's finally happening. Couple that with the SHARP increase in death among vaccinated human beings, and the third horseman of the Apocalypse is about to be unleashed on this world.

If you're foolishly waiting for the Antichrist to reveal himself and declare himself God before you believe this is the Apocalypse, you are going to be waiting for the rest of your life, however short it is. The Antichrist is HERE, as the AI system that has complete and total control over the Beast system. We are living in the end times folks, prepare accordingly, get ready to run for your life!!

It's time to wake up to the truth. You still believe the Earth is a sphere? Then you are still sucking on NASA's tit. Think Trump is coming back? You're a fool who is sucked into believing Operation Trust. Think the Bible is a joke book just written by some dude in a cave? I feel sorry for you.

I'm not going to sugar-coat the truth. You either believe in the truth or you don't. Accept some of the lies, and you accept them ALL.

Too many people are waiting for the Rapture to "kick off" the tribulation, or they are waiting for the antichrist to be revealed before they are raptured. Both ideals are false doctrine and I plainly show you why.

This video talks about the world we really live on and provides the most accurate model of the flat Earth. No more questions, speculation, or bad models that don't work. Share this video with all your flat Earth friends.

This video is a monologue on what it means to truly love God. Do you serve a master or are you a child of your Father? Ask yourself the question. Let go of your possessions and know him.


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