I want to thank my Sub's for being with me. My Sub's are very smart people, thank you and May God Bless you all.

God Bless you.

God Bless you all.

God Bless you all.

God Bless you all.

This is how we do it. God Bless you all.

Our Fourth of July Parade in this little old town on the Oregon Coast. God Bless you all.

Everyone have a great 4th. of July. God Bless us all.

Out for a walk.....God Bless.

Today I sold some of my DVD's, it was a good day. God Bless you.

Look closely; Is this Putthead Biden? See what I've been telling you.

Red Pilling the Doctor. God Bless.

Just a reminder; People are getting they're babies this Mark of the Beast.

This is about Demonic Possession....God Bless you.

See yesterdays video of the Farmer's Market 6/25/22 Summer weather.....God Bless us.

This is the first day of the Farmer's Market. God Bless.

My tomato plants are looking great. God Bless.

Everyday you feel better and better. God Bless you.

This is a repost from my channel.

God Bless us.

Green screens used to look like Air Force One. God Bless us all.

They're using CGI, AI, green screens, studios, fake white house, fake pentagon, fake capital. God Bless us all.

Washington D.C. is closed. Almost everyone in congress has been cloned. Children being experimented on in CIA labs. See my videos; Science has closed the gap between animal and human barrier: And CIA Labs: God Bless us all.

Since President Trump has left our White House, D.C. has been shut down. Our White House has been empty. Most of the politicians in congress have been arrested. Many executions have already been carried out. The Deep State knows they're time is sort, time is running out so they are going to hit us with everything they have. God Bless us all.....White House live stream, earth tv youtube.

Executions have been going on, many politicians, in D.C. and around the world. More livestock being killed, this has been going on and will continue. Also crops being killed off. God Bless us.


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