Hello everyone good morning ..
Hope you have a beautiful Sunday afternoon..
I just wanted to document the beginning of the eclipse or the projection whichever you want to believe it is..
We do still have the choice to believe whatever we want to believe ..
But the information is out there ,
that the moon was never landed on ..
I'm not saying the Moon is fake ,
but I question it's validity..
IT looks more to me ,
like there's a projector satellite beaming the Moon image..
A hologram if you will.

I'm not sure but that's my suspicion which may explain why the the moon disappears during the day ..
it doesn't go to the other side of the plane or the planet ..
It it turns off ,
plain and simple the hologram turns off

so that's just my theory ,
and I'm sticking to it 🤣
You people can do your own research and draw your own conclusions..
I would hope you would..
And that is my report in Ventura I hope you have a beautiful day we'll see you later..
Thanks for watching..
WWG1WGAworldwide 💪
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GodIsInControl 🙏
PatriotsProtectPatriots 🪖
NoOneLeftBehind 🤠
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GodblessAmerica 🇺🇸🙏

Just a situation report in Ventura California..
Happy to report, obvious lack of chemtrails for the 6th day ..
I also touch base on Roe versus God..
And on " Our " ,
second amendment
Supreme Court decision..
THANQS. , for watching
. I love you enjoy your fourth of July..
" MAGA "!
WWG1WGAworldwide 💪
GodblessAmerica 🇺🇸🙏

Busted again...
Just another morning of a casual observation before the Marine layer covered it up but I caught the Moon rising at 3:19 a.m. in the morning on June 23rd...🤣 [32] ?.
ThanKs for watching.🤠
Ps, notice the position of the moon in
Comparison to my previous videos...

Good afternoon everyone..
Today, we have RAIN...
IN VENTURA CALIFORNIA and real CLOUDS can you believe it...
I hope you guys enjoy the video thank you for watching please like and share..
THANQS ! 🙏⚖️🛡️🌧️
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about the rant this morning .
I've had two cups of coffee from KD village Donuts.
and I am a sprung chicken .
I'm wired on some Christian crank ,🤭
and I can't shut up once the video started rolling for some reason I just could not stop.
I apologize please forgive me ,
thanks for watching have a beautiful day..

By the way if you get bored today go look up.
Patel Patriot #devolution very interesting theory .
On one of the greatest military sting operations in American history.
I think you would be surprised to find the logic behind it speaks very clearly about what's going on in our society today...

Just a brief description to let you guys know things are not what they seem we've been lied to about everything including science History academia and everything else that they can lie to us about and get away with it without anybody catching them this right here is video documentary of proof that we have either jumped a timeline merge the timeline or something else which I can't figure out yet but when I do find it in the research that I'm doing I will let you all know but something weird is going on and that's why I'm recording it I apologize for the repetitive stagnation of my updates please bear with me and enjoy the video thanks for watching..

Update on the location of the moon and the two satellites to come up with it in the morning it's 501 and the Moon is still at its highest peak and that just seems a little suspicious to me I've been taught my whole life that it should be on the other side of the planet about this time not still in the sky it should be descending towards the horizon but it's not it's staying in the sky which says to me that we don't live on a planet we live on a plane and obviously the Moon is continuing to rise and it's going to go into the firmament that's just my theory and hide itself I don't know what else to say I don't know where it goes or and and I'm sure science will tell us oh it goes to the other side of the planet right about now it's over Germany yeah okie dokie I don't believe none of that I don't believe nothing of what I'm told and only what I see and half of that is true to me see you later got to go bye..

Just another morning with the Moon at full capacity all the way to His highest point in the sky I do believe and then it disappears into the firrmanent and that's why it only lasts for a little while in the morning I do believe it disappeared this morning about 9:20 but if we lived on a planet it would be on the other side of the globe if we lived on the globe correct if we lived on a plane then it would just ascend above the firmament..
Just a thought..
ThanQs 4 watching..
Love ya..

Good morning..
Look what I found in our local Mall..
Pacific view Mall Ventura California..
Just a casual observation...
I'm by no means a expert on the subject...
But I have 8 years experience in Group home facilities with extensive training on child Abuse signs and Pedofiles and their behavior...
I also am Retired, and for the last 7 years while being disabled I've had nothing but time to research...

I'm just reporting what I see..

Known FBI Pedophile symbols at a
kids play area....

You can do your own research..
And draw your own conclusions...
I'm sure..
Thanks for watching..
lots of Love..
be well stay salty .😎🙏

Just a update after a morning of overcast sky's...😁
Look at the Cirrus Chemtrail clouds .😎🇺🇸⚖️

Just a positive update from Ventura California...
No Chemtrails..
But the moon is out today at 5:59 pm...
Is the force be behind this...
Exposure ? 😁💪⚖️
WWG1WGAworldwide 💪
GodblessAmerica 🇺🇸🙏

Just my daily exposure of the geoengineering chemtrails designed by the New World order and the council of foreign relations.
I pray that people will wake up soon to this deception that have been betrayed upon us by the luciferian order..
Who are in control of all power structures and government..
And who wants us all dead , Georgia guidestones, Agenda 21..
It's all about the satanic death cult that wants to cause death destruction and chaos so that they can create order and a one world government utilizing the United Nations as their army..
" look out people they're coming for us.."
By the time you see those little blue helmets with the UN painted on the side..
it will be too late..
You better stand up now..
To tyranny...
Or did the CONFEDERATES , the rednecks have moar balls then you..?
object to the daily poisoning of our natural food resources and Air before it's too late..
IF you don't stand up now we're going to end up like the
( " RUSSIA....." )

Hello McFly.. get a freaking clue...

Who was Mr Dudley..
Benjamin Wells Dudley..
War Hero...
A man who helped capture
Jefferson Davis..Really...
That's a Bold statement..
Arrived with his brother Frank..
And began his Ventura
achievements and community service...
He paid others to do the work at his Farm, while he Was free to
Build and make Ventura what It is..
A lot of details seem to be left out of the story for Mr Dudley..
I would love to do a deep dig on these two..
I'm no expert or college professor..
Just a guy that has a big imagination, and alot of knowledge on some things..
Something just don't seem right..
Before ,
I started this video..
I wanted to do something to give back to my Town..

So I  thought to myself,
Over the last 5 years..
You've learned alot about a certain secret society..
Why not share the love...
So anyway, I was always fascinated by the Dudley story and dreamed of someday doing a documentary here in my home town as my first..
Then hopefully travel around America Making vids of famous masons..
Some good, Some bad..
As so above,
As so below..🏴‍☠️😎🇺🇸
Let it be known,
I don't want to bad mouth anyone..
Just share the truth..
But , I am Irish..
I do have a tendency to be sarcastic as I can..
Forgive my snark..
But hey, if you get triggered, see a doctor..

Honestly the civil war was the last topic I wanted to cover..
Because of the emotional triggers it can pull...
But , as I was reading the Bible,
I read a scripture that said..
Have nothing to do with works of darkness, but rather expose them..
Not that all Masone are or were bad..
That just happened to be my Scripture reading for the day..
Then I started looking for A place to make a video ..
The Dudleys was right up the street from my house..
So why Not..
I had , not a clue they were masons..
Nor did I care..
All I wanted to do was get practice..
Well one thing led to another..
And here's the final cut..
To finish off,
After looking for some background on him and realizing the only information..
I will find is only what they masons want me to..
Maybe I'm just too inexperienced in research..
But, seems to me they don't want you to find anything more on him..
Except the same ole spill..
All the local pamphlets and even the museum all repeat the same masonic Montra..
I don't have a budget for subscriptions to Papers. Or records searches..
When I first started looking,
I found the obit on Frank..
Then when I cam back to ook some more, I couldn't find squat..
So I ,
make do with Duck Duck go..
A pioneer, or man on the run.?
After a few days of researching,
I have found the following,
Let it be known, I'm a novice researcher at best.
And the recent censorship hasn't helped my case...
Needless to say, I found it interesting not even the ventura County museum had any info on his Childhood, which I find interesting for such a celebrated public figure..
I felt like,
I seen alot of coincidence despite the age difference..
Maybe the historians are off..
Question , My dudley was wounded , How come no details..
He walked with a cane, limping..
Hmm Booth prolly walked with a limp..
Mr Dudley Bought 40 acres , left went somewhere..
Came back and bought 160 acres..
Did he inherit some money from a rich uncle..
Or was that from his Soliders pay..
200 acres was a lot of money back then..

Also note this, Albert Pike a
33rd degree masons wrote a book called morals and Dogma.
In that book, he stated that there had to be 3 world wars to bring in the One World Government..
Or NWO..

Hence Ukraine Vs Russia..
All those screaming for war..
Are masons and their blackmailed twits..
Just recognize the cancer America faces if unless we address the problem of Masons..
If you want to do good and be a productive member of Society Masons, join a church.
Help kids, no wait, never mind..
Stay away from the kids..
Organize a parade in honor of Jesus, in instead of lucifer..
It's not a puzzle..
I would love to do this over..
I feel like I could most certainly make it better..
I apologize for the butchered names and words..
I swear my reading skills were off because I was nervous and anxious and irritated the whole video..
I felt,
like I was under spiritual attack the whole time..
I hope you enjoy it..
If you do, please hit the like and share button..
Thank you GodblessAmerica..
Land of the free because of the Brave..⚖🇺🇸🙏

An update showing you the status of the Moon that was rising at 2:00 in the morning it's now all the way to its peak highest peak at 4:38

GodblessAmerica 🙏🇺🇸⚖️

Just a quick video to document the moon rising at 2:00 a.m. in the morning thanks for watching love you


Hello, and good afternoon..
Have a look and feel free to disagree...
Just my humble opinion..
Thanks for watching..
God bless America 🙏🇺🇸⚖️
WWG1WGAworldwide 💪
Have a great Saturday..🪖

Everybody just reporting on the current existence of no Chemtrails and real clouds in our skies and still that was at 7:17 this morning it's at 8:51 right now still no chemtrails the Moon is still obviously blatant blatantly in the sky and we have real clouds doesn't appear like at least not yet there's any Chemtrails on their way hopefully we won't have any and we'll have clear skies the rest of the day keep us in your prayers and Ventura appreciate that God bless you all and we love you have a great day and nothing can stop what's coming where we go one we go all .

Special thanqs to ,
In The Storm news for some of the info
I found...
As well as my own knowledge which I would not have...
If it wasn't for Q and the Patriots..
Thank you..
I forgot to mention the Facts..
Shell oil has many questionable ties to occultic symbolism..
I also found lots on their web site..
If you know what to look for..
Thanks for watching..
Love ya..
GodblessAmerica 🙏🇺🇸⚖️

Tonight's supposed to be a blood red moon you know what that means the witches will be practicing the ritual sacrifices and hopefully they will all be caught and an end will come to the satanic cabal only time will tell but in the end God wins...

Just reporting facts most don't see...
Tonight the moon appears to be back on its regular Cycle..
Only time shall tell..🙏⚖️😎

A beautiful day of No Poison sky rain..
Bug spray Defense..
Share the Love..
Thanks for watching..
GodblessAmerica 🙏⚖️🇺🇸
WWG1WGAworldwide 💪

Pointing out the obvious..
Thanks for watching..⚔️⚖️🙏🇺🇸

Proud to report Clear Sky's..

Pitbull love..
She's a Lab Pitty mix..
My best friend for 17 years..
She'll be 18 June 16..

Just a record of Masonic manipulation..


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Just a guy sharing what I find..
Truth as I see it..
Never before has America faced
A enemy so vile and dark..
It will blow you're mind to know,
The Bible is truth...
Yet most are in denial about it because they have been indoctrinated by the enemy..
And continue to be useless idiots..
Isaiah 6:7
If you do not sand firm in you're Faith ..
You will not stand, AT ALL..! 🙏⚖️