Alex Jones compares and contrasts the Presidential viability of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis versus Donald Trump based on how they handled the rollout of the COVID vaccine.

Leo Zagami joins Alex Jones live via Skype to expose the possible resignation of Pope Francis, the war in Ukraine, and how the appointment of a new pope will converge with the crisis in eastern Europe into an end times scenario.

Short on time, but still want to stay informed? Today's War Room Highlights covers clips from all 3 hours of the broadcast with your guest host Kristi Leigh along with special guests Adam Hardage and Dr. Syed Haider!

One of the central arguments from military servicemen who are resisting the Biden regime’s forced vaccination agenda has hinged on what, exactly, Chairman Biden has the legal authority to mandate.

Under current federal law, the president can only mandate a vaccine for soldiers if it is approved by the FDA. Otherwise, he needs to provide a special emergency waiver to ignore informed consent laws, something Biden has never done.

Mark & Terri Stemann join Owen to discuss their tragic and shocking experience with government overreach that has led to the kidnapping of their children by the government. Children Sex Trafficking By the government

CDC Publishes Hidden Pfizer Document With An Admission That Proves Military Jab Mandates Illegal

Athletes Dropping, Record Life Insurance Deaths: On a Clear and Convincing Basis, It’s Because of the Vaccine

Fall Angels Reptilian Rapes Human & Made Annunaki Nephilim Giants : Cain Son of Satan Eve Has Two Baby One Cain Half Reptilian Son of Satan & One of Adam Able 100% Human In Old Write Able Has Sons and Daughters Before He was Murder By CAIN they was Know as Atlantis who I Believe Left Earth in 4033 B.C Same Time of the Flood they also Help Noah (Seth) their Brother build the Arch Save Life On Earth Cain Family mush been on at Arch To Half Reptilian Live Royal Family and Dracula the Impale about 1460 he was Half Reptilian Dracula The Impale ?

DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS KKK & IN 1945 OPERATION PAPER CLIP Start CIA THEY RIG 1948 ELECTION ALSO ONE IN 1960, SOLE 5 STATE FROM TRUMP IN 2016 AND SOLE ELECTION IN 2020. HOW THEY DID IT THROUGH Telemarket and later got Jobs in the Government They Murder JFK RFK MLK also Join Stalin Communist in 1951

Evelyn Rae joins Owen to explain why what is happening in Australia may soon be the norm around the world as the left pushes climate change Propaganda.

mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Targeting Children For Permanent Infertility & Depopulation – Health Ranger Report

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