Comedic Parody
Klaus Schwab WEF

The nation was offered a lifesaver. Two great Aussie's, TRUE BLUE.
The people laughed and drank the wine of fornication and thus rejected the fine offer. Financial disaster ahead. A Sodom and Gamorrah event.

A time to take a stand.
If you value your lifestyle and your interests.
The moral people united are the true Blue Aussies from every corner.

The world where spiritual values have no meaning.
An investigation into the depth of deception.
We are living in a fallen world.

When traditional foods are beneficial.
It's time to revisit the past.

The Television and your programming.

The financial web of destruction.
When anti God is legislated, humanity pays the price.
NWO and the Russian chess piece.

The white paper regarding "Nanotube technologies as at 2003".
How relevant it is today, you can decide.

My pasta dish creation for my subscribers.
Something too chill out with. Enjoy and
destress. The little special moments.

When things aren't as they seem.
The goal to control your mind and
steal your soul.

Baal worship and the resurgence of this god
into our fabric of society.
The spirit of Baal is manifesting.

Baal worship and the resurgence of this god
into our fabric of society.

Stories and myths recorded. Events from the past.
They have been coming back to life at a faster pace
the last few decades.

When the devolution script is seen.
Only then the revolution begins.

When evil takes over, human consciousness fails.
Empathy, compassion, truth, righteousness will always
prevail in a healthy society.

Global satanic occult NWO plot to cull humans by bio weapon under the guise of a medical treatment.
Evil to the core a horror movie, unfortunately we are all participants in reality.
They are coming for our children now.
Biblical end times. There will be only one winner.

When governments and corporations control the public narrative.

Music - Supertramp - Spiritual - Prophecy

Occult , secret society, psychic, new age, spiritualism, witchcraft

Occult , secret society, psychic, new age, spiritualism, witchcraft

Occult , secret society, psychic, new age, spiritualism, witchcraft

Satire and Biblical times.

Communist genocide of 1933, Satanic takeover, COVID19 APP, Separating the wheat from the chaff.

Spiritual / Tom Hanks / FreeMasonry


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Have you ever questioned what’s going on with this world?
You know deep in your inner self your soul that this world is not really your world of choice.
You’re only a visitor, took a wrong turn and ended up here. LOL.
Life and your rhythm is different to others. You are aware that there is a creator of life of all things.
The frequency that you’re at is decades if not more ahead of the populous.
Associates and friends classify you as an eccentric old soul.

Ten years ago in communication with a wise individual on the internet, I was told that if I wanted to find answers to some of my questions and riddles I’d better look into the occult. I started researching, reading followed other channels and individuals that knew what they were talking about.
Over time I too began to see the patterns the hidden language / communication and have a higher spiritual consciousness as a result. This channel is not about condemning anyone, it is mainly showing the truths of this world the way I see it.

While 80% of the population is swallowing media propaganda hook line and sinker I’m not taking it.
This channel is a way for me to vent my frustration.
If you’re a like minded individual subscribe to my channel and join me on my path of discovery.
Stay safe and God bless