Squallstrike - Absurdity Unparalleled

Cats rule, dogs drool.

Jet-fueled truck exploded at Battle Creek, Michigan air show, one person dead

Joe knows, then his brain short circuits.

CNN: "What do you say to those families that say, 'listen, we can't afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years?’"
BIDEN ADVISOR BRIAN DEESE: "This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm."

He fights off 4 Secret Service agents before grabbing the wheel! Diabolical!

Every country needs to follow suit!

So much truth in under a minute! That gets the gold medal 👍

Guy filming is upset he’s going to be late to Chicago. He’s lucky he’s not a skid mark but it’s all a matter of perspective I guess.


Save your salt, Ana, for when you’re pounding shots later to drown your sorrows. It’s going to be a rough year for you! 🤣

This is during the swearing in of Republican Mayra Flores into Congress. How disgusting is that? Her daughter handled it like a rock star, though!

Edit: I forgot to mention that that’s the daughter of Mayra Flores Nancy elbowed.

She also claims to be a patriot and everyone else should do the same.

Now, some people like Tim Pool don’t believe she actually mailed it but in today’s world you “must believe all women” (minus Amber Turd)… so we should believe she mailed it! Then she must have committed a federal offense by mailing biohazardous, bloodborne pathogens to SCOTUS.

It’s hilarious watching her squirm through this video even though these reporters are relatively gentle on her. She’s an unqualified fool that has no business being in charge of anything.

They also set off fireworks in the street. This shit will probably go on all summer.

More Reee vs Waaah salt.

Donkey Teeth yells that SCOTUS is illegitimate while surrounded by a rabble of unwashed (and at least one toothless) protesters. So, when Andy Tifa burns your house down tonight for no reason you can point to her for fault.

If unwashed assholes show up in your neighborhood, here are her J6 words in case you need to borrow them later: “I did not know if I was going to make it to the end of that day alive, and not just in a general sense but also in a very, very specific sense."

Remember to throw their words in their face anytime you can.

“This is a time of war.” This is YOUR war, not ours. No one believes this shit.

We all suspected as much but he’s a little too up front about it.

Somehow this is Trump and Putin’s fault, I’m sure.

Seriously, 25A this clown!

It’s such a farce that the people that are there to stick it to Trump they can’t even keep their eyes open. 🤣

His talkie pills are wearing off again.

They really don't want anyone going against the narrative and will persecute anyone they deem as a threat to it.


Fake trash Republicans need removed from office!

Alf looks pretty receptive to the mating call! It’s like Wild Kingdom meets King Kong! These puppetless puppet shows are insane!

This is the best non-endorsement endorsement ever!


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