The Truth Will Set Humanity Free

If We Don't Go Within We Will Go Without.
Which wolf will you feed? Love-reality or hate-illusion?

I know the truth when I hear it, by now, so should you guys?

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Debut single from William Wallace Protest Songs.

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Whitehouse Studios, Reading UK

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They want your mind They want your soul
To own your life is their long term goal
They want your money They want your health
Its a grab Its a transference of wealth

They like disease They want you ill
So big pharmaceutical can sell you pills
Signs are ominous It dont look good
Bio engineering shite for food

They're everywhere They're breaking through
Everyday they get their grubby paws on something new
We know who they are They're not hard to find
Cos everywhere they go they leave a trail of slime
But always remember Your Government Loves You

They want your children A crying shame
Education and media wash their brains
When you get old heard it said
Your a useless eater and they want you dead
Mass surveillance population control
They want CCTV in every home
They want your Buddha They want your God
They want your science to support their cause

They are everywhere They're breaking through
Everyday they get their grubby mitts on something new
With propaganda they mess with your head
Its how they get their hand on your NHS
Always remember your government loves you
You must always remember your government loves you
Nothing to see here your government loves you
Everythings cool your government loves you

Mikki Willis Interviews Dr Mark McDonald On Critical Race Theory, Gender, And Where We Are Headed Next.

We only have 2 real emotions, love and fear.
Choose love every time.

Xmas eve at my daughter's new home. Door No. 55!!!
Me, my daughter Chloe, and my son Bradley, dancing in to the light, the awakening, and our ascensions. (They just didn't know it yet)

Mountains Are Not What You Think They Are.
The Truth Will Set Humanity Free!

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I filmed my good friend Dave Mannall (Trinity4) in Hyde Park London 28th October 2018.

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Bless you Jeff for all you do. It's time we held our tyrannical governments to account.

A story of the miraculous healing of Este Fourie, a South African woman who against all odds, got cured from deadly Pleural Mesothelioma. A very aggressive cancer of the protective lining of the lung, known as the pleura. It is caused by inhaling asbestos fibers into the lungs.The life expectancy of someone with pleural mesothelioma is often less than 18 months. Join Este in this video as she shares her testimony and to learn what she did to completely get healed from this cancer.
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Rick Simpson's website:
Hope 4 Cancer's website:


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"We are all divine, eternal spirits experiencing all our own unique human existences, and we are all part of each other" - Darrell McCormick.

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