The Way Back

Civil war songs making a comeback

Summertime Comedy Relief.
Made this deal with sharks a long time ago...
If I don't swim in their ocean , they agree to leave me alone when on land.🦈

Yes it's true. That's a 16 year old George Floyd on Judge Judy Sheindlin's People's Court TV show.
Here we see he is Guilty of a Strong arm -Car Jacking - Assault - of a nice lady. He pushes her to the ground, Hijacks her new car..then crashes the car, is caught, charged , indicted then convicted. But he goes before Judge Judy's to say he doesn't believe he's liable for damages to the car cause it wasn't his car.
This is the American hero that BLM burned the country down for.
At 16 years old!
He got off to a no good start in life and we know how it ended up.
Good or Bad Choices that's what Life is all about!

He's Okay now just need Rest Woke too long

The kingdom of Agartha (or Agarthi, as some call it), has been stirring the imagination of many explorers, wanderers, occultists, and all sort of folks. There are many books written on the subject, some of their authors narrating a direct experience they had there, such as Willis George Emerson in his The Smokey God. The kingdom of Agartha is said to be located underground, beneath the surface of the earth, and the reason why it’s said that this is possible is because, as it is claimed, the earth is hollow. There have been a number of people already claiming that they’ve had experience of that kingdom, how there are incredible cities underground, how there is a source of light there that resembles the sun, and how the peoples there are much more advanced than our current root race on the surface of the planet.
It is said that in one of those underground cities of the kingdom of Agartha dwells the King of the World, who is known by various names, such as Malchizedek and Sanat Kumara. In esotericism, this individual is known as the regent of our planet, who came from another planet with six other Kumaras during the time of Lemuria, to start the Initiatory college for the souls of this planet to be able to achieve spiritual mastery. It is said that since that time he is the Being that is in charge of our planet. Esoterically, he can be found in the Heart Temple of planet Earth.

There is a difference of opinion where he actually lives; some esotericists claim that he lives in the city of Shamballa, which is said to be a fourth dimensional spiritual city, somewhere in the Gobi desert. It is also said that the kingdom of Agartha is as well in the fourth dimension, which would explain many of the things related to its description.

In this blog entry I would like to share an account from a book Beast Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski, a Polish writer and explorer who found himself on a long and dangerous journey in Russia and Central Asia during the time of Bolshevik Revolution, in the early 20th century. The account is from the last chapters of that book, in which he was told about the Inner Earth, the kingdom of Agartha, and the King of the World.

Here goes the account:


“Stop!” whispered my old Mongol guide, as we were one day crossing the plain near Tzagan Luk. “Stop!” He slipped from his camel which lay down without his bidding. The Mongol raised his hands in prayer before his face and began to repeat the sacred phrase: “Om! Mani padme Hung!” The other Mongols immediately stopped their camels and began to pray.
“What has happened?” I thought, as I gazed round over the tender green grass, up to the cloudless sky and out toward the dreamy soft rays of the evening sun.
The Mongols prayed for some time, whispered among themselves and, after tightening up the packs on the camels, moved on. “Did you see,” asked the Mongol, “how our camels moved their ears in fear? How the herd of horses on the plain stood fixed in attenti

Biking with his entourage of Secret Service agents, Joe Biden fell off his bicycle in front of onlookers in Delaware.
Visibly shaken and hurt, the elderly leader of the free world has to realise how absent minded this made him look.
Joe said later he was hurt winning the BMX championship 🏆

These street thugs won't be turning over theirs.

Hal Moore "We Were Soldiers Once… And Young”

The Documentary

2022 Jack Reacher


Same as the old job

The Burger King👑 stayed behind in Russia just for her!!!

president Chucky psaki

New release of archived footage..released Nov 2021..
......if you love the Beatles🐞

The only full length Instructional lesson Video John Entwistle made.
There is instructional discussion as they talk about John's approach to bass .But mostly it allows us to see the creative process of a lost musical genius. Here John's musical philosophies saved for future generations. Hopefully thats you !
I know it sounds silly, but imagine having Hendrix sit down and dissect his playing, or Mozart discuss his thoughts on composition with someone who asks the questions you would have.
It's a fascinating inside look by the master himself.
Note:*Video was made during the "slap" craze and John reminds us that there are alternatives to slapping, which is kind of interesting historically as well.
If you get chance please goto and see the great work going on.
So here we go ,,,
In this Masters Class The Who’s legendary John Entwistle gives a personal bass lesson that covers fingering, licks, octave style, chords, hammer-ons, pull-offs, picking techniques, harmonics, soloing concepts, walking bass lines, string-bending, and phrasing – all in the famous Entwistle style. Here is a unique chance to learn from the man who wrote the book when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll electric bass. You’ll never miss a note!
John Entwistle demonstrates bass solo and rhythmic techniques by himself, and then jams with lead guitarist Arlen Roth, who questions The Ox further on his approach to bass. This gives viewers the chance to focus on Entwistle’s bass playing without having to strain to hear it through the deluge (as John described it) of The Who’s power chords, drum assaults and slinky synthesizers. Entwistle emerges as an unselfish innovator who was willing to share his skills with others. His deadpan wit quietly perks up the proceedings as well.
Not so great as a learn to play bass beginning lesson(lol) , but outstanding for Entwistle fans.
It’s a fascinating inside look by the master himself. It was made during the “slap” craze and he reminds us that there are alternatives to slapping, which is kind of interesting historically as well. This DVD is useful, interesting and collectable. Better buy it if you like Entwistle. It was transferred from VHS video, so it ain’t high-def.🌺
Highly recommended for Bassists and Entwistle fans, beginners should find a primer instead.

Primal Scream and Shouts

Some of my bass guitars , these are mostly store bought bass guitars and not the ones Ive built...

Christopher Walken in true romance with Dennis Hopper.
and he Works for Blue Lou Boyle. You've heard of Blue Lou. @6:15
"Sicilians' had blonde hair and Blue eyes....."


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