There will come a time when anybody still on the apps which have been deemed enemies of the revolution will also be deemed enemies of the revolution.

Do demonstrate the power of the new wikacy.js library for cross-platform apps, W.O. Wikacy will build and publish your own app for free. You will own all rights. Web monetization is automatic and paid to the users who create the content. To qualify, create a group for your cause. As soon as you bring 1,000 members to your group, you get your own app.


Uninstall them all. Get free.

We are counting down the days until the new Wikacy App is released on all platforms. It has been an incredible journey to get to this point, and we want everyone to know our users are partners. This app is truly built with a revolutionary purpose in mind – to monetize for the creators and users, not for the app. The success or failure of this bold business model will hinge on what people truly want for the future – whether we will do what is necessary to preserve the rule of the people over the media and the corporate elites, or whether we will continue to allow ourselves to be enslaved by their products. Everything from ecommerce to publishing to simple social activities can be a microcosm of a new idea for a collaborative, sustainable world. Your ideas, your dreams, and your mission in life can be distributed through a means you truly control, and no single entity will ever be able to censor you.

Download the pre-release version of Wik Beta here:


You can check out the web version here:


They dreamed of a new world. They saw it so clearly, and looked towards it with so much hope, they decided to stop at nothing to build it. They are the small people of the world, and they mean business.


Stop News Pollution


Try out Wik Beta before it is even published. We may not even publish it. We may just keep it off the corporate app stores and use it as a private tool to unite people for this vision of a user-owned media.


No corporate ownership. Something truly done by the people and for the people.


Wikacy Android Beta on Google Play

Pretty much how they look to anybody who can think. Same thing when I read Medium, watch Youtube, see Twitter posts posted on the news. All fake. All corporate owned and corporate agenda. It is time for the people to unite, create our own media, our own apps, and our own internet.

It is ironic how humankind’s struggle with oppression has come full circle, to the point where, in order to truly speak, you must discipline yourself to be silent on the very platforms which would seem to facilitate free speech, but in fact do not.

When global public forums such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, together with the digital services which power them, become the tool with which true free speech is suppressed, silence now becomes the only way to protest — silence on their platforms, that is.

We must boycott them all. That is the only way to get them to hear. And while we boycott them, we must build alternative systems – websites, apps, and digital services which do not rely on Big Tech.

The struggle for liberty and free speech is simply a choice of the people.


We are taking no censorship a step further as we prepare to launch our production app. Nobody will ever be able to cancel, censor, or suppress any article or video on the world's only user-owned platform. Mint your truth bomb as an NFT article for free.

The Wikacy Project is a group of developers from the original Arpanet Project who are unhappy with what the internet has become -- how it has been monopolized by large corporations -- and are building another one -- An internet which will be owned by the users.

From publishing to social media to online services, we can create first a microcosm of a resource-based economy in the form of a user-owned platform and development ecosystem.

We have also forked the open-source android source code and are developing a decentralized phone/device with end-to-end-encryption, a new app store, and a user-owned development ecosystem.

As more and more people boycott the large corporate apps and move to decentralized apps and apps built with a user-owned business model, social media and online services controlled by the corporate elite will fall.

This is the first step in creating a new power structure based on true-human value rather than manipulated markets. We must boycott corporate media and thus bend the dominant powers to the will of the people. Big Tech must know that when they censor, their user-base goes down. Therefore we must create a viable alternative and a real threat to their business.

There are many aspects to this plan. We need people. We need developers, creators, writers, artists, and storytellers who will join us to express the will of the people and draw all freedom-loving people to unite rather than fight against each other.

We also need a new crypto which is not based on any in-system currency, crypto or otherwise, but on a blockchain established by successful peer-to-peer trades of goods, services, and real value. That is why we have developed noCoin, a completely independent and exponential system of contracting, transferring, satisfying, and completing peer-to--peer transactions.

We must phase out the need for fiat currency by those who are in the lower income level while maintaining the process for transferring that wealth to the people. Therefore, those who can afford it may trade fiat as their "goods" in any peer-to-peer trade.

I encourage everyone to please consider what we are doing as a viable solution to all of our basic needs in this great transitional period, and learn more about the Wikacy Project.

Our main creed:

We are the free people of the world and we all matter.


Wikacy Beta for Android

It is wrong for Big Tech to censor an entire country. Why do we stand for this? It is time to boycott all the Platforms of Big Tech and create a platform and an internet controlled by the free people of the world.


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We are on a mission to create first a platform, then an internet owned and controlled by the free people of the world.