The Great Awakening of humanity is here. What we are witnessing is the final takedown of the deepstate evil control system that has been enslaving humanity for THOUSANDS of years...

Dr Carie Madej exposes more about the diabolical globalist vaccine agenda linked to transhumanism and total global control of the population..

The most damning interview Judy Mikovits had done, exposes the criminal corruption of murdering psyopaths, big pharma and their satanic vaccine agenda

Greg Reese talks about the communist takeover of the US using infiltration from within. Cultural Marxism has dumbed down the population to a truly horrifying level. The last two years in particular have revealed the extent of the mind control operation inflicted on the masses who were willing to line up for a very dangerous experimental injection without giving informed consent (they most certainly were not informed about the dangers of this procedure). Enough of us will wakeup, make no mistake.....

'When they're through with Africa, they're coming for you. Keep your children ready, they will come for them and they will come for you' The words of the late Dr Karanja. On April 29th 2021, Dr Karanja was killed, 'officially' by the CV virus. In all likelihood he was another victim of the global pharmaceutical mafia that silenced him to stop him exposing their diabolical agenda of population control in Kenya under the lie of Tetanus/ birth control. These criminals are continually being exposed and will one day pay for all the damage they have done to humanity...

The CDC published something that Pfizer didn't want anyone seeing that PROVES that Pfizer did NOT make ANY Comirnaty Vaccine from BioNTech. This means that the Mandatary Military Vaccines and the Mandatory Vaccines for all Employment on the Masses was ILLEGAL!

The WHOLE Comirnaty sideshow was purely to try and get as as many shots in as many arms as possible. Ticktock we the people are coming for you..... #militarytribunals

Rudolf Steiner 1917 exposed the vaccine agenda to take away our spirituality..

Lucretia Hughes 'Gun control utopias are plagued with the most violence. 1000 more laws won't stop criminals committing these crimes'. #2ndammendment #opencarry #wethepeople #nra

Interview with Joachim Hagopian about the satanic control system losing control of the world as darkness is brought into the Light...

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What happens when people learn the TRUTH?
What happens when people WAKE UP?
They will not be able to walk down the street.

That day has come. The Great Awakening is upon us, there won't need to be very many of us to hold these war criminals to account. Remember we are many, they are few.

Action Horror Sci-Fi They influence our decisions without us knowing it. They numb our senses without us feeling it. They control our lives without us realizing it. They live. Director John Carpenter Writers Ray Nelson (short story "Eight O'Clock in the Morning") John Carpenter (screenplay) Stars Roddy Piper Keith David

Premeditated murder during the Plandemic by 'doctors' in white coats. These terrorists and fellow pharma and government conspirators have committed countless crimes against humanity over the last two years. Ticktock, Justice is coming.....

The Khazarian Jews also known as European Jews or Zionists now make up over 90% of all Jews worldwide are non Semitic and hide behind the Jewish identity for political reasons. Individuals like George Soros, one of these fake Jews use the label to deflect any criticism of his criminal activity as anti Semitic.

Takedown of the globalist deepstate swamp

This is a very good summary of the current meeting of the 'elite cabal' in Davos, individuals who are so divorced from reality and totally Atheistic in their outlook to the point, paradoxically, of seeing themselves selves as God and that it is up to them to decide the fate of humanity. These individuals are pure psychopaths whose number one goal is depopulation by any means. After all, the less of us there are, the less of us will be able to come after them and hold them to account as the Truth about their murderous rampage against humanity continues to be exposed...

A look inside the perverted world of the elite and the secret societies they belong to. Featuring skull and bones from Yale where three of the Bush family, Kerry and Taft, all prominent political figures in the U.S. attended. These people are sick.

Documentary covering the Nazi connections between Prescott Bush and his son and grandson (all former skull and bones members), Standard Oil, Union banking corporation, Brown Brothers Harriman and more. The deepstate have been manipulating humanity for hundreds of years with false flag event such as 911 used to usher in ever increasing control. There people must face justice...

The deepstate have systematically dumbed down the masses through their marxist takeover of all the institutions including government. Their days are numbered as humanity rapidly awakens...


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Join the fight to awaken humanity to the Evil that has been in control of the world for thousands of years. Piece by piece, the Truth is being revealed. These videos are not mine, this is just a collection of informative documentaries which will hopefully point the viewer in the right direction. A lot of the 'history' we were taught in school was not, by any means the complete picture. The vast majority of the population is horribly mis-informed by the modern education system and it is up to us to begin the process of helping to educate each other about the real History of the world outside of the influence of the mainstream propaganda narrative.