John Lock - video 16 in the series explaining Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta.

Weasel words used to divert attention from actual cause of death.

Coverage of Notice to STOP & discussion of available options pursuant to the defense of our freedom.

Explanation of Article 61 Notice of Default & Dishonor.

Another scammed election exposed.

Please post support and encouragement to imprisoned journalist Simion Boikov 'The Aussie Cossack' - jailed for reporting incontrovertible facts.

The cabal's web of deception exposed.

Exposing the lies, revealing the truth.

Decisions for the immediate future.

Final solution from the WHO.

What's obscured by means of distraction.

Exposing globalist plan for AI transhumanist takeover of humanity.

The relentless push towards tyrannical totalitarianism.

Seditious action from deep state agents undermining the Perth Freedom Rally movement.

Satanic influence must be eradicated at once.

Going down to the wire in an effort to restore lawful government and stop vaccine genocide.

The end of criminal covid tyranny comes into view.

Analysis of freedom convoy push back on criminal government.

Medical genocide inflicted by criminal governments.

Reasons why everyone should actively participate in unified non-compliance in order to defeat genocidal medical tyranny.

Heavily censored information people need to know.

Informal chat with Kim March exposes government criminality.

Australia leads the world in fascist oppression.

Exposing the BS behind climate change and increasing pressure for government to release information on known high echelon pedophiles.

Rockingham RDA protest the unlawful arrest of Monica Smit.


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