Black People according to Black preacher Pastor Manning have built nothing. And have contributed nothing to society.

You gotta listen too this. By young Aryan young men and women.

⁣On the night of June 2nd, 2022 17 year old high school junior Ethan Liming, was beaten to death by three black men. Before any evidence was gathered, or a suspect was in custody Akron, Ohio police chief Stephen L. Mylett claimed that this wasn't a racially motivated attack

The Black Plaque coming to Europe. Looks like future Scientists and Doctors wanting to enrich Europe.
Based spanish police beating up invaders that tried to cross the spanish border... several invaders died during that attempt...

We need more of her called out of Babylon

This man clearly tells you from the history and the true law who the USA was for aka new Jerusalem listen and learn something. And he also tells you that RACE is the most important thing.
Frank Raymond -This was good and here you have a Indian man from India giving you white history and white people do not even know their own history. And he tells white people they are destroying their own culture.
Frank Raymond was born in the Indian subcontinent, and spent his early life in Calcutta, Darjeeling, and Dhaka in Bangladesh. He went to college and university in England, and witnessed at first hand the Marxism and anti-white racial indoctrination that was undermining the country, and the cultural Marxism that dominated the universities. Returning to Bangladesh he spent many hard years running an industrial business and immersing himself in the mind and culture of the people of the Indian subcontinent. At 39 he moved to Canada, and has since lived in Vancouver. As he began to realize that Canada was not being built, but rather that a built civilization was being destroyed, he researched the slow slide and ruination of a once-proud Canada. He has stood mute witness as the green, rustic and charming Vancouver of the past was razed to build high-rises and replace green neighborhoods with slums and rabbit warrens of housing estates. As a person of East Indian ethnicity with broad exposure to both the colored and Caucasian races, minds and cultures, he is able to provide an outsider’s insight into the white mind, and show how it differs from the minds of other races. He stands for the principle that every race is unique and valuable, but he opposes the Cultural Marxist and ‘liberal’ tenet that the white race alone is non-existent, worthless and dispensable. That is why he has written the book Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells (
, a work of fiction and literature, but also a sweeping overview of history, anthropology and the minds of various races. This is his first book, but it is only the opening volume of a great saga, the saga titled When Giants Break the Spell.
This speech was given at the Capitalism & Morality seminar in Vancouver, Canada, on Saturday, 21 July 2018.

Frank Raymond - Implications of Mexican Migrant Inflow

They are all actors no matter what party or what office. listen to who she supports.

We do not condone any politics or politicians. More self confession. Come on folks more double talk , it doesn't matter who is in any office Donald Duck , Jezebel or Super man they are all the same. It is all a act.

Watch very carefully it doesn't matter who is in office they are all the same its all a act folks to keep you distracted your not voting your way out of trouble so pay attention.

A awesome car you gotta get one
autohaus.riegerAutohaus.Rieger · 6-17

patriotlynnielou🇺🇸 PatriotLynnieLou

litttle.einsteinSebastian · 6-8 , I wouldnt call him Einstein because Einstein was a Plagiarist thief Cainite. This is Aryan ingenuity at its best.
5 year old boy doing a logo quiz! Tik Tok #hyperlexia #autismawareness #chalkart

interesting 2.5 min video of the original real world land map

And they say they are protecting children by trying to take guns way, what a joke. 10.5.2021
FOX 2 St. Louis
A federal report shows that more than 975 kids in Missouri's foster care system have vanished at some point.

St. Louis News: FOX 2 covers news, weather, and sports in Missouri and Illinois. Read more about this story or see the latest updates on our website

And get this they dont know where they went just poof in the night , all on American soil. 6.25.2002
tru3nolaTRU3NOLA · 2d ago tik tok

If a white preacher had said this they would want tar and feather him never less this is the truth.

Matthew 24:11
“And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.”
Black false prophet tell's what appears to be to Aryan young men that Jesus is black and that the black race is the chosen race of Yahweh.

Revelation 22:15
“For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.
Jane Roe was Norma McCorvey now deceased the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade
Later in her “deathbed confession”, McCorvey said her anti-abortion activism had been “all an act”, which she did because she was paid, stating that she did not care whether a woman got an abortion. “I was the big fish. I think it was a mutual thing. I took their money and they’d put me out in front of the cameras and tell me what to say. That’s what I’d say,” McCorvey said. “If a young woman wants to have an abortion, that’s no skin off my ass”
The BILLION$ lost in riot’s/destruction of property and communities since 1973-2022 because of civil unrest between Pro-life & Pro-choice ( abortionist movement) that was created through Roe v. Wade is finally going to come clear. The CIA, DEEP STATE connections, Rockefellers, Dupont, Bush’s, ROTHSCHILDs etc families all worked together to bring Civil Unrest, Confusion, Planned Agendas to displace Citizens into modern warfare grey zones.
It’s all created propaganda, placed well by CIA Mockingbird media operations through Hollywood tv News. All to bring citizens into a state civil conflict for decades and avoid the truth and knowledge of other DEEP STATE operations taking place in domestic and foreign territories, CIA Drug trafficking, human trafficking, modern day slavery, money laundering, planned wars, War money mongering and controlled colour revolutions through many countries by CIA (DS CABAL ops) to take control of countries and their economics

About 5,500 B.C. Audaum was put here by YHVH Himself, Luke 3:38!
When they say God-Kings that is the Children of YHVH & the Tribe of Judah, Zarah-Branch which were the Irish People,
where Jeremiah the Prophet arrived & is Buried there & latter the Zarah-Branch Scottish People arrived in Scotland, in this case.
The Tribe of Judah, Pharez-Branch, were the Kings of Germany & the Lineage that YHVH Chose to Incarnate as Yahshua,
2,000 years ago. Later, most Kings of Europe Countries were of the Pharez-Branch from Germany.
Pete Kelly
What an incredible time for Archaeology! This video is aimed at providing context to the recent finds. I am not a geneticist. Link to the study here:-

In 2 min he gives a short history lesson , this Aryan Brother makes a good point about the richest area on earth and they have the most beautiful Aryan women there so this man is intelligent so those of you think this is some dumb red neck he is very intelligent.

Detroit Urban Survival Training

Detroit Urban Survival Training

FOX 29 Philadelphia
Investigators with the Philadelphia Police Department are searching for a black woman seen on video shooting a man in Kensington in early June.


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