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Archbishop Vigano just created another storm by asking for an official investigation into whether the 'abdication' of Pope Benedict XVI was valid and whether there were 'frauds' at the Conclave that elected Bergoglio as Francis. He was not the first to ask for such investigation. Mons. Nicola Bux - renowned theologian and personal friend of Pope Benedict XVI - asked for the exact same thing years ago. What will be the verdict of History?

St. Vincent of Lerins, monk of Southern Gaul in the fifth century, is our guide in these dangerous times. What are we to believe? How do we know what is the True Christian Catholic Faith? How to recognize Novelty and Heresy? What are we to do if almost the Whole Church has embraced error? We need to stand firm in THE Faith Once for All Delivered to the Saints.

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Review of Julia Meloni's "The St. Gallen Mafia: Exposing The Secret Reformist Group Within The Church". This group of Cardinals and Bishops were the Prime movers and shakers in pushing Pope Benedict out of the Chair of Peter and have Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as Bishop of Rome taking the name of Francis. Enlightening and Exciting read. Highly Recommended.

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Francis of Rome - Jorge Begoglio - wants to suppress the Ancient Apostolic Rites of The Roman Church. He declared that the the "Fabricated Liturgy" [Ratzinger] the "Liturgical Innovation/Novelty of the New Rite" [Paul VI] is the only Lex Orandi - Law of Prayer of the Roman Rite. Do we obey or do we stand firm in the Tradition of the Apostles. The Bishops of Asia Minor said NO to St. Victor when he attempted to change just the DAY for the celebration of Easter/Resurrection of the Lord. Imagine if you will if St. Victor attempted to abolish their Rites, Customs and Traditions in favor of a Novelty he created!

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The Abrahamic Family House is a Mosque, a Church, a Synagogue, and an "Educational Center" to be built in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. This Center for Religious Syncretism was the brainchild of Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Sheik Ahmed El-Tayeb based on their co-signed Document on "HUMAN FRATERNITY" in 2019. Now you can go pray in a Mosque, a Church or a Synagogue - the Three Temples of The Three Abrahamic Faiths. Who's ready to go worship the Three gods of Abraham manifested in the THREE "Abrahamic Religions"? Well we do have to wait till 2022 when it will finally be completed. Can't wait!

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Are There Limits to Papal Power? Was the Sacred Liturgy made for the Pope, or the Pope for the Sacred Liturgy? These are the questions that are asked and answered in two amazing articles published by "The Catholic World Report". Is the Pope the Master and Creator of The Liturgy or its Servant and Guardian? Today we have a "Pope" who thinks he is a living god whose mere WILL is LAW. We have people who despise the Catholic Faith telling us to obey every whim of this Pope because it is the Catholic thing to do. But is it? Or is it our Duty as Catholics as Christians to Say No and stand firm in the Faith as expressed in the Ancient "received and approved" rites that have been handed down to us by Tradition?

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Even though "The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude" was written by Etienne de La Boetie in 1552, it is more relevant today than ever! We are living through a time when our Fundamental Human and Religious Rights and Freedoms are being squashed by modern day Tyrants. We are welcoming our own and our children's servitude, enslavement, and serfdom through voluntary obedience to evil. Is it too late or will humanity wake up and NOT COMPLY with Tyranny?

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In 1974 Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre issued a Declaration - a Manifesto of Faith like Cardinal Muller - that shook the Catholic World. In it he decried all the Novelty that was taking place warning that this is leading to the creation of a New Church. Now we have Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and even Pope Benedict XVI echoing the warning of that great Archbishop. Crazy fanatic or a True Successor of the Apostles who like a Prophet for our time cried from the Housetops warning of the impending disaster? Here we will go through his whole "Declaration" and see what Cardinals and Bishops are saying today.

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"Pope" Francis issued an "Apostolic Letter" called “TRADITIONIS CUSTODES” on 16 July 2021. In it he attempts to reverse Summorum Pontificum issued by Pope Benedict XVI recognizing that the Ancient Roman Rite - aka Latin Mass - has never been abrogated and that every priest of the Roman Rite has the Right to celebrate it with or without the permission of his bishop. But it appears that "The Experiment of Tradition" was too successful and it had to be Shut Down. How can a Roman Pontiff and "Pope" be so full of Hatred for the Roman Rite of his ancestors while welcoming and encouraging every Novelty and Innovation under the Sun including the worship of a demon goddess of fertility - the Pachamama - in St. Peter's Basilica itself?!

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Jay Dyer made a video called: Top 5 Simple Arguments Against Papal Infallibility / Vatican I. In it he claims to prove that the "Roman Catholic" Church is not the True Church by focusing on the Papacy and Vatican I's definition of Papal Infallibility. Can Jay's "proofs" stand to the light of History or will they evaporate under the a closer examination?

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The questions range from “Did Benedict really resign? Was it valid?” to “If Benedict is really still The Pope, what happens if he passes away before Francis?” to “If Francis isn’t The Pope, and he is naming cardinals, how could there be a legitimate conclave?” Fr. Z delves into these questions that have bothered a multitude of faithful Catholics.

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Our Bishops and Priests have lost the spirit of courage, steadfastness, and self-sacrifice. They seem to have lost TRUE Belief TRUE Faith and TRUE Charity. They are willing - some enthusiastically - to obey "orders", "mandates" and "directives" that are manifestly unreasonable and unquestionably Anti-Christian to the core! Where are the True successors of the Apostles, the Martyrs, the Confessors? When the Son of Man returns will He find Faith upon the Earth?

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Our Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms according to the various Charters that the Sons of Darkness Claim to uphold are being Spit Upon and Destroyed by the "protectors" of our "freedom" and "democracy"!

This is is a Clip of a 3 Hour Video on the Greatest Deception in World History.

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We know about the Extraordinary Magisterium - Teaching Authority - of the Church. The Infallible Decrees and Teachings of Ecumenical Councils and Papal Ex Cathedra Declarations are well known and have been explicitly defined by the First Vatican Council. How about the Ordinary Magisterium; that Teaching of the Pope and the Bishops that is presented to us in Encyclicals, Letters, Exhortations, Homilies etc.? Is it Infallible? And if so When and under what Conditions?

Communion in the Hand as it is practiced today in the Roman Catholic Church is a Fraud and has no equivalent in the Ancient Church. This Pure Sacrilege has destroyed the Faith of Hundreds of Millions of Catholics all with the Absolute Lie that this is how the early Christians received Holy Communion.

What did St. Cyril of Jerusalem really say? What did the earliest Fathers and Councils of the Church teach? What did Jesus Himself say at the "Last Supper"?

This Evil Practice must be stopped because it is an offence against God, a Destroyer of our Faith and has Nothing to do with the Early Church or the Apostolic Tradition.

What makes this abomination even worse is the pure heretical Novelty of allowing Laymen and Laywomen to distribute God Incarnate into the hands of the Laity who in turn give Holy Communion to THEMSELVES! And Church officials wander why people have lost the Faith and left the One and Only Church of Jesus Christ!

"But yet the Son of Man, when He Cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?" Luke 18:8

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The Grave Sin of Communion in the Hand

Bishop Schneider on Communion in the hand

Time Magazine just published an article detailing what it calls a "Cabal" and a "Conspiracy" of Powerful people who Influenced Perceptions, Steered Media Coverage and Controlled the Flow of Information in order to achieve the "proper outcome" they desired! An Admission of EVIL by TIME Magazine advocation of "The End Justifies the Means" philosophy by "Any Means Necessary"!

There were and are other players involved in this Global Manipulation of Perception such as China, The World Economic Forum [Davos], The Council for Inclusive Capitalism, and of course the United Nations - UN Agenda 2030.

It is time to wake up from the Dreamland that the "Cabal" has created for us. It is time to take the RED PILL and wake up from The MATRIX that the "Guardians" have designed for us.

[TIME Magazine Article] - The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

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The NEW YORK TIMES and CNN have both written articles that warn us of the dangers of rushing a vaccine to the people especially under EUA - Emergency Use Authorization standards. The NEW YORK TIMES article written by two doctors explains HOW Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca base the "success" of their vaccines. The CNN article gives us examples of past vaccine disasters in America. These are the facts! Now you can make an informed decision.

CNN Article:

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In 2014 Scientists discovered the Firmament/Expanse/Vault of Genesis 1 that surrounds and protects the Earth. "Somewhat like the Shields created by force fields on Star Trek that were used to repel alien weapons, we are seeing an Invisible Shield blocking these electrons"

Star Trek-like invisible shield found thousands of miles above Earth:

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For the past 4 years the Mainstream Media, the Democrat Party and the Global Elite have been waging a WAR of Disinformation against Donald Trump. The Lies, the Deception and the pure EVIL of what they have and are doing must be DESTROYED through a MASSIVE Landslide VICTORY for Trump and the Republican Party. NOTHING else will SHUT them Up! Time to fight for YOUR RIGHTS before you are made a SLAVE of those who want to rule over you in the name of your "health and safety". It is NOW or Never!

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Terms such as "The Great Reset" and "Build Back Better" have been on many people's lips in recent days. This is the desire - the Plan - to "Solve et Coagula" - to "Dissolve and Coagulate". Something must be broken down before it can be built up. Such a process has already taken place in The Catholic Church in the 1960's but was planned for a very long time earlier. Professor Romano Amerio in his monumental book "IOTA UNUM" - A Study of Changes in The Catholic Church in the 20th Century details THIS GREAT RESET. Through "Solve et Coagula" the innovators tried to BUILD BACK BETTER - A Church in their own image!

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To BUY Iota Unum:

We are told that there is a Worldwide Pandemic that is Infecting and Killing Millions. We are told that this is such a dire situation that extreme measures are needed to preserve not only the health but the very life of people. We are told that this Pandemic is pervasive with millions of CASES that are Increasing exponentially.

But how are these Cases diagnosed? Well there are 3 diagnostic TESTS that accomplish this task: The "Gold Standard" PCR Test, the Antibody Test and the Rapid Antigen Test. The question that needs to be asked is: How Accurate are these Tests that based upon their results we have reached the conclusion that there is this Global Pandemic?

This Video will shed light on this matter. You will see what the CDC, FDA, NHS, Scientific Journals, Dr. Fauci, Major Newspapers and even the very Inventor of the "Gold Standard" PCR Test have to say about these matters. Please take the time to Watch and Digest the information provided. It will bring calm to your mind and soul.

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