‘Jane Roe’ confesses on her deathbed that she was paid to say and play the part.
They just needed a manufactured case in order to legalise abortion because it’s an incredibly lucrative business.
Child murder and sacrifice is one of the tenants of the luciferian elites.
None of it is about woman’s rights, they don’t give a damn about women! In any case nobody should have the right to end another being’s life!
We must end the legalisation of murder.

In this video you will get 'acquainted' with the complete history of Rothschild. This is NOT an EXHAUSTIVE breakdown, dig in and research.

💥BQQQQQQQM💥 CHICKEN FROM "COVID" CONTINUED TO LIVE AND MULTIPLY - The farmers decided to have "fun" and jabbed a chicken, and after 4 months they wanted to cook soup from it, but THE FLESH OF the Jabbed CHICKEN FROM "COVID" CONTINUED TO LIVE AND MULTIPLY. The chicken was jabbed with the applied MRNA liquid of death, which is killing people. The alien artificial nanotechnology of the synthetic GMO MRNA "jab" continued to live actively in the dead headless carcass... See for yourself...

And to think this is dated technology explained in the video! Imagine how advanced it has become!

So glad I no longer do Starbucks!! My French Press is waaaay better anyway!
However, a lot of us should be eligible for a refund or be included in a class action lawsuit if this true.

Love him or not, here you go!
Keep yours eyes open!!!

My friend Tim on all Capitol letters, different realms, and some general teachings on how the court system works.
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An excellent lesson on government corruption!
Take your rights back; take your life back!

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The quest for truth...
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And it's replicated on Trump's border wall.
Trump knows...

World Economic Forum shill, Yuval Noah Hariri:
"Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept to legitimize total biometric surveillance. We need to not just monitor people, we need to monitor what’s happening under their skin”

Part 23: Covid-19: Part 6 of multiple episodes about the biggest medical scam of all times.
Health Care Worker Whistleblowers about Money & Murder in Hospitals...
By Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter
Music: Whitesand, Ashamaluev, Alexander Nakarada
This is part 23 of God-knows-how-many-parts-in-total. Part 24 will be uploaded as soon as it's ready. If you liked this part, please consider supporting our work:
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What an incredible conversation with David Straight and Chief Marshall Mecham. Folks everything is confirmed, it's all happening right in front of our own eyes. David Straight also agrees the Ripple lawsuit is settled!!! The United States of America will be the last QFS Domino, We need leadership, we need it bad, and we need it now!!!!. people need to stand up and make noise. Watch this entire interview and please move it on all social media platforms immediately.

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