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Watch our Namecheap review to know what exactly you’ll lose by signing up for Namecheap instead of 10Web. Or simply try our ➡️ 14-day free trial at 10Web ➡️https://bit.ly/3iLJfWE
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Namecheap has been here since 2000 and no doubt it is one of the best domain registrars out there, but is it as good as a hosting provider? Our Namecheap review will help you to find out! Although it offers different hosting options, from shared to dedicated, and even has three WordPress specific plans, our Namecheap review has shown that it has a lot of shortcomings. Instead, 10Web, being relatively new to the market, has a lot more to offer and is a way better solution. Now, this is what we’ll guide you through in our Namecheap review:

00:00 Namecheap review
01:13 ✅Short about 10Web and Namecheap
02:38 ✅Feature comparison
02:43 ➡️Infrastructure
02:57 ➡️Staging environment
03:49 ➡️PageSpeed score and Migration
04:57 ➡️Website Builder, plugins, themes
06:06 ➡️Backup solution
06:51 ➡️All-in-one dashboard
07:22 ➡️Image Optimization
08:24 ➡️Support
09:00 ➡️Pricing

As you can see we have done a detailed analysis in our Namecheap review and have covered all the necessary features you’ll need in your hosting provider. As 10Web is focused on managed WordPress hosting alone, it means that as a customer you are going to get a team of WordPress experts, along with a bunch of useful tools and features that are all made to boost your website’s performance.
The same cannot be said for Namecheap, as the company in general is not focused on hosting or WordPress, which means the hosting providers’ quality automatically decreases. That is why, in our Namecheap review we’ve concluded that it is not worth to waste your time and effort on Namecheap hosting and as a good alternative to it you can try our services at 10Web. But don’t simply trust us, go and check yourself how good our hosting is with our ➡️ 14-day free trial at 10Web ➡️https://bit.ly/3iLJfWE

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