For those following Jerry Marzinsky's work, this could be of interest for an historical perspective.

Source: https://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/show-archives/the-djinn-of-ancient-lore-je-ne-sais-quoi-rosemary-ellen-guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley www.djinnuniverse.com & www.visionaryliving.com
The author of a number of books including - The Djinn Connection, The Vengeful Djinn, The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits, The Encyclopedia of Angels. In fact, Rosemary is one of the leading experts on the paranormal with more than 50 books published on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and mystical topics, including nine single-volume encyclopedias. Rosemary has worked full-time in the paranormal since 1983, and her present work focuses on inter-dimensional entity contact experiences of all kinds, including investigating claims of dimensional “portals,” and geographic locations of intense paranormal activity. She has done ground-breaking research on Shadow People and the Djinn.

Where I'm at with the idea of podcasting via my Bitchute profile.

Source: https://castbox.fm/episode/ITEL-Radio-Full-Show---5.28.22-id3704622-id499406789

"Both Jews and the Satanic Church call abortion (child sacrifice) a protected religious ritual."

I get some thoughts about white genocide off my chest.

Need a paid membership for additional channels.

I hope you enjoy the tunes.
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I share a few thoughts about how will or desire rather than morality rules the day.

Steven Kelly discusses "loosh", negative energy parasites, adrenochrome. For me this concept ties in with the work of Jerry Marzinsky and Eckhart Tolle (who has the concept of the "pain body").

Hosts: Dave Scorpio, Giuseppe Vafanculo

Source: https://speakfreeradio.com/2022/04/30/17/operation-scorpio-002-2/

Latest observations followed by a David Duke-style "Health and Fitness Friday".

"Revolution Radio's favorite polymath Mr Rho returns to discuss the startling insights of a show he did exactly 1 year ago today -- "Look away from the light!" Plus a discussion of the latest on the Ukraine insanity."
Source: https://www.brighteon.com/ce0c4c5c-f349-49a7-b796-82eece18cff6

An episode of Reality Extraction hosted by "Mr. Rho" on 1/4/2021 at Revolution Radio / Freedomslips.
Giuseppe Vafanculo had Mr. Rho on The Perfect Triangle a year later to discuss the episode.
Source: https://revradio:[email protected]/files/reality-extraction/reality-extraction-2021-04-01.mp3

Discussion of general news issues and my latest observations.

Some discoveries from the 60s, as a child of the 80s.

No one I know dropping dead from the jab; Fluoride; Trying to red-pill people vs maintain silence; Guy who got beaten up by black; People still under the illusion that we live in an open and transparent society; Rail lines to everywhere.

This Freedom Rally started at the state Parliament House, although the numbers appeared to be a lot less then the last one in January.
No directed energy weapons were employed from the look of it, but the CBD (downtown) had high ambient levels of EMF, in Pultney Street there was enough to overload my RF meter.

Curious to see if I get any copyright strikes or region blocks.
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My take on what UKR-RUS conflict is about; airtight secrecy of the elite; Biden still up and running; killing the best of the gentiles; logging onto Facebook after a 3 year absence.

Canadian Trucker protest, LRADs in Canberra; will our temporarily issued debit cards always be renewed or be usable?; Mass awakening of the sheeple, red-pilling the semi-awake.

The Australian government might have subtlety declared war on their citizens by allegedly using war-grade LRAD’s on peaceful protestors.

On Wednesday, the Stew Peters Show featured a jaw-dropping monologue by Stew, “It’s an arms race between Canada and Australia on which country can be more totalitarian and repugnant in handling COVID protestors.”

Stew Peters was joined by his Australian correspondent, Maria Zeee to discuss the topic further.

Source: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/02/tyrants-cook-protestors-alive-laser-microwaves-deployed-on-anti-globalist-crusaders/

Inspired by Jim Rizoli I thought I'd comment on how the channel's going.

0:00 Foreword
4:04 Chapter 1 The Medical Monopoly
26:28 Chapter 2 Quacks on Quackery
1:55:56 Chapter 3 The Profits of Cancer
4:12:07 Chapter 4 Vaccination
4:47:25 Chapter 5 Fluoridation
5:25:06 Chapter 6 Whither AIDS?
5:57:58 Chapter 7 Fertilizer
6:29:18 Chapter 8 Contamination of the Food Chain
7:10:47 Chapter 9 The Drug Trust
9:52:28 Chapter 10 The Rockefeller Syndicate

Source: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/-sicsempertyrannis-/
Playlist: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/jjuAffzRxDFJ/

"Whew come along with me on a journey of learning about the history of the corrupt American Medical Association and other useful knowledge. I wish I would have read this book a lot sooner, but better late than never.


I hope you enjoy the crazy amount of time it took to find all these people's images and there were many I couldn't find whose photos were lost to history. But I learned so much researching them and reading about them. It was a fantastic journey of knowledge.
May this be a tribute to Eustace Mullins, all that he has taught me and allowed me to teach others and may he rest in peace. May this video live on as long as truth and freedom do... See you in Curse of Canaan next year!"

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Movements could be easily hijacked; "Extremism" defined by our enemy; Only true believers left in hospitals etc.; Devolution.

My experience/photos of the Adelaide Freedom Rally held on January 22 2022.



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